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  1. AllanD

    Forth and Clyde Closure

    From the plan, the marina is on the offside of the canal. At Ratho, Cala has a major influence on the marina.
  2. AllanD

    Forth and Clyde Closure

    Saw this on BBC news at thought it may be of interest. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-46906369
  3. AllanD


    We had to bring our boat through ice when we had it delivered to Grangemouth. From the Kelpies to the Falkirk Wheel wasn't too bad, but up on the Union Canal we came across a variety of ice thickness. Taking slowly and allowing for the fact that the bow does not swing round as it usually does is what we found. Checking the water line much later on showed minimal loss of blacking. Perhaps we were lucky.
  4. At Gairlochy Locks, the lock keepers lower a rope down which is secured at the lockside to you as the lock is too deep to throw one up. Never came across this before.
  5. AllanD

    Moving new boat

    Can also recommend Tuckeys. Everything went to plan and got regular updates including from the driver.
  6. AllanD

    canal bucket list?

    We got our gold stars. Even though I am retired I got a bit envious of the kind lady working somewhere as beautiful as Kytra Lock.
  7. AllanD

    canal bucket list?

    Second the vote for the Caledonian Canal, did it in June this year. Beyond my expectations.
  8. AllanD

    Forth and Clyde Closure

    Just wondering if there is any feedback on the meeting with SC this morning at Bowling. I am on holiday and could not manage to get there as a sign of interest and support.
  9. AllanD

    Forth and Clyde Closure

    Thank you, Ian for this update. Looking forward to the exposure of the shortfall in funding and casual attitudes towards the boating community by SC.
  10. AllanD

    Forth and Clyde Closure

    It was. I didn't want to identify the craft without the owner's permission.
  11. AllanD

    Forth and Clyde Closure

    Sitting having lunch earlier today in The Boathouse, Auchinstarry and had the delight of seeing one of the local boats out for a short cruise. Thank you.
  12. It has been a while since this was done but I do remember that the mechanic had quite a bit of trouble getting to the switch and getting a spanner onto it. I am sorry but I cannot remember exactly where the switch was located and I no longer own the boat.
  13. Sorry, that I didn't follow up with an outcome. The locally recommended engineer suggested that a replacement pressure switch was the best starting point rather than having to lift the engine out to check the pump. The switch was replaced, with no other issues and the need for a replacement engine was avoided.
  14. AllanD

    Forth and Clyde Closure

    Over the last few months we had been preparing for a sponsored walk along the full length of the Forth and Clyde Canal. During that time and also the walk itself we witnessed no boat movements at all. We did see a weed cutter along near Old Kilpatrick. On the morning of the walk, Friday 3rd August we did see some efforts to skim the weed from the surface at Bowling Basin. Last Thursday we walked from Maryhill to Speirs Wharf and again the weed growth was evident except for the area immediately in front of the residential moorings.
  15. AllanD

    Forth and Clyde Closure

    Walked along the Forth Clyde canal Photo takeWaHopefully T Taken this morning on Forth Clyde canal just east of Maryhill Locks. Weed buildup is evident.

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