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  1. http://www.hillfarmmarina.co.uk/ Had an email today that Hill Farm is set to open soon. No longer relevant for me but maybe of interest to some of you.
  2. Could these three not be combined into the space of any regular second bedroom on a regular boat? You could get something lower than 56k, and spend the surplus having the space redesigned to suit your needs?
  3. My two pennies re heating - I have only a 4kw multifuel stove, and live aboard full time. Heats my 57' boat nicely, and because it's well insulated I don't need to keep the fire in 24/7. But I am out at a full time job during the day.
  4. With a £45k budget it's surprising you haven't found one a bit newer (up to 10 years old) that's laid out pretty much how you want it already. What issues are you finding with the ones you're viewing? Edit to add - if you put your "wishlist" on here I'm sure you'll get plenty of suitable links from folk!
  5. My question has come about because I'm selling the boat, and the survey was particularly thorough (more so than the one I had when I bought it!). If there's a chance they won't work (fully expect they've never been shaken monthly, certainly not since I've had it) there's no point in keeping them as spares. I'll contact the company and they can collect / recycle them or something.
  6. Thanks chaps. I thought the same - no expiry date, so assume if in the green they're still good. Cheap enough to replace however so maybe I'll do that. Seems a shame to just chuck the old ones though.
  7. The three 1kg fire extinguishers on my boat are probably 10 years old (installed by previous owners). All are happily sitting with pins in the green. Do I need to replace these at some point? Is there any official guidance on this?
  8. Sounds similar to mine. I have an immersion heater which I switch on when on shoreline, takes about an hour to heat the tank. Don't have this switched on with the engine running because the engine is heating the water anyway through the calorifier. Maybe switch it on (if you're on shoreline) and after an hour if you have hot water - you have an answer.
  9. I found this useful. Not a complete answer though... http://www.soliftec.com/Boat%20Stoves%201-page.pdf
  10. She25


    Argh! Sounds horrendous. Well done you for being brave enough to do that!
  11. If that was in response to me, no it isn't too bad. I have a dressing gown lay over the duvet so ready to cover up before I escape from bed. And of course slippers before I touch the floor. Yes, I got rid of carpets and have a wood floor. That said, I've never really felt the cold. And if I have visitors, I do make sure to light a fire and keep them warm!
  12. Worth a real boater writing up an article for publication?
  13. Always surprised that everyone seems to go for keeping the fire lit 24/7 if they're not on board. I'm no scrooge but don' t see the point in heating when I'm not there. The cats have plenty of fur and each other to keep them warm. Keeping my coat on for an hour until the newly laid fire gets warm works for me. A 20kg bag easily lasts over a week. If I don't get in until late I don't bother with a fire either - but I do cheat with hot water bottle or electric blanket.
  14. She25


    I have a cratch cover and grow herbs there but no flowers. When I've had the side rolled up for a few days and take it back down I noticed a few dead wasps in the folds. Today I've basically been held hostage by three live ones that appeared as I wanted to go out (yes I'm VERY scared of them and had no spray to deal with it!) Does anybody else find they like to shelter under the cratch cover this time of year, and more importantly, what are your tips for getting rid and putting off?
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