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  1. Screw fix supply oil absorbing pads and socks. I had to use these in the engine bay for a diesel leak.
  2. Quite funny to see the reactions, it's not as if it can go anywhere other than straight ahead.
  3. Seldom wear a hat with a chin strap. Note to self, wear my oldest cheapest hat and accept that it is disposable.
  4. No pun was intended, but I remember going over it for the first time. It was absolutely surreal!!
  5. Thank you for this. At the moment is all very much up in the air but it gives me something to think about just now.
  6. Thank you, gives me something to think about.
  7. I had forgotten about the flow of the canal. How much time would it take to get back from Lion Quays?
  8. Thank you, it was in mid 70's when I was last on the Llangollen and my perception of distances is a bit rusty.
  9. Hoping to get a day boat hire from Trevor in September and just wondering how far in both directions is feasible for the day.
  10. AllanD

    Tunnel lights

    In the 70's when I used to hire.
  11. AllanD

    Tunnel lights

    In the old days, it was common to have a car headlamp mounted upside down so that when you went from main beam to dipped it pointed upwards illuminating the tunnel roof.
  12. I was also advised to switch isolators to OFF.
  13. We hired a large 6 berth cruiser last June from Laggan. We were at Drumnadrochit when the wind began to blow with a reasonably large swell in the water and some white tops to the waves. Our boat was taking quite a beating as it slapped onto the waves rather than cut through them making it very uncomfortable with items falling to the floor in the galley. We turned back, going with the wind this time and returned to Drumnadrochit for another night. Just an example of how the weather can quickly change. I imagine it will be difficult to find a type of craft that will meet all your wishes in one.
  14. Both Wroxham and Potter Heigham bridges are too low for most Broads cruisers. If you can clear Ludam Bridge the river Ant leads up to Barton Broad and beyond that to Stalham and Neatishead. The Ant is a beautiful river to explore.
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