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  1. Perhaps by then the MLC will even have the legal powers to impose registration charges as their application made in October 2019 for confirmation of their byelaws will have been approved by the Secretary of State (as required by Part 2, Section 11(9) of the Middle Level Act 2018). (9) Byelaws made by the Commissioners under this section, section 12, or under section 51 of the Middle Level Act 1874, do not have effect until they are confirmed by the Secretary of State, and section 236 of the Local Government Act 1972 (procedure for byelaws) applies to their confirmation, as if the Commissioners were a local authority.
  2. May be useful to have the full letter to Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd on here:
  3. Good work from nbfiresprite - and better late than never from the MLC. They may need a gentle reminder about some of the other undertakings they gave to the Lords, not least the commitment to publish all the undertakings they gave on their website:
  4. The precise wording of the undertaking given by the MLC to the HoL committee is:
  5. The formal undertaking given by the MLC to the House of Lords committee (following Nigel Moore's representation) was that registration charges for residential boats moored permanently in marinas that do not leave those marinas would be restricted to no more than the administrative cost of the registration process. It should be a fixed and transparently accountable sum. The reference to "a further discount" is odd.
  6. On EA Anglian Waterways prior to the 2010 Order, the charges for "use of the waterways" was referred to as "Navigation Charges - payable in addition to a Registration Fee of £2 under Byelaw No. 5. It was not possible to "register" a boat for £2 without also paying the relevant navigation charge!! Attached schedule for 2006/7:
  7. Nigel, I think the separate registration charge was applicable only to Anglian waterways subject to the AW Act 1977 and prior to the 2010 Order which ‘harmonised’ arrangements across all EA managed waterways. I remember the £2 reg charge being shown on the annual renewal notice up until a few years back. The principle will of course, thanks to your submissions, eventually apply to Middle Level waters where boats that do not cruise/do not leave marinas etc. will only be charged a registration administrative fee.
  8. I Imagine that the EA have been encouraged by the recent Appeal Court decision which confirmed their right to seek compensation for unpaid registration fees in addition to fines imposed by the courts for the offence of failure to register. Compensation will go into the EA coffers whereas fines go into Central funds. One more reason why CRT should be following the same route. Environment Agency v Sunman
  9. Also some great information and copies of original brochures on the Jones Boatyard website. L H Jones even fitted out some E27s themselves. http://www.jonesboatyard.co.uk/boat-sales/elysian-27-centre-cockpit-boats-for-sale.html
  10. I am lucky to have many documents from the late great Hugh Easton, the designer of the Elysian range at Appleyard, Lincoln & Co at Ely, on the Great Ouse at Cambridgeshire in the 1960s. There were no markings to indicate the date of hull manufacture of the A & L boats but many hulls were supplied to other yards (such as Banhams and Carringtons) to be fitted out. There are a few clues - the earliest A & L boats (from about 1963) were fitted with a two glass front panel windscreen, the later ones had three panels. The later models - MkII - also had raised coaming around the deck at the bow. The centre cockpit version was made primarily for the hire fleets which came later. As Tony Brooks says, the hulls were very solidly built and don't suffer damage easily. My own E27 dates from 1963 and is still going strong (partly, I have to say, from great boat maintenance advice received on one of Tony's great TB-TRAINING courses at Reading College nearly twenty years ago!
  11. The registration of boats will be in byelaws yet to be introduced. Consultation on these is expected shortly and the latest indication is that registration charges will be introduced from 2020. The designation as the fourth largest navigation authority is in terms of the length of waterway under the control of the MLC. It controls 120 miles of waterway of which 100 miles are statutory navigations.
  12. Probably persuaded by the up-front sweeteners paid by some of these operators to secure the contracts. The owner of District Enforcement (based in Derbyshire) has even got himself appointed as a director of the River Thames Alliance Ltd. to wheedle more business. Danylo Kurpil
  13. In respect of the Environment Agency Thames mooring places, it's worth looking at what the primary legislation - the Thames Conservancy Act 1932 - has to say about charges for use of moorings: "The Conservators may from time to time demand and receive in respect of vessels using any of the moorings in the Thames belonging to the Conservators the charges appointed by byelaws of the Conservators for the time being in force save that no charge shall be made for vessels tied up at night or for a reasonable time when not at work unless the traffic of the Thames is thereby impeded." There are no charges specified in current byelaws. Mooring at night is free. Mooring for a reasonable time is free. The primary legislation is clear. It is not for the EA, TVM or anyone else for that matter to make it up as they go along and demand unlawful charges and penalties.
  14. Apologies! I overlooked your reference to 'round one'.
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