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  1. I just had the panel made and put on Ive checked the temp sender on engine is working by putting in a kettle on and temp going up Do they need to be calibrated? I just thought you had to replace
  2. I have an old landrover engine its just had new parts fitted New water pump Alternator Starter motor New clocks (as you can see in the pic) All belts and filters It has no thermostat It does have a bowman water cooler that is raw water cooled The coolant is in and no leaks Water comming out is cold Engine although hot isnt overly hot But water temp is 115 !!! It doesnt rise any more but it is worrisome Any help would be appreciated Ps it doesnt loom like a head gasket as there is no brown stuff in head or in header tank
  3. Got it sorted now thanks it was the gauge Tat
  4. It only drops down if i touch wire from switch to earth Other than that nothing happens Its on constant weather there is wire on switch or not
  5. Ok i have a 2 and a quarter landrover series 2a When i turn on ignition the oil pressure gauge goes full even without engine running When i start the engine it remains full Any ideas?
  6. As promised the pics of the repair Im having a few more jobs done to the engine as I've found a guy that works on any engine Will do a new topic when done with befor and after
  7. Ok have found a place and there fixing now will post a pic when done
  8. Ok so i now know my engine is a series 2 2and a quarter engine Thanks for your help with that guys my next issue is my lug has broken of the manifold ive added a pic do tou know of any company that referbs welds them its alloy so im having issues finding someone Thanks in advance
  9. The old ones were painted green with the engine!! Ive purchesed a few spares now again thanks everyone
  10. Ok thanks everyone its a landrover 2.25 series 2 Thanks so much for your help new plugs went in and she started ?
  11. Have done and thanks for your help ill let you know how it goes
  12. I dont know a friend just took it to a garage came back and said its broke Im in no way an expert butim gratfull to have found out its a landrover 2.25 ill goto motorparts take the old and see if we can now sorce the replacments or ill but the ones you put a link up for thanks so much
  13. Tested at a garage by a friend negative to earth type
  14. Yes i understand the smoke issue was just giving all the info It would take ages to start the engine and ran the battery down twice it would try to start but cut out But once going it would be fine
  15. It looks like that rlwp what engine is it for as it looks simular
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