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  1. soforene


    Nope. It's a pub conversation.
  2. soforene


    Not being much of a "hintileckchewal" I sometimes struggle to clearly explain what I feel. That being said, I came across a quote the other day that resonates with me re: all this "destroying statues/ Stained Glass Windows/ Slave owning two hundred years ago" malarkey currently on display across various news outlets. From George Orwells "1984": “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped.” Gave me pause for thought .......
  3. As the great unwashed British public are deciding to ignore the Governments advice about social distancing and are flocking in their (lemming like) droves to the seaside and up Snowdon etc. it can't be long before BoJo declares martial law and locks us all down a la Italy. At last the real reason for mobilizing the Army (driving Oxygen truck to hospitals?, Yeah right) will become clear and we'll all be told to stay in our homes for 1 or 2 weeks. But what about CC'ers? Will they be allowed to pootle along as normal? Our intrepid boys in their Camo gear will be too busy on the mean streets of the UK rounding up the self-entitled ne'er do wells to bother about the canals so will boatees be free to amble along the waterways as usual? I wonder .....
  4. Nowt wrong with my Ipad and hundreds of books therein. Many an hour is spent in the company of Jack Reacher or Aloysius Pendergast and when I get a boat (one can dream....) then the space saving alone will make it all worthwhile. ?
  5. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/other-sports/113118777/recordbreaking-superyacht-lost-in-mediterranean-after-falling-off-cargo-ship "Reports have put the superyacht's value at £30 ..... " Good job it wasn't an expensive one then.
  6. Watched it. Did they really think t'fat lass would make it oop hill !?!
  7. No news of The Hunchback yet?
  8. .....it has prompted some to stick foil in their purse or wallet in a bid to prevent this from happening...... And they laughed at me when I started wearing my Tin Foil Hat. Who's laughing now !!
  9. Really? I was informed that they don't. So I moved Banks. Poor customer service there then. Loyalty is no longer a consideration for any kind of establishment these days .....
  10. I moved from Lloyds to Santander for this exact reason. I was made to feel like a luddite after I explained my reasoning and the numpty behind the counter was trying to tell me that I was downgrading my card to non-contactless. Whatever happened to "The Customer is King"? This King told 'em where to shove their contactless card and moved to a bank (after >20 years as their customer) that actually offered what I wanted as opposed to offering what they think I wanted.
  11. Aye. I sometimes just type random words into it to see whereabouts in the world it refers to. I really should get a life ....... ?
  12. Just say no !! I cancelled my RBS credit card as they said they could not supply non-contactless cards and no other provider would do so. Strange that Santander did exactly that. As usual RBS were full of BS about how it's risk free and they would refund if it was used fraudulently but, as you pointed out, no mention about how many hoops one would one have to jump through to get a satisfactory resolution. Bring back good old fashioned cash !!
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