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  1. Hi thanks for that have sent them an email
  2. Hi all can anyone recommend anyone reasonable that will travel to the South East for a widebeam deck cratch cover/canopy ? cheers
  3. .............. I think we are safe where we are planning I think there will be a bigger issue if she goes too low in any case - not really that hard to work it out is it
  4. System 4-50 have just completed the frame and very easy and robust thank you for the info you gave it is members like you that make this forum a godsend for new canal boat owners I will definitely help others with the same info in the future it is a brilliant yet simple solution cheers
  5. Perfect t hanks off to buy some wood today you have been a massive help with this thank you
  6. Hi again can I just double check celotex on the floor within the frame for the tank (that holds it in place) or stick it on the tank first and then make a frame for the tank to stop it moving, am I correct that the tank does not need to sit off the ply floor if enclosed in celotex if we follow this or have you sat the tank off the floor on the frame i.e on a large piece of ply raised from the floor or does it matter as I may be misunderstanding when you say The frame sits on the floor not on the celotex cheers again
  7. Thank you so much for your images and detailed advice you have done a fantastic job of this and I really appreciated your help with this if I ever see you on the canals I will be sure to buy you a few beers you have saved me a huge amount of time and fuss cheers
  8. Hi have done and I think we are safe where we are planning I think there will be a bigger issue if she goes too low in any case. She has had a full survey and the hull is perfect and we dont have a huge amount of weight in fittings on the boat so as long as we position the water tank centre at the bow end am confident we are on the right track now,
  9. Thanks again for this sorry to keep asking you questions but am I right you make a rectangle frame for the tanks out of celotex 1 inch board and 18 inch ply all sides and top and they sits on 1 inch celotex ? if you have any pics I would really appreciate it as I really like this solution and think this is ideal for us.
  10. Hi thanks for that that is really useful is your tanks raised from the floor or sitting flat on the floor and are framed i.e separate frame from the bed or just sitting under hope what I am asking makes sense but trying to understand whether apart from making the box whether the tanks need to be raised or just left on the floor but insulated and with air gap above thanks really good advice with this frame and think I may well go this way
  11. I agree it should be a basic job maybe I am over complicating it unnecessarily am I correct does the tank need to sit off the floor even with insulation or can it sit on the floor if insulated with an air gap between the mattress not sure about this side of thing do you know? thanks
  12. We are struggling a bit with this bed and am wondering if anyone has any images of bed bases that have been made with tanks inside, have searched google and to be honest have not really found much at all that I can work with, we have lots of ideas but am worried we will not get it right with our lack of knowledge and am hoping someone out there will have an image of a design for this that we can work off as a start and try to customise it with our setup, it is really difficult for us at times with this boat so any help would be really appreciated
  13. Hi where did you buy this thanks
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