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  1. nickhillspeedwheel@gileshill.plus.com Nicks Email Address
  2. Hi I Have A Couple Of Trevor Took At Stoke At War. I Did Try To Load On Here But Failed If You Would Like Them Please Email Me fmcmonarch@hotmail.com We Will Miss Your Uncle A Lot So Sorry For Your Loss Regards Viv
  3. GUCCC150


  4. GUCCC150


  5. My Butty Grimsby was Willow Wren's Teal she worked with Crane carrying Austrailian tinned Fruit as a promotion also mentioned in the waterways world booklet
  6. [ Quality beardage had by all: This is Ian a mate off the T& M Which lucky boat got 10 points for hitting the coping stones off under Ian's feet then ?? Do you Know????
  7. The Pilot you are on about is owned by a great guy called Keith who purchased it off Tony Francis who Built Pilot in the 1990's for himself and was his until about 2000 ish it used to be about Shobnall/ Tatenhill area on the T&M she is a real one off
  8. I will be there on thursday been in contact with Maddy every day for the last couple of months Bless her
  9. Hi ya A & A great picci's hope the front is going good for you both must come and have a view and catch up soon Luv Viv viv viv xx
  10. Daniel where have you been the current version on Nicholsons is now £12.95
  11. Tradcraft at Market Drayton if they are still going???? Had two Boats with Back Cabin and engine rooms on was called Thomas they are owned by Gary and Graham Scragg did a lot of work to them when they were new
  12. I still have the engine if you know any takers for it ?? £10K ono I sold the boiler it went to coventry a friend of Phil and Seans bought it Keith Yep saw them the other day when we came through I knew yours are saltleys is was the others that are not seen about the system so do actually know how many are left as butties then ?? No orders for them then ????
  13. On Saturday 22nd September at Lichfield Crusing Club On The Coventry Canal Every Body Welcome By Boat , Car or on Foot Trade and Craft Stalls, Cake Stall, Bric a Brac Historical Narrowboats The Newly refurbished FMC Dove will be there Monarch and Grimsby A Bar Tea's and Coffee Available in the Cruising club All Day BBQ Saturday Night Hot Supper and Music in the Marquee With Braunston Pickle and Bernie Howdle Tickets available on the Day or Book in advance From Sue Williams 01543 671427 Traders and Boaters entry forms available www.hcft.org.uk or Sue Williams on 015543 671427
  14. They do there own cream cleaner or you could use the lemon crean cleaner it dosent have the bleach in it
  15. My bike lives in the Butty a whole 70ft shed for it
  16. I use to have a pair of Polecats on the front of our old boat Molly Maguire for a few Years they used to cause a stir at time when people thought they were rabbits
  17. GUCCC150


    A nice load of old stuff you have found there like the Ansa Pins
  18. I agree Monarch is a heavy old cow and very deep in the water but they also think they will beat you !!! But they always lose as weight is everything
  19. GUCCC150


    Like the one of Lucy's bum very nice
  20. The engine at the shadlow rally is the one that is about to be taken out of x FMC Trout ?? I think It was put in Tout in 2005 as we had there Last Lister JP for Monarch and is for sale along with a K2 they are about to put another Lister JP2 in her
  21. I would like to see those and I bet George would i will show them him He certainly takes a great pride in his boats Viv
  22. It was a Joke that Probably went to far in the end and George was threatened with being sued which was when he said his adress was the nut house at Cheddletion George was moored at Longport whilst Monarch was being done Puppis George had actually worked this butty when he was younger. It won the National as well it was a lovely looking butty
  23. I was with George last night a he was on about that story again and the man who used to own Monarch and the bullet holes that England has down just below her gunnels them what we call rivets !!!!! And the adrdress George told the guy to Correspond with him to was The Nut House at Cheddleton I think you will find it was a big wind up otherwise when you google it something would come up and it doesnt and nothing is registed on the small ships register there was a Monarch but not mine
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