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  1. Hi Ricky. Welcome. So many threads already posted for new boaters looking to live aboard. I suggest you have a good look around and then come back with questions I'm a newby myslef. But unless you already have a love for boating based on at least a trial on a hire boat out of season you aren't in a position to make a big decision like this. If you are a boat lover you are in the right place to get the advice you need
  2. Candles to hide the gas smell? Scared. I've wired up a 12v gas sensor alarm in the galley. Why? Boat surveyor recommended it in addition to CO and smoke. I'd rather be safe TBH. What's 70 quid?
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. I'd only comment that we have had a son and stepson at Uni and both have used laptops for everything. And no TV license needed so long as not watching TV live or using Iplayer. Both considered tellys but decided not to bother...
  5. Whilst I have no advice for you, it sounds like an adventure and look forward to reading about it in the future.
  6. I don't understand the emphasis on the ash bucket? Can you explain?
  7. Hey Paul. I'm a new boater too. Had her about a month. I'll be the first to welcome you and tell you what a great resource this is for a new owner. I've not yet had a question that hasn't been quickly answered.
  8. Jak

    Stolen Boat

    It's been stolen twice?
  9. It should. What happened to Starry? Is she still here or in the other place?
  10. It's great to see all the money the PO has spent on lovingly caring for the boat. I've similar binders going back 15 years. It's also a clue to what you will be doing ove the next few years! Good luck with the new boat. I know just how you feel.
  11. Well mine works. I had the door on the squirrel open whilst opening a new bag of fuel. All the windows and doors closed. Its bloody loud!
  12. Thanks. Though I've still yet to find the imaginary float operated second bilge pump the PO is sure was fitted...
  13. My surveyor advised a gas detector too, so I've wired one up to the 12v. Necessary??
  14. Jak

    First boat

    I did this today. Proved the CO2 alarm works anyway!
  15. My previous owner left his number and I had to call him about: - stern gland greaser (this is important) - switch for water pump - did he put in any anti-freeze Think that's it. He gave me walk though of the boat which helped a lot... Edit: Paul is right. I didn't do this.
  16. Jak


    That's clever. I'd seen silicon recommended but thought it was a daft idea. Will be buying some of this, thanks!
  17. The hull may have been 6mm thick once. But 2006 was a long time ago. Have you seen a recent hull survey? Good to know how thick the hull is 10 years on.
  18. Jak


    Ajax has some neat rings on the flanks and the ropes for the fenders clip on. I didn't do it but it works well. So mean that I only have two so the crew have to move them over for whichever side we are mooring!
  19. I'd be interested in reading some more on solar as for my weekends n holidays use there would seem to be real benefits.
  20. There will be no end of experts along soon I'm sure, but on such a boat you will probably want to consider significant solar. At least in the summer you can reduce all of that engine running.
  21. Thanks for all the tips. Sunday lunch at the Grove was very good. Can see why it's so busy now. But we were the only customers arriving by boat. Probably because it's November and raining. Mum and Dad up for a longer cruise when it's a little warmer! And in a 47' it's easy to wind at the top of the lock without pranging any of the marina boats, honest
  22. Great news Froggy. Looking forward to seeing some pics
  23. Thanks. Will try to fix it
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