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  1. Here's some vids on painting https://www.youtube.com/@JohnbarnardBiz
  2. Possibly post count limited like PM's ? After 10 or 15 posts you might see a difference in the profile page.
  3. We have a 3.5kw Dometic Travel Power onboard, i've no idea how or if it works or what to do with it?!? Have only ever run the washing machine once on shorepower to give it a clean and make sure it worked. I'd rather swap it out for a dishwasher but J would rather it was replaced with a cupboard. As we're at an impasse the washing machine remains.
  4. I made new ones for the boat after J kept catching her feet on the corners of the existing ones. Bought a small plank of white oak from the local timber merchant (not cheap!) and copied the style.
  5. "Places, which cost £100 for two people in a tandem canoe or £55 for a solo paddler in a canoe, are limited due to the nature of the experience, and are bookable our website." from the (boat)horse's mouth, as it were
  6. It's C&RT's own canoes you'd be using hence the charge, not just pole up on the day with your own craft, so in theory that limits it.
  7. It was originally built in sepia but converted to grayscale in the 60’s, it then became full colour in 1975. Sadly due to the lack of funding the colour palette has had to be removed and sold at auction to raise funds for a new Spectrum Manager to ensure the general public can look forward to a full colour canal in the future, possibly.
  8. The better half has seen this and is threatening to book it for my birthday, I asked if she meant the two seater and we'd both do it, she said no chance Now she's threatening to book it for myself and the offspring (who since finishing her A levels last week has become a nocturnal room dweller).
  9. At least there'll be plenty of gravel on site should you need it
  10. Give my regards to Elland Basin, i half drowned in there doing my canoeing badge with Scouts back in the day Also spaffed half my wages in the local hostelries when i had a summer job between college and Uni at a print finishers there
  11. Surely all this OTT security will just lead miscreants into believing there's something REALLY worthwhile stealing from your boat, and rather than than deter them have the opposite effect? Have you considered burying your pirate booty onshore instead? Nice bit of secluded woodland, X marks the spot on a hidden map type of deal? You could then go full-Rambo with deadfalls, trip wires, poison arrows, tiger pits etc. Possibly even an Indiana Jones-style giant boulder to chase would-be treasure hunters
  12. If you do (gasp) Facebook, there's a chap called Oliver Taylor https://www.facebook.com/KnotforProfitFenders
  13. Nope, was definitely the Thames near Oxford (not Reading, sorry) , have found the pic now. Was near Osney Mead?
  14. Came across one of these on the Thames, think it was near Reading, by the time you'd applied throttle and started to move it was red again After missing it a couple of times we just went through anyway, and nobody was working or waiting, daft idea.
  15. On this day in 2023, about to go up Watford staircase. Was coming down here a couple of weeks ago and a super eager chap with a boat behind us decided to start cracking the red paddle as i started to leave the first lock in the staircase whilst the vollockie stood next to him gobsmacked, unsure what would have happened if J hadn't shouted at him to stop. Luckily a boat coming up at the bottom put some distance between us (we were going to wait at the bottom until he'd gone by) and we didn't see him again until moored at Norton Junction as he charged by to moor a few boats in front. It's just a race to some folk these days
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  17. The very essence of boat ownership (he says jokingly whilst having just spaffed another couple of hundred on new gas regulator and bubble tester )
  18. Apart from right by the services, which i think are private moorings, isn't it mostly the back of industrial units you're moored next to? Memory may be flawed, it's been a while and we only ever stopped there for water (and left the tap adapter that i had to reverse back for to the amusement of a couple of moorers). I've heard a few folk praising the breakfast from the café though, so must be good.
  19. Sorry, didn't see this. Unsure what's been used but it was black, i really wasn't paying too much attention if i'm honest The insides between window and trim still need doing once i find a suitable caulk. At fitout with Mr Hudson it was done with Geocel 201 in Teak colour. I had some on order, but after a month of either "the chap dealing with your order is on annual leave, we'll get back to you next week" or "we're chasing the suppliers, it'll be here tomorrow and dispatched next day" they finally admitted they'd got in touch with Geocel and that Teak was a now discontinued colour. I got a full refund, but a wasted month and no sealant. Unsure if we should just get some in black, or try to find a different product in Teak colour 🤷‍♂️ Oh, don't know the area. Still seems odd though.
  20. That's just rude! Is it so the drinkers don't have to look at dirty boat types whilst enjoying their repast, or have the few spoiled it for the many in previous times?
  21. The craft is licensed, not the operator. As said above, as long as his insurance allows it you're fine to be the operator. If he has RCR cover (a little like AA/RAC etc. for boats) you may need to look into who that covers, depending on level taken out it can cover the boat for any operator or the policy holder for any vessel. A good starting point would be https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/boating/go-boating/a-guide-to-boating/boaters-handbook
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