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  1. Yeah, it's only about 6yrs or something since they found a body under a bush down there
  2. They do, i'd still not fancy it Good access to Sainsbury's though
  3. They're wedged in like jenga, no good if you want to go anywhere. That huge field in front of Titanic Mill would be a great location for a marina, but, no good if you want to go anywhere
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Are you intending to live on, or leisure boat? You can always move the boat further South with better cruising options. That's why ours is down near Braunston at the moment, plenty of cruising options and its only a couple of hours down the M1. When we had the shareboat over on the L&L it was nearer, but nearly the same travelling time due to all the "smart" motorway shenanigans on the M62 If someone could make the HNC better and add a marina we'd be bringing it up home in a flash
  6. Out of interest, i went to look how much a hire from Silsden Boats would be now compared to when we first hired in 2015 and if they still included diesel in the price. Seems they've been swallowed up by Anglo Welsh now
  7. or it's another one of Rod Stewart's shill accounts
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. Friend of mine used to carry a penny whistle, he'd occasionally get it out of his pocket to play, we'd then throw things at him until he stopped
  11. Yeah, did that for a couple of years as one of my mates was old enough to hire a transit (only 21 then, think it's 25 now), last time was very much glamping with my new girlfriend (as in it was an actual tent with an inflatable mattress!! She became my wife )
  12. That'll be almost as much as the tickets! Last time i camped at Donny for the MoR it was £25, mind you it was 30yrs ago 😱
  13. They just mean they are external to the casing of the router and are screwed on to ports, you'd unscrew these and attach what you'd call external aerials (some models have the aerials internal on the circuit board and no sockets on the outside).
  14. The times we've passed it looked very picture-skew, but was so choked with water lillies etc. i wondered how anyone ever got out, guess they didn't.
  15. I'd have quite the temper if someone lit a fire on me too
  16. One of those batons they like to twirl down London way?
  17. My daughter is the only member of the family to have cruised from here, Scout boat picked them all up there first thing, then we collected her from Shepley Bridge Marina in Mirfield at the end of the day (myself and J were not jealous at all, honest). It has an interesting dry dock that seems to get little use judging from the greenery in it.
  18. Wonder if they got the driver? It's incidents like this that make CRT's idea of bridge cameras seem worthwhile.
  19. @robtheplod I've been bitten by this, if they look corroded consider replacing with new screws and add Copaslip or similar. My efforts to remove the last remaining screw with a sheared off head resulted in a split mounting hole so couldn't drill and tap. Cost me a new door in the end I'll now check them every year and for the sake of a few pence i'll probably replace the screws each time.
  20. Fair enough, just wanted to make sure you weren't being put off doing it by thinking it was too tricky (your mention of lack of skills and tools).
  21. Ouch, £1100 a year to get to your property
  22. If you can pass the cables outside easily through a mushroom vent or similar all it requires is the ability to use a screwdriver to tighten it's clamp onto a suitable pole (we use a short mag mount one on the roof). Guess it depends on your perception of neat and tidy. The cables themselves just screw on so no special tools required. There's a fair length of cable attached, ours passes through a vent into the well deck void where the water tank is then into the cupboard by the doors, so all excess length is coiled in the void.
  23. You could substitute the white or brown mushrooms for Liberty Caps, no slicing required, and makes for an interesting after dinner experience If i was using white mushrooms from the supermarket i'd add them at the last stage of cooking otherwise they'd turn to mush, don't know if they use a different variety these days but they just have no substance like a good chestnut mushroom does.
  24. You can unscrew the stubby aerials and connect an external one, you may need new adapters though as they will be SMA-Female on the back of the router. You'll need to connect to the router with a laptop/tablet/phone to switch the setting to external aerial too for best results (connect to wifi, type in a browser window). Don't think the Huawei app gives you that much control if memory serves. I have the same router paired with an external Poynting aerial.
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