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  1. thank you for that. Very reassuring!
  2. Thanks Tony, I will try that.
  3. Thanks Tony, I dont think its fuel as it responds to throttle, just idle that it does it. Thanks N
  4. Hi everyone, Does anyone know why my hb3 searches between high and low revs until its warm?
  5. Thank you for that. Very useful to see the best.
  6. thank you I will take a look. A very wise bit of advice. Thank you!
  7. Thank you, I think basic is what we are going for. I will check them out.
  8. Thank you, I am thinking of getting one rated at 2000w to allow for that. LOL. Yes please do let me know. What make?
  9. Hello all, After having our old sterling 1800 msw stolen from our boat, I am looking to replace it and am asking for advice on best, ok, and rubbish ones. Thank you
  10. That’s funny! Not quite a free fix though. Paid for the starter motor inspection/service. But at least it will probably last another 50 years.
  11. Thanks Alan. Your comment encouraged me to check. I hadn’t moved the levers, but we did have a break in recently. (An inverter and a strimmer taken). I’m guessing they must have tried starting the engine and maybe moved the decompression levers.
  12. UPDATE *** Thank you all for your help. The decompression levers were all in the decompression position!! Turned them all back and it started first time.
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