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  1. What do people think of this comment on hull strength?
  2. Don't know how to give greenies but that deserves one.
  3. On the lower peak forest Cart have put up signs for winter moorings leaving no where else to moor! My thinking is if I have paid my license why should I move just because they have decided to haphazardly allocate a stretch of bank for winter moorings when someone with a permit turns up? Is it all about the money now, does this mean I get a discount for the inconvenience of having to move! The money spent on these signs and the numerous data collectors could have been spent on another water point!
  4. the roof of my boat is not their premises lots of people sell items from their boats and CRT turn a blind eye as frankly there is jack they can do about it! i think it would really depend on what goods or services you are selling.
  5. I think you are getting me wrong?I am just being real with you if you think life on a boat moored in a marina is what you want to do then fine it just don't appeal to me just like living in a row of terrace houses listening to the neighbours cough and splutter ect! If you can get a farm mooring then great I just prefer to move around!
  6. Yep I know the area very very well!I would say save yourself a fortune and just continuous cruise the wider area! Perhaps walk the towpath and speak to local boaters like we did as some of the marinas you mention are not well liked by some and liked by others! It's not a rough old patch to CC compared to other canals, perhaps just give it a go first before commiting to a marina I would say!
  7. So what tell them to go whistle Tesco can pay the fee for me giving them my custom!Jeez when will people stop bending over for these people the place is a dive.
  8. What are CRT providing over and above the existing license if a boater were to sell items from their roof for example to justify the fee?
  9. I remember last December when I had my tonsils removed at the ripe age of 42 and my mate said to me "just come and stay at our house you can't stay on the boat" I had my mate drop me off after day surgery unable to speak or swallow,I lit the fire and sent him home to the mercy of soap opera land!
  10. Why would you buy a boat to live in a floating caravan site?Just buy a caravan and save yourself a fortune!! If you are not going to travel around seriously ask yourself what is the point as its a massive lifestyle change with loads of maintenance work or money to pay someone else and you have to live a small space. It's all good and well living in a limited space if that comes with the freedoms of open countryside and City scapes but to be on a marina is just daft in m mind?
  11. If it's next to the canal CRT own the land under the water on either side.If this is the argument being presented lets be very dubious here as how far are these people going to push the boundaries to prevent boats from mooring!
  12. bottom line is point blank say no as we have paid a license so get the money from CRT.This is just the the tip of the iceberg as more and more councils seem to think that because they spend money developing the cycle paths sorry I mean towpath (I wonder where towpath originates from) they can dictate where boaters can or cannot moor!!I feel boaters should start installing mooring rings in where councils have made it impossible to moor!!
  13. How much is a trading license?
  14. What on earth do you think his side of the story may be? Your use of the word derogatory is totally incorrect as my use of words explaining his behaviour are actually descriptive and correct regardless of you egotistical opinion.
  15. Someone is not a "fellow boater " if they are calling me all the f's and w's under the sun because they are being selfish after I have very politely asked them to consider the effect they are having on those around them!It is not then a rant to highlight they are not a genuine cc'er as they choose to not move and abuse others. CRT also have plenty of residential leisure moorings themselves. The bottom line is if you want a mooring then you pay otherwise move but people like you supporting selfish idiots rather than people who play fair are the kind of people who will mess it up for everyo
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