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  1. The post loads straight away for me. It also loads instantly for me in your post #576 where you quote it. Maybe your internet/ PC has problems too Alan. 😄 If it is causing problems loading for some, or because it is a re-post (unbeknownst to me as I haven't checked every post in this thread before adding it) maybe a mod can remove it. It would be a shame though, as it may be funny enough to remind Alan what actual humour looks like.
  2. Not known is our Alan for his comprehension of contemporary inventive wit. Bernard Manning is more his speed!
  3. Except my opinion doesn't label a person as stupid just because of the place of their birth. I'm not narrow minded enough to assume every English person is priggish or pompous solely because of the likes of you that can't see that your jokes are offensive. Is it your opinion too that to don boot polish, drop to one knee and sing Mammy is not offensive? What's the difference. No, just futilely answering posts directed at me to which I'll stop now, Hopefully it might just help some people realise that what they find funny is offensive to others. But with some that will never happen.
  4. Alf Garnet was a notorious television racist. Alf de Garnette is a play on Alan de whatever his name was. You drew the conclusion it had something to do with being derogatory to the French not me. Perhaps you should ask yourself the question I asked Alan. How racist are you? Afterall why jump to French, why not Belgian, Canadian or any other country where similar names would be common?
  5. Similar to those jumping on the internet bandwagon, trying to be cool in front of their bookface and forum"friends"., using a phrase not original to them, trying to pass it off as their own. And wrong, I'm not offended on behalf of someone, just trying to inform others that they are offensive. There was no humour to bypass, And you're back handed apology is as weak, but not as ugly as your original "joke". A "joke" where you and like minded idiots rely the need to slag off a nationality rather than actually use any actual wit. But I'll leave you in your ignorance. To coin an apt Irish phrase "There's just no arguing with thick"
  6. Semntics maybe but you're possibly correct. Maybe I should have used discriminatory instead. Peoples eyes being too close together is not the same as labeling an entire nation and it's diaspora as stupid. Ask the Polish, you'll find quite a large number of them take offense too. And your anecdote could have been just as funny without the need to bring in any nationality..
  7. If you don't feel aggrieved that's your choice but I do doubt your Irish credentials if you feel nothing , I'll leave you in your ignorance.
  8. We never looked into changing the side of the road and this notice was from an block of flats in the UK. "Humour" aside do you think you'll ever realise just how racist you actually are?? Or is it just a "senior" thing Alf de Garnette.
  9. Thanks for the replies lads. At a guesstimate she has been in Ireland now for around 10/12 years. The BW plate was found in a cupboard.
  10. Hi, I recently bought a narrowboat believed to have been built by Brummagem Boats, a 47 footer called Arethusa. I have tried Jim Sheads with the BW plate (#48366) but no joy. Steel in good nick probably 6/6/4 showing little deterioration. BMC 1.5 Calcutt, but engine beds show a possible engine replacement. There is a welded marking of BB/627 (slash might be a 1) on the counter. Hoping that one of the learned peeps that frequent this site might be able to help me in dating her. Cheers,Paul
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