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  1. Two thoughts after looking at the blog: VAT, as has been mentioned already, is not a tax on luxury purchases but on goods and services. The second thought is that HRMC people can read and do read blogs, forums etc. I know this from bitter experience (no, they didn't "win" but they did make life pretty miserable for a time). Moreover they love unusual cases and Mark seems to be enjoying doing whatever he can to buck the system. This is fine, all power to you Mark, I hope you succeed since your aims to lead an environmentally friendly life are laudable. The advice to check with HMRC first before they come at you with all guns blazing is sound. Imagine the cost and worry if you get in to some sort of legal test case with them. Of course, they should be chasing much bigger fish, but the people with super yachts and super incomes to match, employ the best tax brains they can find (often former government tax inspectors), so the inspectors prefer to pluck at the low hanging fruit where they can. As others have said, they're not to be messed with, unless you consider it sport to bang your head on a concrete wall. That's probably more than two thoughts.
  2. Another Les Allen 70 footer for the sake of comparison. Beyond the OP budget but it looks a very tidy boat.
  3. I believe he's got in to one or two ladies' favours in the past.
  4. Just noticed that XR&D build a Northwich trader-style boat. Any thoughts on how they compare with RW Davis? I loved the look of this tug (not an NT, I think, or maybe it is) in the owner pics and saw she was built at XR&D.
  5. I've met quite a few brainless ones who talk out of their rumps. Peter Carrington over the Falklands - now that was a principled resignation to be admired. The BJ resignation only added to the muddle that this Government is in over Brexit, the most ill-considered decision this country has made in my lifetime. He's happy to stand by and let Mrs May and her salvage operation sink like a sieve. The only value he has to the Tories, or this country for that matter, is that of entertainments officer. He's a great columnist, most amusing, but you wouldn't want him with you in the trenches. He's not the right stuff.
  6. Since there has been much talk of Les Allen boats here, I wondered if a comparison of this one (sold) might help.
  7. He has no principles, other than those he thinks may advance his boundless ambition. He thinks he's Churchill reincarnated. I do agree we haven't seen the last of him politically, sadly due to the blinkered rump within the electorate who'd rather watch Love Island than an informed debate on Brexit, we could yet see a Boris/Mogg government leading us out of the EU in to those chaotic and imaginary sunny uplands. Re ISIS mob, leaving them to the Americans seems entirely pragmatic.
  8. I agree, they're not a dealbreaker and I like the look. But nor would I want them attracting rust or falling off, both of which I'm told can happen. I guess it reminds me a little of the "go faster" stripes we used to put on our Ford Escorts when I was younger (I never did, had a Golf Gti that was the real business until I concertinaed it one icy night many moons ago). In this case, however I guess we're looking at "go slower" engines with nice plopping sounds.
  9. Bugger, I checked online before posting that. I blame David. ?
  10. Well, having gone through this conversation I'm only sorry it couldn't have been over a pint or two in a canal side pub (with real ale and skittles). Yup, I'm one of those target buyers Alan Fincher described (with still time to grow more authentic if the enthusiasm prevails) but am still torn about fake rivets though I understand a little better about real riveting thanks to this article. The debate over authenticity is never ending and you'll never get complete agreement. It's very similar to that that continues in the restoration and maintenance of classic sailing boats. I've decided that, for me, having a boat that looks good, sounds right and performs well inside and out is central to what I want from narrow boating and there does have to be work involved. It would be boring having something that was simply convenient. Mind, I don't want to live it in the way that those people do in "Victorian Kitchen" on telly, but wouldn't knock those who do. Most valuable of all was the indications on choice and pricing. I too like the first one in those two ads. I got the impression that there's nothing to be afraid of in a six-year-old boat. I like the tumblehome and I like tugs. There's just the two of us and a couple of dogs so something like this could well be the answer. I can live with the rivet sneers. My dad was a welder by trade. PS. I had no idea that that Russell Newbolt was still in business building engines, something else I've learned.
  11. I don't know. I wouldn't flaunt what little expertise I have on whether the law is being flouted or not.
  12. I know this is an old thread but I was searching Northwich Traders on Google and it brought me here (everything seems to come back to this forum eventually). I know there's a lot of fake rivet/bolt head prejudice about (I've heard the arguments) but I like the looks of these boats by R W Davis and have found a couple for sale. There's quite a price disparity between this one and this one reflecting their different construction dates I assume. If you had the money and were in the market for something traddy like this, which one would you choose? Or would you choose something else entirely? My thoughts are that the RN engine would be harder to maintain than the Gardner and maybe a bit noisier with less parts availability. I prefer green to red paintwork as the latter, I'm told, is prone to fading. R W Davis say on their site that their boats are always snapped up as soon as they come on the market, but not much snapping here as yet, probably, inevitably, due to price. Over a 100k for a six-year-old boat seems steep to me but, as I've said before, I'm still trying to work out the market.
  13. He may be flouting the law by flaunting his gardening skills - I wouldn't know - but he's certainly not flaunting the law.
  14. My wife doesn't think it's progress when she catches me watching narrow boat porn like this.
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