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  1. Hello. Due to Covid 19 we've been operating short hours and now we're in the middle of moving business premises, you're more than welcome to send a message or phone us in a couple of weeks when we should be operating normally.
  2. I'm not building boats anymore, but I'm still about if people want to give me a call. Mick
  3. My pooch snores, I simply whisper to her to be quiet, and it usually works.
  4. Oh yes, good old Aldi, bottle of Grapevine (spanish) Merlot, £3.09 a bottle, absolutely lovely, I'd pay over £5 for it if I had to!
  5. I'm not sure what model of Vetus toilet you had, but the innards are all available separately, I think you were miss-informed.
  6. Pure Standard Poodle, without the pom poms and frilly bits!
  7. The advice is to grease every 6 months or 400 hours. You can never over-do it, and it's usually easier to do all maintenance at once to keep on top of it.
  8. My thoughts exactly. The no smell filter is usually round, about 6" diameter and contains carbon filters, these need replacing once a year.
  9. Glad you got the seal fitted and you're pleased with it!
  10. The Liverpool wide beam boats usually have a 35mm shaft system. The Vetus replacement seals are expensive, and of late, unreliable. We are replacing them with a complete rubber seal, this can be seen on our website.
  11. Aintree are a good bunch, we've known the boss guy for years. As regards the bow thrusters, some boat builders try to cut costs by buying welded tubes, these are the ones that cause problems. I'm almost certain that Aintree use seemless tubes, which there is no problem with.
  12. They don't have a split pin, they have a locking washer.
  13. The ram never failed, it was the fitting of it, and we offer the same warranties. We could have supplied a Vetus one, but that was even more different in footprint and posed different fitting problems, so we sent the easier option, which was a sturdier model.
  14. We do have a spare one on the shelf, in fact we have ten on the shelf. Like most suppliers, they change dimensions occasionally, and this is possibly why the engineer didn't fit it.
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