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  1. Looking at the BSC it mentions tanks being pressure tested. I like the idea of using the waste tank as an extra fuel tank but would it pass the BSC.
  2. French Marine are the main parts supplier according to Barrus. Their prices are reasonable but they're not that well organised and I've had to chase them a few times
  3. Greg Lake or Hey Santa Claus by Kevin Bloody Wilson
  4. 13-10

    Boat swap

    SWMBO has talked about this, in principle it sounds like a good idea
  5. Fair enough Athy but a lot of mental health issues are now having to be dealt with by the Police as default
  6. You can be as capable as you like but even with my basic maths knowledge-4 coppers (if you're lucky) to deal with 2 RTA's, 3 violent domestics, 11 burglary's, 5 'concern for welfare' calls and a constant obs don't go
  7. And the captain is apparently doing a Novichok stock take whilst reading about Salisbury Cathedral on Wikipedia
  8. Have just been reading a bit of background on the Kuzma Minin Since May it had been stuck in Holland with unpaid bills, the crew have not been paid in months and were living off of handouts from the locals.The Mumansk Shipping Company who own the ship are under investigation in Russia. A ship owned by a bankrupt company with a demoralised crew isn't a particularly good combination
  9. I did wonder if it was a test transaction. That said normally if they're going for a big amount they do it immediately the test transaction has cleared.
  10. Seem to recall there was a security issue with PayPal not long ago. A big problem was folk had the same email and password for eBay and PayPal so if you managed to get someone's login details for eBay you also had it for PayPal. Would be worth checking to make sure they haven't set up a recurring monthly payment on your PayPal account
  11. Not if you were being paid at the time. Same nice people who throw fridges out of flats onto the roof?
  12. Well there's a surprise. Just heard Leamington Bridge now shut for 3 months
  13. Not finding it (admit I'm not that good with Facebook stuff). Maybe change it to Lowland Canals neglected
  14. Nope. Quite a few boats including myself were down at the Kelpies last month Union is steady with boats, private and hire. I certainly plan to be on the F&C next year when the bridges are reopened. There's certainly positivity up here, hopefully that's reciprocated with the guys at the Glasgow end.
  15. On eBay and Amazon, put tractor seat stool in the search bar
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