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  1. Yes, and the industrial quantities of pellets required would be a great excuse to add a butty!
  2. You need to get out more...
  3. Nearly bought some strawberries today in Asda. Then noticed they'd come all the way from .... Australia!! WTF?! I guess this is one of the huge benefits of our post Brexit trade deal with Australia. We bought Shropshire raspberries instead which, since we're on the Shroppie, I thought reasonable enough. I'll bet Bruce and Sheila aren't finding Shropshire raspberries on the shelves in Wogga Wogga's Supermarket though, eh?
  4. Trouble with those is that the first windy day after buying them they end up in someone else's garden...
  5. Been there - very impressive and well kept they are too. Unfortunately, I didn't examine them closely enough to help with your questions.
  6. My large (600 X 300) tiles are stuck on with Vitcas 300c silicone and "grouted" with normal white silicone, which is good to about 200c. This because my original tiles used tile cement and were coming loose. If I did it again, I'd probably use Envitograf (1200c) silicone I did my stove top collar with. Not because the tiles get hot (they don't with a metal heat shield on the back of my stove and a decent air gap) but because it's so much nicer to use and easier to get a great finish that the horribly sticky, hard to work Vitcas stuff.
  7. And that mating call suggests that it may be more likely to mount you than the other way around!
  8. Should work fine although, depending on the actual date of manufacture, you may only be able to make traditional imperial beers and wines and not more modern metric euro-fizz ones.
  9. I knew that and I'm so amazed I wrote it I'm sure I didn't. Autocorrect?
  10. I didn't flag this sign as useless, but then my boat actually is about 17.5 metres!
  11. Oh I don't know - I think 17 minutes should be more than enough for anyone to wind a narrowboat.
  12. My daughter's home has bio mass pellet type heating. Not the densest of fuels - the shear volume must surely be a prohibitive issue on a boat?
  13. It's not the fenders - they sink like solid rubber stones - it's the cheapo polypropylene rope they come with. Anchored to the bottom by the fender, the poly rope positions itself like a stalactite awaiting a victim. It's the canal equivalent of a sea mine.
  14. Yes, and also that smells are particulate!
  15. Please add DAMHIK to this post before the thread goes horribly off topic!
  16. Another happy user of Envirograf and stove rope at the stove collar here. Got the idea here too!
  17. Looks like there's an issue with the top gate on the top lock which might mean imminent closure for repair. If you're hoping to transit check your stoppage notices.
  18. What colour is the sky in a world where someone can buy a boat needing extensive work and then have that work done by 'tradesmen' and it work out less expensive than buying in commensurate condition in the first place?
  19. Well yes, you might have a point there. However, despite my setting a good example by not having one myself, I still see both kids and adults on them in every urban area around the BCN. Of course, it's not exactly discouraging their use when the law says it's perfectly legal to sell them (only to folk intending to use them on private land obviously)!
  20. Or even just drain it down and refill it with fresh chlorinated water from a water point. Sometimes water that's been hanging around a while just needs replacing.
  21. My mooring neighbour is in his 70s and has one, intended to help him get between locks. Of course, CRT have now banned these from the towpath so that's put an end to his idea whilst any scrote without a boat will continue unaffected by something CRT can't possibly enforce on anyone but boaters. Fast E- bikes, e-scooters, electric trail bikes, electric unicycles, you name it - we have to put up with anyone who chooses to ride them illegally on towpaths but are the only ones who could be identified if we had one ourselves.
  22. Most folk manage just fine with single glazed windows - cosyness comes from the stove and often means opening the windows! The bigger issue is condensation and usually that on the glass drains through drainage holes, but that on the frames doesn't and can cause problems. You can now get frames with a thermal break, but new frames would be a whole other level!
  23. I contemplated adding those, but if I'd included everything folk get all steamed up about I'd still be typing!
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