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  1. Anyone tried to do this without removing the entire frame from the boat in order to clean the crud where the two panes overlap? Is it possible? My theory is: If the sliding pane is open, can one dig out and remove the fabric channel the glass slides in and would this allow the glass to drop sufficiently (if slid back) to be removed? Lots of unsightly crud where the two panes overlap which you cannot get to. I figured one could replace new channels and seals the same way. (It's the way they install and remove some sliding doors in houses) Taking the entire frame out of the boat at this stage doesn't thrill me when all I want to do is clean the window and remove the inaccessible agriculture. Stephen
  2. Thanks for the responses guys. I like both schools of thought. As a decoration I find it more pleasing on the eye (unintended pun) than the diamonds that some folk have Stephen
  3. Is there any symbolic meaning to the yellow spot design painted on many narrow boats (mine included)? Some also have a sliver of yellow on the curve on the right. Just wondering. (We did it cos it looks nice).
  4. Both my Shoreline fridge and freezer came in cartons with Shoreline stickers over the makers name (they have no shame). The maker is AMICA. They come from Poland. I doubt Shoreline has much input. Danfoss units are probably installed at the factory https://www.amica.pl/en/page/15-Amica_in_Europe
  5. Maybe you can't hear the fan cos its seized from all the dust 😁 Actually, modern ones have the heat-exchanger underneath (crazy idea cos heat rises) so need the fan. If yours has a conventional heat-exchanger up the back, it may not have a fan.
  6. Anything such as a bad connection which adds resistance into the circuit will reduce the current draw not increase it. Both my Shoreline fridge and freezer each run on a 15A breaker without problems. My money's on a tired breaker as stated earlier.
  7. Curious. If alternator fans draw air from back to front as someone stated earlier, isn't this opposite to the natural flow of air in a vehicle (from which many of these engines are spawned) where air is pushed front to back by the forward motion of the vehicle?
  8. On the BSS website under the heading "The Boat's Wiring" it states this: "New or replacement cables should be multi-stranded and of the correct size as determined by reference to Table A.1, ISO 13297 - check with your competent installer." So from that I take it that OLD cables don't have to be stranded. All a bit vague isn't it cos you could install single core wiring everywhere and just say it is old wiring? They couldn't fail you. Badly worded requirements are worse than useless.
  9. Sounds like my BSS inspector was wrong as one of the first things he checked with me was whether I'd used domestic (flat twin and earth) cabling for the mains wiring. I hadn't as I'd been told this before by more than one individual. I thought the reason was that single core copper wires are prone to damage by boat vibration which is why they say never to solder wires either but crimp and tag or use screw fasteners
  10. Where in the Herts area are you? There is a guy that I use who does a lot of work on canal boats in the Rickmansworth area and surrounds. He is also part of RCR I believe. Very knowledgeable generally. He should be able to help with most things. PM me if you'd like to contact him. If he can't do the electrics, he's sure to know someone who can in the marine world.
  11. Er, so that means you have created 240v AC right. As blackrose mentions above, this is the same thing. Is the earth for that 240v grounded to the hull? (Do generators ground the Neutral leg like the mains? I don't have one so not sure)
  12. OK, I see where you're coming from. As we haven't seen how the wiring was done on "that" boat, it's pointless to speculate on the potential (no pun intended) risks. I would still use an earth.
  13. But the Genny is producing 240V isn't it? Same as being on mains so the risks are surely the same. Doesn't matter where the power is generated, 240V is 240V
  14. Point taken. However, I feel that at 5kw, the Eber is just too much for 3 rads and a heated towel rail. Would prefer something lighter and work it harder to limit cycling, hence my interest in the variable output heater
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