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  1. Oh yer I wasn't tying to put dave work down!
  2. My spare chimney has got its top ring missing should these be steel, ally or stainless? I've got a few but there all painted white and unable to tell material but I'm unable to tell what material they are i thought they were ment to be ally?
  3. I did look as these and was very tempted then I got a message about the Clayton one
  4. I thought it looked like a boat yard Norton crains? Looks like it from sign. Got a few what measures to be bolly size exhausts. The cans ect look quite nice
  5. Sneek peak of my new toy, well 1 of 3 new toys!! Just like to note there are about 3-4 nice looking water cans and 2 handbowls on ebay at the moment, nice condition (not sure of age) but reasonable price too, think was £70 for a painted hand bowl and around 80-120 for each can
  6. Anyways least its now sold to hopefully another person who will love her
  7. I did Yes lol, Too much for my brain today lol
  8. Because alot of people don't know who owns what boats, I'm buggered if I know who owns every working boat or tug or what there faces are or even the names or worst forum names. The fact you have a pic stood on the back means nothing, I could up load lots of pics of me on the back of boats don't mean I own them might just be a nice pic of me
  9. Thanks got it, ill have to find my rpm checker to set these its around somewhere probably on the boat after working on national
  10. Yes thats the one, on the fixed no 32 just has a nut on the end! On variable it has a joiner then a screw, by looks you set screw to idle speed then if you accelerate it pulls that lever out, I'm guessing if I keep the stop lever you would just push this down to kill the engine. Thank you you diagrams have helped. I'll build my own version of a marine lever so it works off the stock governor screw I have. Thank you!!!!!
  11. Its ok I've now found a video showing speed control on a marine engine, its controlled speed wise from the governor adjusting screw, I don't know why but mine would control the speed for the load on the generator, so no load it slowed the engine but put load on it sped it up. So I assumed this was how to control the speed was from this lever! This was wrong. It had fixed speed but just slowed the speed by cutting fuel with no load. I'll now set about making a speed lever off the governor screw but use the correct spring a weights.
  12. Yes I'm semi with you, as I do have a downloaded manual so with your lists above and this manual (has a close up of the governor weights) its how the speed is controlled and the governor adjusting screw work on variable. Do you set the governor adjusting screw on variable to the desired tick over. Then use the (stop lever in the above pics) to then control the speed? My manual just shows a control lever but dosnt show how its connected I can prob get hold of the correct weights I did find what would now seam like variable weights and the spring I can get.
  13. This is what mine is like 2 springs on the governor weights but your first says no governor spring if variable speed. The bit I don't get is the fixed rpm vs variable, I get the weights ov limit the speed by only allowing the fuel arm to go so far and different weights alow different speed but if they have fixed speed surly it would only have a kill switch. Or do variable use 2 controls one for throttle control off the adjuster screw and then the stop lever? Just confused as mine had an electronic controller on what would seem the stop lever. I think the confusion comes in as every pic or info is for fixed speed not variable
  14. Ooooo that's an interesting list! Given mine over had a fixed 1500 speed but had a variable speed lever on it. Be it was electric controlled. But did have 2 yellow springs on the original weights. I did order some 1800 weights but would pos appear they maybe fixed weights not variable. But from that list it has now confused me as to how the weights work without a spring, oh well, I'll have too try and find a photo of one thats not fixed speed. As the list above also show no speeder adjuster screw and assume the speeder lever only has one hole (not that that should need replacing as looks like the high rpm need it in outer hole.) Looks like I can get the spring
  15. Thanks for above have new seal now. I've stripped a bit more off all timing gears removed, fuel housing and fuel pumps removed, looked at camshaft and looks really good, I've looked at the gears and there is minimal ware on the gears. One thing I did find was the shaft from the governor lever control levers to the fuel pumps has a slight bend in just at the end of the thread (not sure if this should be there or not but will get a new one) Also found the governor weights had been welded didn't look normal I've got a new set of 1800rpm governor weights. Is there anything I need to change to go from 1500 to 1800 rpm? The governor tensioner spring and adjuster bar look ok again is it worth changing too? Its already got variable throttle rather than fixed.
  16. I saw this, thought was a bit high for a marine engine conversion when there was one for sale a while back for that with box and with some history too
  17. Good shout, I'll be getting a full gasket kit but didn't think it had seals in, I should have thought of that given that's what I did on the national. The ha isn't leaking but if its apart its better to replace
  18. As its on the same engine, anyone know the part number I need for the crankshaft seal flywheel end? As I'm converting to marine with 2g box I don't need a seal on the other end as this is an open end
  19. Far more sensible price at £75 each fully rebuild, one of mine cost £160 just for bits but as said I've only kept rack and housing rest is all new
  20. One of the pumps is a cav bpf2b and another is bpf4b there singles are bpf1b
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