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  1. Graham. m if you do not believe me please call me !!! make life simple!!!! Do not make additional problems.
  2. I need your name, surname and address. I will send you by the post.
  3. I need proof that your money origin from legal source. Please supply a copy on letter headed paper ( signed by a director of your bank).
  4. Our solicitors collecting all this false materials and you will be question in this matter soon. You never sow this boat, you do not know who I am. And you should answer for your self what category person you are.
  5. New message from: seti-yeti (784) --------------------------------------------------------- Hi, We'd love to come and view, can you tell me where it is? If it's not too far I'd like to make arrangements with you to view (at your convenience) Seti -Yeti my solicitor try to call you but you are provide me false telephone number!!! Why you trying to do idiot from me? I need your name , surname , full address.
  6. The people on forum are boring. They do not want buy the boats. They focus to harm and lampoon from another people. I will be decide who will be happy from this boat.
  7. Our boats are for genuine people, not for you. Is it to difficult for you to understand, that customer can choose kind of the power? Seti - Yeti if you have no money, please do not waste my time. This boat is for genuine person, not for you.
  8. Thank you for your contact. I don't want give to much pictures, because I do not want to instruct my competitors for free. The ideas you do not find on the street. This is gift from God.
  9. I sold my boat, for the fist serious customer , which had payment ready.(not time waster) I did wait 3 weeks time for Clive but he do not gave me any deposit!!! I had no any guarantee, that I will see him again!!! He was send message that he will take day off from his work on Friday, but he did not come. Later he promises me come on Saturday, but he do not come!!! And communication was very bad with him. He too much mess around me!!! I lost all my time to waiting for him!!! Too much time wasters everywhere now. After that he sending me massage with very vulgar worlds. This message I keep for Police and Court. I am very happy that the boat goes for the good, right people, not for him.
  10. Why you did named me Polish scammer? I did call to the POLICE . They advice me contact to you first to sort out your problem. If not, I will contact to my solicitors and I will take you to the court. I will let you know who I am.
  11. Emerald Fox For what you did offer me 50 p? For 50 p I can sell you fresh alga's from bottom of my new boat. When do you want to collect it, please? If you not able to respect another people, please at list respect yourself.
  12. It seems like racism, I am not understand why? I am speak maybe poor English, but I know 8 languages. How many languages do you speak? Did you build in your life any boat? Please show me your boat. Regards
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