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  1. According to their website, Bosworth Marina is showing one available mooring. No details are given.
  2. Has anyone any experience of the offer of a cheaper holiday from a hire company to relocate one of their fleet to another one of their marinas at short notice and the enticement of a cheap holiday. Got an email from one with 24hrs notice, but couldn't make the arrangements, just a thought for next year.
  3. Hired a day boat 2 weeks ago from ABC at Hilperton. I have since received offers for boating holidays in NOVEMBER.
  4. One other low bridge is at Potter Heigham. On occasions, if the need to get a boat under it the plan was to go to pub beside and offer a free pint to anyone who would go onto the boat until they got through it.
  5. On the TV today was an item of CC overnighting on the Shroppie at Middlewich when it breached last year. He described the sensation of the boat leading to the side and the noise of the water rushing past. It will probably be available on I Player.
  6. Before checking out transportation to the Scottish Lowland Canals, I suggest that you confirm where you can actually crane your boat into the water. I heard a rumour that Stevie Kelvin at Grangemouth is no longer.
  7. Any updates on this incident? There is nothing on the news about this.
  8. We bought from Whilton because we found a boat that met our needs and taste. We used Chris Williams for the survey and Whilton fixed the items which were needed for the BSS. We were happy with the whole purchase process and when we sold the boat, 2 years later, the surveyor which the buyer used was satisfied that the our surveyor had provided an accurate report.
  9. Spending some time in Ely is part of the plan. Thank you.
  10. Thank you, having never explored this area information on stop-off points and eating establishments is extremely useful.
  11. I noticed these on some of my searching of St Neots moorings and took it that they were private moorings. Thank you for your help and advice.
  12. Thank you both for your ideas. I have plenty of time to explore online. I will no doubt be asking more from everyone nearer the new year. I have not been disappointed with what I have seen and learned so far. Thanks again.
  13. Thank you for your reply. I am looking at a date around mid-May for the holiday and had found that there are 48hr visitor moorings opposite Jesus Green as a possibility.
  14. With no boating holiday this year, my thoughts are turning to 2021. I have never explored the area around Ely and I would like to benefit from your experiences regarding moorings (especially visitor moorings in Cambridge). Also, what are possible cruising routes for a week based on 6 hours a day. And finally, is there things I need to know about the locks and their operating systems. Thanks again for your help.
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