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  1. We re-did Consort using IKEA including integrating the washer, fridge and freezer. We also reduced the leg height slightly so they slotted under the gunwale . Not flimsy at all. It's all about taking your time and assembling according to their idiot guides (like all flat-packs) & securing them to each other and the back wall. We're very happy with them
  2. Been looking for something myself. Perhaps give this a go.
  3. Why would you want to do that?
  4. Yep! I have no argument with the fact that I should be paying VAT based on all the HM references. I'm more curious as to why others may not be. Probably hidden in the charges somewhere although I would have thought it should be clear on mooring invoices. i.e. a line item VAT = ........
  5. Suddenly "The silence is deafening" 😁
  6. That flow diagram confirms that even though our boat is our permanent residence, we are not tax exempt as the boat is designed for recreation/pleasure (or is it? we've redesigned it as our residence although it can still be used for leisure etc). Seems a grey area to me. Thanks for the diagram Alan
  7. On a related topic. Do you Marina types pay VAT on your mooring charge? Reason I ask is because our moorings are owned by the Council and we are charged VAT. When this was queried, they reckoned that we aren't renting the mooring (like a Council tenant who doesn't pay VAT on rent) but are paying a licence fee to use the mooring so VAT is added. Bit of a swindle if you ask me but there it is. How about you guys?
  8. We pay Band A Council Tax on our Res Mooring. However, we do have a full street address, post code and letter-box so the Council treat us like any other house. I don't see how you could be invoiced for Council Tax without a bona fide postal address 🙁
  9. Well CO should only be prevalent if you have poor ventilation so an open fire just like your gas cooker is safe so long as the space has sufficient ventilation. The same applies to any house stove or fire. There are strict regulations about such things. As for the olden days, the houses were so drafty, they likely had sufficient ventilation so they got away with it. In a modern house with tight windows and doors good ventilation is a must
  10. Precisely, I mean of course the LED bulb used generated the heat. Obviously the resistors within the bulb structure were to blame rather than the LED chips themselves. Nonetheless, in this application in a closed, confined space with a metal reflector above they didn't work for me. There may well be other smaller more suitable LED bulbs out there.
  11. I have exactly the same units in my back-cabin. I converted them to centre contact fittings (bought from Vehicle Wiring Products). You will need to ground the frame of course. I bought some LED bulbs but the ones I got had an array of LEDs all around the central part of the bulb. I found that the LED's generated too much heat and with the reflector in these fittings, actually blew the LED bulb (it literally disintegrated from the heat). I reverted to a centre contact 5W car type bulb and have had no problems. I don't think the design of this fitting lends itself to LED bulbs Stephen
  12. Thanks for the info. Seems they only do stainless which i'm not keen on. We're in Ricky on the GU so nowhere near unfortunately otherwise I'd give them a shout anyway. I need the pipe to take approximately a 12 degree (off vertical) path twixt top of stove and roof collar spigot. Should be straightforward.
  13. Mine's only partially installed. Must buy the missing flu bits. Hmm, where to get them?
  14. This is all possible on future boats but not viable for many existing boats. My engine stop is a mechanical process (pull a handle to kill the motor). No Morse on Consort either. My throttle is a trad-style brass wheel and Forward/Reverse a Pull Handle. You wouldn't attempt fitting auto stop/start to a vintage car would you? Future boats along with cars will all be Hybrid or electric anyway
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