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  1. Flame retardant clear is available, would this still not comply?
  2. If it has a cross pipe between the two tanks can you tap into this with a tee piece and a length of clear pipe so it shows the level. The end of the clear would need to be open to air perhaps with a breather fitted and finish well above the full tank level.
  3. In the second (rather blurry picture) it looks like your shunt is just floating around on the end of the cables? Has it come adrift?
  4. Other than the UK government in 2019 that has pledged £390 million to hydrogen technology. This is not a one horse race. EV now is great for passenger vehicle technology people travel short distances and go home most nights but commercial vehicles have a different requirement and boats would be better aligned with this. Take your blinkers off.
  5. It is happening, please check how many manufactures are releasing Hydrogen and Hydrogen hybrid commercial vehicles in 2020. Hydrogen generation will be powered by the same methods used to charge your EV be that fossil fuels or renewables. You get nothing for nothing in this life. The difference is EV infastructure needs to run down thousands of miles of non existant cables and gives vehicles a limited range. Where will we dig all the copper up for that?Hydrogen is like filling up with diesel. Just because they are happy to sell you EV now does not mean it is the best technology for the future.
  6. Hydrogen is zero emissions IC technology, it has existed for years.
  7. Technology has a habit of gathering pace but I think we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves. The first hybrid car I worked on was in 1998, the Toyota prius, hybrid not EV I grant you. We are now 21 years down the track seeing an increase in uptake with infrastructure lagging behind. I think once we have mastered the EV 40 ton truck, and EV large passenger plane they might think about electrifying the canal network. Most people reading this will be worm food long before we need to stress about how many charge points we will need or where they will be sited. If you want zero emissions narrowboats hydrogen technology already exists that would be ideal and have similar refuelling distance to current diesel. This is the most likely fuel for heavy vehicles in the future.
  8. The demand in the next couple of decades to recharge cars and a tiny handful of boats will outstrip generating capacity and just cause more reliance on coal fired power. If you buy an electric car or boat you might feel a bit greener but you will still be burning fossil fuels well into the future.
  9. If it wares at the same rate as ours you may only have two thousand hours of cruising left before it needs repacking🤤. As others have said adjust each side equally until some resistance is felt on turning the prop shaft and nip up the lock nuts.
  10. Measure the distance between the fixed mounts and transfer this to the engine/gearbox. Measure twice and drill once what can go wrong? Five minutes with a tape measure beats lifting the engine in and out.
  11. You could use the red oxide now but just make sure you bare metal all the red splodges next year prior to a repaint?
  12. Very similar, I think it was by 3M and was black. His videos shows him cutting and installing it.
  13. I watched a fella on youtube, Colin Jacques. He used a 3M product one of the thinsulate range. It was like a thick blanket that could be cut with scissors. It was on a new build and it moulded over the bearers so not as many cuts/gaps. It was rot and fireproof. The whole series is worth a look, he did a fantastic job using a lot of reclaimed timber.
  14. Hot soapy water, if the tape is pulling new paint off that is dry it would suggest you have an adhesion problem with the new paint and its base coat.
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