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  1. Hi Pip, If you'd like to give me a call I'll see what I can do to help. Regards Bob Tel: 07932 815 207
  2. If you need to call me, my number is 07932 815 207 Regards Palomabob
  3. Hello,

    A forum member suggested I ask you about the leak problem on my water heater (posted on forum a few minutes ago). It has not been caused by frost as we have not had any yet! Any help would be most welcome.

    1. Paloma Bob

      Paloma Bob

      Hi there,


      If you've not managed to to sort this then please give me a call on 07932 815 207


      Regards Bob

  4. Hi. I’m hoping you can help me. I have a Paloma PH5-3F and the gas burners aren’t coming on to heat the water. The temp adjustment valve is ceased as well, but this didn’t effect the burners until now. I have dismantled it from the heater and tried descaling, also tried WD40. I have replaced the diaphragm, but nothing’s working. There is good water flow and the pilot lights no problem. When I turn the tap off quickly the burners light open for a split second and then go out. If I turn the tap off slowly they don’t light up. I thought maybe trying this a few times would free things up, but it’s not improving. 


    Any sensible suggestions on what to try next very much appreciated

  5. Looking to get my paloma waterheater fixed/recon model- PH-5-3F mark v, Just heard about Paloma Bob and wonder if any body has his number, Many thanks Kevin.

    1. Paloma Bob

      Paloma Bob

      Hi Kevin,

      My number is 07932 815 207


      Regards Bob

  6. Rinnai Reu 58 here. premiertowingcentre.co.uk Rinnai Reu 58 here. premiertowingcentre.co.uk
  7. Hi Mike, Bosch W135/9 eBay Vaillant 9/1 & Rinnai Reu 58 both discontinued however I did find them available online but that was a few months back and may well of sold out by now.
  8. Brands(New)available are; Morco,Vaillant,Rinnai,Bosch or if you're feeling brave they're Chinese imports !
  9. Try what has already been suggested and if that fails, or you wring off the shaft then get back to me and I'll tell you what you can try next. P.S. I spend all my life freeing these :-(
  10. Hi there, Which model Paloma do you have ? Regards Bob
  11. This information has been taken from the Manual for the Paloma Ph-5-3F. The Heater has a heat input at full rate of 11.6 kw [39,600 Btu/h] 1, Compartment installation with direct access to outside air: Free area top vent:54cm2. Free area low vent 108cm2 2, Intallation in room with direct access to outside air: Free area top vent 54cm2 3, Installation in a room or compartment with indirect access to outside air: Free air top vent 108cm2. Free air low vent 216cm2 These are the minimum effective free area of vents in connection with this heater.
  12. Hi, The Paloma may have suffered frost damage and if so it can easily be replaced/repaired or maybe its missing its drain valve ! ?
  13. Hi there, Your Paloma PH5-LFE does not have a Pilot cleaning pin, you'll have to remove the jet and clean it manually. A note of caution the hole in the jet is very fine !!
  14. Yes, the one that's held in place by the Stainless collar, you'll need to bring it back in to line so it sits square in the housing.
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