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  1. Sorry to hear that. I hope you can rebook for another time.
  2. Hi Coryton, just wondering if you have had your holiday on the Lowland Canals of Scotland this August and how you found it?
  3. Enjoy!! If on the Union, I can recommend The Park Farm Bistro for a meal. It is east of Linlithgow and there is a short pontoon mooring beside it. Also on the West side of linlithgow there is Bridge 49, another nice place to eat but not sure about moorings. We used the Causeway Head moorings for an overnight, but these are mainly residential.
  4. The best I can suggest is a direct phone call to Scottish Canals prior to your holiday if you are planning to travel beyond Kirkintilloch into Glasgow or Bowling. The information given can be hard to find online and not necessarily up to date.
  5. Here is some info that may be helpful.... This is an exttract from the report by Richard Millar to the last SWfA meeting. It shows that some short 48hr closures at Stockingfiled will be required in the second phase of works, which is now listed on the website as being 16-28 August. But it appears that Scottish Canals are being a bit choosy about who they will let through the works site on the basis that it requires some skill to navigate. Not sure who in Scottish Canals will make that judgement!!
  6. Depending on when in August you are booked there can be a time restriction on the Union Canal during school terms to accommodate a rowing club. Details are in the Skipper guide. Also, there is a lift bridge just before Edinburgh Quay which will need to be arranged.
  7. From the Scottish Canals website you can download the Skipper`s guide for the Lowland Canals which will be useful in planning for your holiday. Have you been told that any passage through lock and bridges must be arranged with SC in advance. Kirkintilloch has regular bus service into Glasgow and also has a good selection of shops, cafés and restaurants. The marina can be busy.
  8. I would confirm that the information is correct from the hire company and Scottish Canals direct and is up to date. You can get up-to-date information from Scottish Canals via their website and Facebook page.
  9. I also hired, on the Thames, what looked like an ex-hire boat from the Broads in 1987. It did have however been modified and now had an additional upper steering position. It handled really well when using this feature. It did however leak like a sieve through the decking from the amount of screw holes that had been replaced over the years. Who also remembers the gas fired catalytic heating in the saloon and bedrooms?
  10. Hired a day boat from Hilperton Marina and headed west. Going down the Bradford upon Avon lock was straightforward as we were alongside another longer boat and with the help of 2 CRT people. Coming back up was a different matter. I had the centre rope around a hook but still struggled to keep the day boat alongside the lock side. I was truly taken aback by the force of the incoming water as the ground paddles were opened.
  11. When we were looking at boats, we came down from Scotland and stayed 2 nights in a Travelodge at Trentham Gardens. It gave us the opportunity and the time to look at a variety of boats before we found the one that was for us.
  12. Why not hire a dayboat to see if the pace of life is what you are looking for? Ellerbeck Boats on the Leeds Liverpool near Chorley hire them.
  13. According to their website, Bosworth Marina is showing one available mooring. No details are given.
  14. Has anyone any experience of the offer of a cheaper holiday from a hire company to relocate one of their fleet to another one of their marinas at short notice and the enticement of a cheap holiday. Got an email from one with 24hrs notice, but couldn't make the arrangements, just a thought for next year.
  15. Hired a day boat 2 weeks ago from ABC at Hilperton. I have since received offers for boating holidays in NOVEMBER.
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