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  1. That is what I did. As long as the value of the property exceeded the amount of money owed they were happy. In fact they asked me if I was sure I was borrowing enough as the value of the house was double what I owed them.
  2. Really can't understand the thinking behind this. If you get an extra £100 you pay tax of £20 and are £80 better off, but you appear to be saying you don't want to pay the tax man anything and are happy to forgo the £80.
  3. Unless you're prepared to spend 2 to 3 weeks sitting on the tow path waiting for the festival to start don't even think of trying to moor on the towpath anywhere near the festival site. Or you could do what a lot of others seem to do, which is take your boat down there weeks in advance and abandon it until the night before the festival. The other alternative is to book into Cropredy marina, they do charge an arm & a leg though, but it is still less than the price of a festival ticket for 4 nights and you don't have to worry about someone pinching your spot if you move off for water or a pump out.
  4. Just had this bracket fitted by Oxley Marine on the Staffs & Worcester. Although the anchor is at the stern, the anchor point is at the bow. When on a river the rope is connected to the anchor point is then laid along the gunnel and attached to the chain (kept in a bucket near the anchor) the chain is then connected to the anchor. This means if ever I need to deploy the anchor I can do so from the steering position and not waste time running through the boat. I'm aware that that means if travelling down stream the boat will need to swing round. However if travelling upstream and I have no power then the boat will continue backwards until the anchor bites.
  5. And where did the money go? A bank rescue package totalling some £500 billion was announced by the British government on 8 October 2008, as a response to the ongoing global financial crisis.[1][2][3] After two unsteady weeks at the end of September, the first week of October had seen major falls in the stock market and severe worries about the stability of British banks. The plan aimed to restore market confidence and help stabilise the British banking system, and provided for a range of what was claimed to be short-term "loans" from the taxpayer and guarantees of interbank lending, including up to £50 billion of taxpayer "investment" in the banks themselves. In fact some of these loans and investments, via shareholdings, have since been sold back to the market at huge losses to the taxpayer (but a consequent subsidy to the shareholders).
  6. With a lift/swing bridge where the winding gear is on the off-side. I pull in as close to bridge as possible on tow-path side, then take bow line and pull boat to bridge. I then walk across bridge and pull bow across the canal and secure. After lifting/swinging bridge I walk along gunwales to drive boat through. This saves walking along gunwales twice. After passing the bridge stop boat step off stern on offside, secure boat and lower/swing bridge back into place. Step back on and drive off.
  7. BrumSaint

    Bow Fenders

    We have both a button and a 'V'. The 'V' is lower than the button and cushions the [occasional] impact when the edge (of the bank, wharf, cill etc) is lower than the button.
  8. Thanks to everyone who has responded. The main point has been answered - there is nothing obvious I've overlooked, that makes the design unworkable. In response to some of the more detailed points 1) the dinette will convert to a guest bed, hence reason for bathroom between dinette & bedroom. 2) the plan is not to be taken literally (it just showed the order of the various components), 3) the various comments made (position of hob, stove, shape of galley, wiring & plumbing etc) are all useful to bear in mind when speaking to a builder - thank you for those. 4) Finally, less than 50' there and back for a cup of tea, not that long a walk.
  9. Having owned a boat for a few years and coming up to retirement, we are thinking of replacing the boat. We would like a boat that has the galley at the stern, followed by a dinette then the bathroom (off corridor), followed by the main bedroom (double bed) and then the saloon leading to the bow. Similar to this plan NarrowboatPlan.pdf I've looked at dozens of boats for sale and have yet to see one with this sort of layout, I've also looked on line at hundreds (literally) of boat plans and still have not seen this type of arrangement anywhere. We are now looking at getting a boat built with this layout,but before I approach any builders is there any design reason why such a layout would not work, or is there a technical reason which makes such a layout difficult (& therefore expensive) to build.
  10. We've got something like this. http://www.mes-marine.co.uk/store/product.php?id_product=9201221 The 'ladder' is stored in the bag, which is tied to the stern railings. If someone falls in they pull on the ribbon to release the 'ladder'. We bought it after my wife fell in at Eturia, as we turned in to the Caldon canal, she is only just over 5' tall and the water there is 3'6" to 4' deep. The combination of depth & her lack of height meant it was very difficult to climb out. Since buying the ladder neither of us has fallen in, but we hope the fact that the bottom steps are below the baseplate level will make it easier to climb out.
  11. The ABC share boat I had in share in (Eos) had12 x 8% shares and 1 x 4% share, thus no financial interest and the boat was privately licensed. From memory this was the basis on which they advertised all their share boats.
  12. My ladder is a series of plastic 'steps' connected by rope which fold up into a bag (similar to this). The bag is tied to the rear taff rail. The bottom of the bag is secured with velcro and a ribbon hangs down and is easily reachable to pull and open the bag which lets the ladder drop out. Like Mike so far I've had the good fortune not to have to see if it works (when in the water).
  13. Clean, but not soapy, suggests that the problem is prior to the water reaching the shower taps/mixer. Is it possible to put the shower head out of the window? If so do this and turn on the shower (make sure no water leaks from the taps/mixer or back down the shower hose into the tray). If the puddle still appears then there is a problem on the side of the system going to the shower. If its possible to isolate the hot water supply do this. Switch on the shower again and see if the puddle appears, if no water then the problem is in the hot water supply. If water does appear then try isolating the cold water supply. If no water appears when the shower head is hanging out the window then the leak is either the shower unit or the pump. Try filling the shower tray with water, but don't turn on the pump, if no leak then the problem is the pump. Note the presence of water during these various stages doesn't necessary preclude another leak at a later stage, it is possible for there to be more than one leak.
  14. We had similar contact problems last year. In the end I drove over there and was relieved to see they were still in business. They said it was problem they were sorting out with their phone company. However I must say that they did a cracking job for us (Recovered two bench seats & backs, built a chair and provided a complete set of curtains), I will use them again, but given the quality of the job probably not for a few years yet.
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