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  1. Ratkatcher


  2. Very nice - but with NiMH batteries and a charge time of 16 hours it would be a pain for me on the boat. The Zanussi one is 4 hours from flat and Lithium ion battery. Lovely but not at that price
  3. I recently bought a 'stick' vacuum cleaner for the boat, car, lazy days... Light, good suction, reasonable battery life, not expensive. Downside is only 'mains' charger - but as it is only around 6 watts it is fine with my cigar plug inverter. Only £39.99 from ebuyer (used to be just computer components but have expanded into other lines) Link here: https://www.ebuyer.com/819853-zanussi-zan2951-li-ion-2-in-1-stick-cordless-vacuum-cleaner-zan2951 I have no connection with ebuyer other than being a customer of thiers for years...
  4. I missed mentioning that the Giffgaff goodybags allow (positively encourage by the sound of it!) tethering on all of their offerings. No problem last time I was on the boat - but then my data use on board is pretty small compared to at home (can get to hundreds of GB at home some days!) so speed and quantity is a bit academic in real terms.
  5. Yes it is Smart Roadster - they stopped making them in 2007 - current one is yellow and just crossed 53k miles. 80-101 HP from a 3 cylinder 698cc engine and 800 kilos weight... Great fun!
  6. This one brings a smile to mine - I have had 3 of them so far - this is number 2....
  7. In one of the other topics based around insulation someone posted a link to a youtube video of an American man covering the flame safety of insulating materials - he had a lot of fun trying to set fire to closed cell materials... Even the humble (and inefficient) rockwool scored quite well in the tests.
  8. Blame for that catastrophe is yet to surface ... I imagine though if the interior of a narrowboat got hot enough to ignite the stuff the occupants would have either abandoned ship or already have died!
  9. I do not argue in the least - an extract from the description of Celetex's premium product: RS5000, according to Celotex's website, has a Class 0 rating under UK building regulations, meaning it has the highest rating for preventing the spread of flames and prevents the spread of heat. However, its "health and safety datasheet" notes: "The products will burn if exposed to a fire of sufficient heat and intensity. Unless a material is completely inert I should think that the caveat above may apply. The multi-layer is class E as described, make from that what you will
  10. Multi-layer insulation 40mm is useful for small space and non-flat surfaces and can be fixed with a simple spray adhesive - various qualities available so here is an idea from Screwfix - still quite expensive though (others go up to around £150.00 roll!) https://www.screwfix.com/p/ybs-superquilt-multilayer-insulation-1-5-x-5m/80967 Celotex and similar rigid insulation are pretty much self extinguishing and will not react with PVC coated cables - something Polystyrene can do...
  11. Giffgaff do an 'unlimited' data plan (allowing tethering) for £20 with the caveat that after 9GB use there is a speed drop to 384kbit between 08:00 and 00;00. I assume the 4G speed is 'normal' between midnight and 8am. Their 'Goodybag' scheme allows you to purchase minutes/texts/data in 30 day blocks to suit your budget / needs. No contract and it appears that future plans are likely to be even better value. They use O2 as their carrier so I'm unsure of their real coverage for 4G data.
  12. The purchaser is responsible for return postage, possibly an appeal to Paypal may get a refund of the cost,.. On all of the China / HK ebay pages I have visited this seems to be the norm, as our postage charges are much higher than theirs it makes buying cheaper items an assumed throw-away if they arrive faulty. From the seller's page: Returns policy After receiving the item, cancel the purchase within Return postage 30 days Buyer pays return postage
  13. As a diesel heater, even unbranded, the youtube video's about it and the similar offerings have been generally very good (only watched one where the power output control was faulty), so why not look at it that you have bought a product that is getting good reviews despite not wearing a brand name? When I read your OP I admit not to have thought of a brand name, more of a description of function - but that is me I suppose. Sorry for your disappointment.
  14. I'm not sure that you will 'win' a claim of it not being a genuine Planar heater Col. Read the item particulars and you get this: Item specifics Condition: New: A brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged item in original retail packaging (where packaging is ... Read moreabout the condition Type: Air Diesel Heater Manufacturer Part Number: Does Not Apply Brand: Unbranded EAN: Does not apply The 'Unbranded' may be your main stumbling point...
  15. Last year one of the youtube boaters published this video about buying lithium batteries, worth a watch as it includes an 'interview' with the supplier.
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