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  1. 13-10

    Forth and Clyde Closure

    Nope. Quite a few boats including myself were down at the Kelpies last month Union is steady with boats, private and hire. I certainly plan to be on the F&C next year when the bridges are reopened. There's certainly positivity up here, hopefully that's reciprocated with the guys at the Glasgow end.
  2. 13-10

    Captains Perch, seat

    On eBay and Amazon, put tractor seat stool in the search bar
  3. 13-10

    Aldi doing inflatable boats for £40

    Easier after heavy rain
  4. 13-10

    Captains Perch, seat

    I've got a metal 'tractor' seat on an adjustable stand bought on eBay. Got a semi trad so can sit it forward end of the tiller. The seat is heavy so sat on a rubber mat it doesn't shift or slide
  5. 13-10

    Aldi doing inflatable boats for £40

    Will make a change from rescuing kids on inflatable flamingos from Lidl
  6. 13-10

    Check your Throwlines

    Interesting line in the report: The foreign suppliers identified so far assemble the throw bags using components from further suppliers It does't look as though RIBER had much quality control in place and limited record of a supply chain (to be fair I doubt they're alone on that front)
  7. 13-10

    Wee beasties

    Could they be Blandford flies. Can remember them from my younger days, they were vicious buggers
  8. 13-10

    Forth and Clyde Closure

    Thanks Iain. Unfortunately on some of the vertical edges rocks from the side have fallen in, some are visible, some aren't (scout hut at the visitor mooring at Bridge 48 being one). I'm starting to get my eye in and not pulling quite so far in when passing(every day's a school day)
  9. 13-10

    Forth and Clyde Closure

    Union is no better (at least F&C is wide), in many places you can't get within 2ft of the bank without running aground on rocks which have fallen in from the canal wall
  10. 13-10

    Forth and Clyde Closure

    Couldn't put it on as using my phone. Have trouble with cut and paste at the best of times🙄
  11. 13-10

    Forth and Clyde Closure

    Email sent out by SC. Also on their website
  12. 13-10

    Forth and Clyde Closure

    Hopefully no property development or new marinas. They've publicly been told what the money is meant for and not to be used in the way they have previously (I'm sure there are other folk on this forum with a better knowledge of that than me)
  13. 13-10

    Forth and Clyde Closure

    Alan, This is their annual grant from Government apparently, my understanding is the Transport Minister is reminding them what it has to be spent on. So keeping the Canal running rather than property speculation. The letter mentions releasing it in sections so would assume if they think SC are taking the piss again they can withhold payments. If nothing else it's public acknowledgement from the Government that they realise SC haven't been doing their job and are holding them to account.
  14. 13-10

    Forth and Clyde Closure

    Afternoon all, below is a letter which has been received as part of a response from The Department of Transport to a member of the LCA Looks like there could be a bit of light at the end of the tunnel, apologies for the crappy cut and paste Mr Steve Dunlop    Chief Executive Scottish Canals Canal House 1 Applecross Street GLASGOW G4 9SP Our ref: A20730513 13 April 2018 Dear Steve, BRITISH WATERWAYS/SCOTTISH CANALS: GRANT-IN-AID 2018-19 I am writing to formally confirm that Transport Scotland will make available grant-in-aid funding of up to £11.6 million to British Waterways trading as Scottish Canals (hereafter referred to as Scottish Canals) in financial year 2018-19. The funding will comprise resource grant of £8.1 million and capital grant of £3.5 million for assets that Scottish Canals capitalise. Any change within the financial year would be by agreement with Transport Scotland. The grant is paid by Transport Scotland to Scottish Canals under the Transport Act 1968 (as amended) to enable Scottish Canals to deliver its statutory functions to maintain and operate the canals for navigation. It may be used for the creation of new operational canal assets but may not be used in respect of Scottish Canals’ non-operational activity where it is acting commercially within the market. Transport Scotland will make monthly payments to Scottish Canals based on the presented claim profile from Scottish Canals, subject to the agreed grant allocation not being exceeded and grant not being drawn down in advance of need. Scottish Ministers expect Scottish Canals to be mindful of its statutory obligations and core public service function, and to deliver these competently. In particular Ministers expect Scottish Canals to ensure adequate funding is directed to maintenance of its operational assets. Ministers expect Scottish Canals to work in accordance with the agreed canals policy and, like all public bodies, meet the public sector efficiency target of 3% in 2018-19. I would be grateful if you could confirm Scottish Canals’ acceptance of the offer of funding on the terms set out above for 2018-19. Yours sincerely, Chris Wilcock - Head of Ports, Shipping, Freight and Canals Team
  15. 13-10

    RNLI -Petition

    Those that actually do the real work are volunteers

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