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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. I thought this too, but I eventually binned Orange/EE and haven't looked back. They did have poor voice coverage in particular once, but not so now in my experience. For a while I had 3 and the Missus had EE and I never compared badly in a signal comparison, voice or data. We're both on 3 now (there just wasn't a compelling case for paying more to preserve a network choice) and we both find the mobile internet connection to be far more reliable. Iirc, 3 is Hutchinson Telecom who were Orange back in their earlier days.
  3. I'd second NMEA above. You won't get dezincification above the waterline, but you should take precautions against disimilar metal corrosion with anything other than steel. It sounds like you won't, but don't have an outlet or intake below the waterline unless you really, really have to.
  4. Keeping ageing warships and submarines even just as a floating museum piece is inordinately expensive. Frankly, we've seen far better ships and submarines than these two, both historic and contemporary, sent to scrap. I agree with your sentiments, admire your zeal, love your photos and am impressed by the story you relate here, but I'm sad to say that you're flogging a dead horse.
  5. Actually, Very Low Frequency is sufficient to penetrate the ocean but aerial length would still be a damn nuisance. How's about using big capacitors as fenders and keeping them charged to fry the theiving blighters?
  6. I agree with By'eck and Albion - If you're getting a reading of 14v+ at your battery, something is charging it and that something must be your alternator. If you haven't had any symptoms other than an intermittent fault read-out, I'd guess it'll probably do the same over the coming weeks as it has over the last. Sort it when you get back if needs be, and if it fails in the meantime you're in France and they have alternators too. Go to France and enjoy yourself - if the car starts tomorrow!
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. So have I, but whilst we were on the blocks doing the blacking it read 60%..... 60%.... 60%.... cough, splurge, bolleaux, 100%!! The one on the water tank seems very accurate once calibrated, but the blighter on the pooh tank I'm a little less enamoured with.
  9. If you have a redundant old smartphone, there's a free Android App called MaxMon which might do what you're looking for. It can email or text an alert if the boat moves more than a specified distance fron the Lat-Long it was moored at and I believe it will inform you of the new Lat-Long at specified intervals too. I have recentlu installed it on an old phone and have been messing about with it at home to see iif it's worth bothering with, in my case to alert me if shore power drops off when I'm not there (if I have the fridge running or similar). Someone on here may be able to give you more info or the benefit of their experience.
  10. Which rather suggests that they won't be grit blasting and faffing about to achieve an ultra refined finish, and illustrates why the fact that it continues curing underwater is a selling point for International. Applied in a rush in adverse conditions then dunked in sea water and still works? Sounds like the ideal narrowboat blacking product.
  11. It's only a day to do Tardebigge (especially if you take friends on an adventure!) but a devil of a lot longer to go round, particularly via an river as unpredictable as the Severn in winter. Be quick mind - from 05 Jan they're out for 10 weeks to the end of March with only a weekend opening after 4 weeks then they're closed for another 6. Bummer if you're based between them and the Severn as we are - we're watching the weather forecasts to see if we're going out for 4, 6 or 10 weeks + for our winter cruise in the new year, 'cos there's no point in climbing Tardebigge only to get iced in!
  12. So 8 quid a litre, which in itself isn't too much more than standard blacking. If it didn't need all the high spec prep it might be the way forward. The fact that International highlight that it continues to cure underwater sounds like it can be used on rush jobs and, in my maritime experience, it would be unusual to go to the trouble of time-consuming specialist prep only to risk the final job by rushing it back into the water. I have no experience of the stuff, so I'll bow to experience, but it sounds a lot like a 'slap it on and get it back in quick ' product - I wonder if it could be applied by brush/roller following standard blacking preps?
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. 747lbs wet apparently so the crane's up to it. Not sure what the boat would do with that sort of lifting moment acting at towpath distance abeam though..... and once it's slung over the bow the lack of a tug deck might begin to show up as a problem too! I think I'll just admire your arrangement for the forseeable, Chop
  15. You raised Interzone 954 Nem - From International's website, it is described as.... A two component, low VOC, high solids, modified epoxy barrier coat designed to give long term protection in a single coat application. Will continue to cure when immersed in water and has excellent cathodic disbondment resistance. Why aren't we all using that? Gloss isn't really that much a no-no (is it?), and the most expensive part of bitumen-based or 2 pack 'blacking' is the docking. Gotta be some good reason I guess? Anyone using it and can enlighten? Could help the OP, so I don't think we're straying too far.
  16. Two happiest days of your life: the day you buy your boat and the day you sell it! Sorry to hear that you had to move on, but best wishes for your new adventure.
  17. Cracking old bike and a such a cool add on! Sadly, I won't be following your lead - I think I'd need to trade the NB in for a dutch barge to accommodate my Thunderbird and the appropriately sized crane
  18. Yep, you're right, and that might be about it on Automotive comparisons (except Triumph motorcycles), but Aston definirely works for me .... rather too well, in fact: I want one of those too! That's 2 things from your posts on this one thread that have been added to my Christmas list!
  19. Or maybe Rover.... oh, no, hang on, they're Chinese. Maybe Jaguar.... oh, that's not right either, they're Indian. Enfield...... no, they're indian too. I know, stick with Lamborghini and go for Italian engineering.... oh, hang on, Audi own them and they're German. Oh whatever, must go and measure my stove to see if there's room for my Ecofan and a lovely new Vulcan, then I need to write to Santa...
  20. Chemical burns may well be an issue too, but the interview I heard on the radio seemed to be about electrical burns. A quick googling revealed this (although it's from the mail online so it could be bolleaux): The danger is all the more worrying for parents because once caught in the throat, the batteries send an electrical current through the tissue, eventually burning a hole in the trachea or oesophagus – without children showing immediate signs of injury.
  21. Our shower is done out in cushionfloor (fitted from new by a reputable builder). Looks very smart, lots of choice, pretty economical, completely waterproof, easy to seal. I'd certainly go for it again.
  22. Don't try this at home (or anywhere else). There's been quite a lot in the news just in the last few days about the very nasty burns inflicted in the mouths and throats of kids by those coin-sized lithium batteries and they're just 3v. It's current that does the damage (ie milliamps) not the voltage. 'Volts jolts; mils kills' as they say.
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