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  1. I hate braunston tunnel! Last time we went through we had some (insert word of choice here) racing up behind us and then when he caught up proceeded to try to push us along fender to fender. Now i admit i never do braunston at full cruising speed but also dont do it at tickover, pulling over to let him pass was impossible as there was a steady stream of boats coming the other way. When we got out and let him pass he said ‘sorry i didnt see you’. Utter rot seeing as we had afew two many solar fairy lights festooning the boat at the time and his tunnel light was pointed straight at us rather tha
  2. We had the same problem OH is just under 6’3 so our boat is a Reeves hull 13 mm baseplate 6’6 headroom in centre and 6’4”headroom in bath/ shower.
  3. Not technically an answer to you question but best advice I can give you is get rid of it! ? Have a tonneu made instead have lived with our Pram hood for two years and I hate it... pain to put up, pain to take down... can’t travel with it up so they’re pointless IMHO. ours is only on in the winter in the marina and it’s taken off all summer I’m having a tonneu made this year and then the Pram hoods going in the bin! sorry for not actually being able to actually answer your question!
  4. Lovely boat it was 2 along from us in the marina a couple of months ago and we had a cheeky look onboard. Only things I thought was that the bathroom didn’t really seem to match the rest of the boat (can’t explain just felt like it belonged somewhere else), and In my opinion the paintwork was starting to look a little tired (maybe just needed a good polish didn’t look too hard). And finally and most importantly it has a built in ironing board behind the dresser mirror in the bedroom and that should be got rid of imidiately just because nobody got time for that!!! ?
  5. Ive seen it out and about a couple of times and in the marina with a sign on the roof but its the only one ive seen so I think they only have the one. They also do training courses on it aparently so I was told by one set of hirers i came across. It certainly looked very smart I wouldnt have noticed it was a hire boat until they told me. I seem to remember when i looked them up online before they had more information about it the boat i think it was a 4 berth (boatmans cabin and fixed double) so maybe they're updating the site? From what I was told they don't hire to first timers unless they
  6. http://www.narrowboatescapes.co.uk Have a trad with engine room and back cabin based at Braunston marina. V smart looking boat.
  7. At yelvertoft we have the delight of the wind turbine in the marina that you can watch turning faster and faster the closer you get to the marina when returning... best thing is just to tie up outside and wait till 4-6pm and at some point then the wind usually dies... that Plan of course doesn’t work when your mother is insisting it isn’t windy and she wants to be back in now (mother knows best after all)! And then you end up blown side onto the pontoons and she tells you not to be so careless and that it’s lucky you didn’t damage someone else’s boat... ( by this point
  8. Have you got a car type radio when we recently had our new batteries and monitor installed there was a constant max 2 amp current with ‘everything’ turned off it turned out it was the radio drawing to keep its memory settings. Ok max of 2 amp isn’t 5 but if your readout isn’t particularly accurate it could be offset?
  9. We did this last winter (spent every weekend at the boat) and we didn’t have any oil filled radiators so we just isolated the tank and opened the taps whenever we left. One thing to note though our fridge used to stop working as the boat would be too cold and so we would turn up to a warm and very smelly fridge! So I would advise turning the fridge off! Bit of a pain as milk tended to go off in a cool bag on a 3 hour journey each way. In fact it’s just got cold enough for the fridge to start doing it again last Friday turned up and warm fridge! We are going to get some radiators this winter
  10. We had our tank blacked last year whilst being repainted and since then we had noticed a funny smell to the hot water and a 'film' on the water, taking some advice we decided to drain the tank down and see if the blacking was still soft and it was there was a very thick soft area in one corner. Surprising as we left the tank empty for 4 weeks after it was done! Last week we scraped a lot of the thick area off to leave just a thin layer and left the tank lid slightly open the advice we were given is that it shouldn't have taken more than a few days to harden up like this but here we are a week
  11. Hello all i was just wondering if anyone has Solar panels mounted onto roof boxes and if so how did you make them? Im looking at 2 large 300w ish panels about 1000mm wide so it would be one flat panel per box rather than the 2 tilted panels hinged in the middle my thinking was to have the panel mounted on the lid so that it would hinge off the lid in one direction and have the lid hinge in the other so that they can be angled either way. one thing im not sure of though is how to then secure them in the tilted position incase of wind etc. does anyone have something similar t
  12. These look quite excellent i may have to look into making some as we only have curtains at the moment
  13. Ahhh thought it might be we're at weltonfield at the moment and they were surprised at the new paintjob because they said it no longer looks like one of their boats
  14. Is this a reeves hull fitted by weltonfield? The roof fittings look remarkably similar to ours exept our vents are brass mushrooms and the woodwork looks very similar too?
  15. Thanks for the replies may have to look into some form of secondary glazing. our pidgeon boxes dont suffer from condensation because they're lined and we have covers over them its mainly just the portholes. I was just worried about possible other causes as i know that cooking etc causes it so we always have the galley window open permanently and theres never a drop of condensation anywhere before the bedroom. But then then bedroom is a good 10 degrees colder than anything forward of it and the office is even colder we do need to cut an inspection hatch in the floor aswell because i
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