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  1. Best of luck. I was relieved when the survey showed my cheapish 1980s hull to be solid. Bear in mind as my surveyor said - if you are buying "subject to survey" there may well be room for negotiation if faults are found... Let us know how it goes
  2. Jak

    Narrow Dog

    I read this a couple on months ago, Narrowboat across the channel then further adventures (yes I bought the other books and enjoyed them too). Read them, liked them, fancy a trip to France??? http://www.narrowdog.com/
  3. I've a take on this too. It's surprising the effect a strong wind has on a 50 ton boat. I'm still,learning!
  4. Bonded to roof with Wickes contact adhesive and going nowhere! These are 2 100w
  5. I can believe this easily having been taking care of rust in the front locker, engine compartment and bilge!
  6. Happy days. Good to have a project boat. Hull integrity is key. Enjoy putting your mark on your new boat. We are.
  7. Hi. It's leaking somewhere. Provided you have plenty of antifreeze note the color and look for blue or pink water?
  8. Worryingly theres no pump out on a Sunday, so Saturday Vindaloos are definitely not on!!
  9. Too true Nick. Happy to pay £15 for someonelse to handle the contents of my bog. I've done caravans and know the alternative
  10. Busy busy. Decided not to bother refitting chimney. Instead replaced the 2 cheapo 4 year old leisure batteries with 3 smart new ones. Took the opportunity to upgrade Ajax from all 12v to 240v with a 1000w (2000w peak) pure sine wave inverter. Luxury!
  11. I also have one of these. Works well .
  12. Taken out the whole chimney to replace collar and cure a leak. Messy but getting there....
  13. Very helpful. Thanks. Need to go check if it has a spin-on filter conversion then will get sorted.
  14. David. How does the brass tap arrangement work. I'll be honest I've one on my BMC 1500 and was unsure what is for!
  15. Hi. Our boat is moored at Leighton Buzzard. What is the name of the NB your interested it? I may know it....
  16. And your battery bank. Lots of solar and only a couple of batteries and all that free power is wasted. Realistically on your horrible cloudy day it's more like 10%.
  17. You apply it thinly with a plastic spreader. I bought a big pot for a tenner or so and have used hardly any. But always handy to have some decent adhesive on board.
  18. No. So long as the surface is clean and the brackets sit flat. This sort of glue will stick pretty much anything.
  19. Hi. Just done this today and bonded the brackets to roof with Wickes extra strong contact adhesive. Should be secure enough. Of course as roof isn't flat I had to be a bit inventive....
  20. Nice one, much appreciated!
  21. So I ordered a replacement collar for the Squirrel, but now I have it I can see the old one is ok. It is the 'collar' above that is cracked. But what is it? I have looked at a number of installations and they don't appear to have this arrangement. Can anyone help me and explain what it is and where I can find a replacement?
  22. A butty, or maybe a smaller boat you could also take out on some trips. Much easier to handle
  23. Or a TR7 pop up headlight for some real 80s style? I do have an 80s NB!
  24. Hmmm. I've just fitted a 4500 lumens led and now I'm worried. The bracket does allow it to be tilted so at least I can 'dip' it I suppose...
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