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  1. Yes to be honest I have had enough I was asked to explain what happened by Alan for the benefit of others and did so in order to educate others of the pitfalls of not following guidelines with the people you use to install systems such as gas. I then get a load of XXXX for not following RCD compliance which is totally irrelevant in the discussion and not that it is anybody's business RCD compliance has been followed throughout the boat in case we want to sell not because we suck up to EU Law which I totally oppose quite simply to ensure we are ready if we sell. I do not have to explain anything or justify anything to any of you including Mike the Boilerman who does not own this forum and did not read what happened correctly before making random accusations to inflame the post which clearly it did. As I have already said there are some on this forum that give sound advice which is appreciated and there are some on this forum that just have nothing better to do than be rude, troll and turn a thread into an argument. I am not interested in that sort of behavior so yes I have had enough I grew up a long time ago and left school many many years ago so not interested in these playground tactics it is pathetic and makes me wonder who these people really are to behave like that. I am not whining I have had enough of this forum quite simply because it is good but there is too many idiots on here which is outweighing what is good about it and seriously is putting me off wanting to be on the canals with people like that !! It is just pathetic
  2. If it was not for the trolling on this forum and the constant insults for having a wide beam boat this forum would be a fantastic place there are a few really good people on here but unfortunately a lot of trolls too that ruin it for others quite sad really when there is clearly so much knowledge on this forum that there are so many people ready to jump on the bandwagon with insults or accusations as soon as they get a chance. PATHETIC !
  3. Seriously did any of you read that we paid someone ELSE to do the installation as they were apparently compliant however subsequently found out they were not in fact compliant and the gas installation is wrong so therefore how is that our fault other than being ripped off and having to have it done again. This is exactly the reason why I did not want to mention it on this forum as people go off on one and make accusations that are just not true some of you really need to read what I have said before implying otherwise it is just rude carrying on like this ! I have much better things to do than even bother with a further response on this get off your high horse and actually read the post !
  4. For goodness sake please do not assume that we are not doing that and even if we wasn't and following BSS regulations what has that got to do with anyone if we are not selling it ! I am not obliged to do the RCD directive if I do not want to and hopefully Brexit happens so all this rubbish that is imposed on us by the EU Stops !!
  5. Thanks for that and very neat and tidy good idea where you have them
  6. Interesting reading thanks for that will have to think of the options
  7. Thanks I am watching a load of youtube videos now which shows exactly what you say really helpful. I am gearing up to launching the boat in the next 5 weeks so am thinking about all the things I need to know that I don't at the moment and realise I still know very little !!
  8. Thanks for that info appreciate that. With the brass stern greaser that we have now is it a simple matter of turning it a few times every time the engine is started, sorry do not know anything about them so forgive my complete lack of knowledge in this area I honestly don't t know what I am supposed to do other than turn it but how do you measure if it is the correct amount of grease or if you have put too much in ?
  9. OK thanks do you know if there is any other sort that is automatic or is it always a manual process. I have never owned a canal boat before so all of this is completely new to me
  10. I am sure that is the case however when you have absolutely no local knowledge where we are it is extremely difficult as it appears most of them know very little about canal boats and spend a lot more time trying to work it out than say someone who does this all the time. Can't wait to get out of that yard !!
  11. Need some advice please or suggestions. We have been advised that we need a remote stern greaser on the deck by our surveyor, likely due to the difficulty of my wife getting in and out of the engine bay. The local mechanic at our boat yard has ordered one that looks like the image below. My understanding, correct me if I am wrong is this sits in the engine bay and is not exactly remote, we currently only have a grease nipple. Is there any other solutions that people use that can be managed quite easily without having to daily open the engine cover to get to it, something on the control panel maybe ? thanks
  12. Hi Tony the inverter is set to charge only so is always charging the batteries at least that is my understanding.
  13. I don't know that is why I am asking do you have any suggestions ? thanks
  14. Just found this on ebay maybe I dont need an electrician if I buy this for the shore power he has good feedback just wondering if this is a good enough solution https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Galvanic-Isolator-Boat-500A-Lifetime-Guarantee-Easy-Install-Top-Quality/292567881656?hash=item441e6797b8:g:kN0AAOSwNNVa~b6J
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