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  1. Im not sure what we expect the police to do about break ins? House burglary is generally not investigated as its impossible to detect culprits without cctv or caught in the act. Property crime is at the bottom of priorities. Im afraid Dixon of Dock Green is dead.
  2. Always use faster payments for private sales now. Cash is fine but a pain to count and until checked by a bank teller not really in your account. The buyer can use my laptop to check when payment goes thru to account usually within 2 hours. Any form of cheque can be fake and may even appear in your account only to be cancelled later by Bank. All car dealers now use debit cards to deal with on the day sales these are as good as cash which they no longer take.
  3. Tonight there are 4 boats moored in the cut above Fobney Lock. There's approx 1 km of free moorings along this cut and it is a 20m walk to the town centre. There are some splendid spots to moor going west from Reading. It is true that Fobney Lock does attract the local lads but I've never seen them throwing stones! Being a Manchester lad I've always thought the local yobs to be rather tame. Most of their dads work in IT.
  4. Please would the boat named Daisy return to Fobney Cut and remove the old carpet and rubbish they dumped on the towpath ditch. They have been reported to the LA and there are large fines for fly tipping.Perhaps I could offer them another can of cheap cider should they return.
  5. Walked past today boat still looks abandoned. This section on the Kennet is attractive in the Summer but it is best to moor away from the lock and only in the company of other boats. It has to be said that it isn't particularly bad for pirates and this boat was courting disaster. You can't just leave your empty boat for weeks on its own near a large town. This summer lots of boats overnighted here with no problems. There does seem to be an increase in the number of boats being left empty for weeks scattered along the Kennet often with tattered CRT notices stuck to the door.
  6. We have just finished walking the dog down the Kennet. If this is your boat (SlowMotion Wide beam) someone has broken the window at the front and likely to have burgled the contents. This boat has been moored here for months and obviously unoccupied. No doubt even the local scroats have noticed and someone has had a go last night. This is not a great place to leave your boat for weeks, there are no other boats anywhere near and no security. If you know who's boat this is please let them know.
  7. Unfortunately any lifestyle choice that involves low cost barriers to entry such as living on a narrowboat will attract some of societies less attractive persons. We are seeing some of the results of our broken housing policy. It doesnt really help but at least a boat moves, imagine being stuck in a flat on a sink estate. If someone is being aggresive or abusive then ask the police to have a word. Be a pain in the arse to him until he gets fed up and moves. We had a problem many years ago with youths congregating outside in the summer. My girlfriend just sat amongst them talking and singing for several nights, they fled and never returned. Remember there are protest techniques that are legal but can work, perhaps hes fond of Opera in the morning.
  8. We have used Ozforex for large sums. For small sums Transfer wise is great. Do not use banks for currency transfers they will rip you off.
  9. These ridiculous valuations are a product of the property bubble. When sanity returns there will be tears. It is a cosy little home though probably worth about 15k of anybodys money.
  10. If it's your boat some youths have untied boat and its floating free. I have phoned police who will contact CRT. At the moment it's not in any immediate danger as it can only float into Lock. If you know owner please contact.
  11. Whilst not exactly on post. I think its worth remembering that cold water is a killer at this time of year. At certain temperatures the body will close down and arms and legs will refuse to work. A friend fell in the Thames at this time of year and literally could not move although only feet from the bank. He had to be pulled out from the bank. Please be careful even if you are a strong swimmer.
  12. I am amused by your description of this mob. I think we all understand where your concerns are coming from. I suppose any opportunity to live virtually free on the cut will attract shall we say some odd sods. Lets face it if you wish to avoid the attention of the authorities what better place to live than the canal. Have you thought that they may not be earthlings? I think you should proceed with caution do not enter the blackness, however if you can smell the dreaded weed I think your probably safe.
  13. Google are probably following data protection legislation. It is an offence to hold data without the permission of the individual which would prob include their car registration. I doubt they are just being kind to kerb crawlers.
  14. All legitimate moorings on the Thames will be expensive and or limited vacancies. There are several large marinas and they often have vacancies but expect to pay around £5k. You will actually have more luck as a live aboard as its quite possible to moor casually as long as you keep moving and use the discrete spots. Things have tightened up a lot and you will have to stay with the boat. In the late 90s a friend managed to live next to the bridge in Maidenhead for 5 years, those days are gone.
  15. Last winter there was a boat moored unoccupied for 3 months by fobney lock, nobody touched it. Some CRT moorings by the IDR in Reading come up regularly as not an attractive site but probably not as bad as it looks.. Loads of hangers on near the prison also a few non movers near Theale uptowards Sulhamsted. One guys been there for 2 years occasionally displays a winter licence then moves 200m in the summer. The Burghfield moorings had a couple of vacancies last year, again its a leisure club but heh the same guys are waking up every morning. Just passed Tye Mill there are farmers field moorings spaces there last week, dont know the rules but last winter they were full same boats all winter, most living aboard. Best of Luck
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