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  1. You can get special "acid free" paper or how about a clean cotton pillowcase?
  2. The thing about older boaters that have been doing it for years is that they and their boat are pretty much "sorted". If you are a crumbly like me but lacking much experience then the learning curve is steep particularly if it includes an unknown boat. Getting the boat and yourself as "sorted" as the old hands just adds to the time, trouble, worry and expense. The OP is in his early 70's and fit so he says. When I was in my early 70's I too was pretty fit but now in my very late 70's I know those few years have taken their toll on my strength and endurance. Believe me I know 'cos I've been helping out a newby and everything takes twice as long as it once did. In the end it is a matter of can the OP's finances stand the hit if it all goes pear shaped?
  3. Given its construction I would have expected it to be at least as flexible as a run of the mill "V" belt. With 50+ years in the engineering game on all sorts of special purpose machinery I cannot think of a single instance where there was such a problem. In my experience every bit as durable as its "normal" equivalent too.
  4. You could always look for "linked belt".
  5. Look at it this way, by now some Hermit Crab has probably adopted as his bijou residence. Fond memories of the East coast rivers, all putty and no rocks and never more than one tide away from a decent boozer coz no self respecting sailing barge skipper would deign to stop anywhere that hadn't got one at least within easy rowing distance.
  6. Meanwhile my '97 Felicia just keeps chugging along . . .
  7. Silverfish? I'm not so sure, hard to tell without knowing its size. The colour and shape is wrong compared with the ones I see around here occasionally (SE Essex). Our Silverfish are - well - more silvery and more uniform in girth, not tapered like this character. When I first saw the picture I was instantly reminded of a little fellow I noticed sunning itself on my Runner Beans a few days ago. I very much doubt that it represents the vanguard of an infestation, more likely a tourist from the garden that had the map upside down! Where is that entomologist fellow from "The Big Bang Theory" when you need him?
  8. Your efforts do you credit and that from an old school, (pre CAD, CNC, etc), time served Toolmaker. There is only one comment I would make for anyone else contemplating a similar job: When flattening a job off it is better to adopt a figure of eight motion than a circular one, also rotatate the object in the hand at intervals. Ranbdomness is your friend.
  9. Just been tinkering with Photoshop on those images in in the hope of deciphering the reg number but sadly there is not enough detail to pull anything from.
  10. Agreed! Even the petrol powered hole borers can have trouble on broken ground. Winding these things in by hand and then hitting stones or other solid material would be a pain. A straight pin does the job most of the time, these things are a bit overkill for this job, I had previously considered that something along the lines of the posts used in WW1 for supporting barbed wire entanglements would be a good middle ground option. Made by their millions out of steel rod with a corkscrew end they were simple and cheap to produce. They have the merit with a point on the tip that they will be more likely to push aside hard obstructions and are less likely to damage the towpath. It also occurs to me that something of the sort might already be made for supporting electric fencing but then I am no farmer.
  11. Been following this thread with interest and increassing alarm, what ever happened to KISS? Once ownerd a Baby Austin, to start you pulled a knob wot was connected to a wire that closed a pair of studs on the starter motor. Stopping was no problem either, didn't need any help, it knew how to do that all by itself! Technology has a lot to answer fer . . .
  12. There are many words that we have quite chearfully hijacked from other languages, "bungerlow" springs to mind and how about a nice cup of "cha" ? No proof but makes me smile, I was told that "sophisicated" once ment being made up to be somthing better than it is, sort of all show and no knickers. I wonder how many of those irritating "celeb", "opinion makes" muppets know? Mark you, I never got even one "O" level from skool so watta I know?
  13. Proactive Where the devil did that come from?
  14. Blue smoke at tickover implies a worn engine, a worn engine may well have worn injectors too, worn injectors = bad spray pattern, bad spray pattern = black smoke.
  15. A very hot area on an engine, exhaust gasses are several hundred degees centigrade so it is essential to fit the correct gasket(s)
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