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  1. Definitely crt the spelling of facilities is incorrect lol
  2. Fat Boat

    Fat Boat

  3. There is a sign on the block advising engines off while using the facilities.
  4. Well surprise surprise the mooring manager is unaware of the closure or the cctv but allegedly will investigate and let me know
  5. Thanks for the link. I'm now querying this with the mooring manager for the area.
  6. That's funny as a marsworth moorer I have not received any notification. Another boater checked with crt who said nothing to do with them Please can you say who you received this notification from or at least post the text
  7. not sure if I am a bit late to the party on this, but my friend had some box cushions done by mooch customs and they were really happy with them. I know they were done in marine grade vinyl, so they are waterproof. not very good with links, but if you look for mooch customs on facebook and Instagram you will find her. Seems to be based in the Aylesbury area.
  8. Flash magic erasers was good for cleaning the wood work on my boat
  9. What about winkwell just passed hemel hempsted, they seem to have hardstanding
  10. Cheers folks, spent some time looking around this weekend and found quayworks so good to hear a report from someone who has spoken to them Knd regards Steve
  11. Afternoon all, been having a problem with the izusu engine in my boat Looks like the head gasket has split, lots of pressure in the header tank, but no mayo on cap so think it has gone between the water jacket and piston Does anyone know a good supplier of head gasket kits, think i need new stretch bolts as well Kind regards Steve
  12. Yep similar tale a couple of weeks ago, been boating/liveaboard for 16 years and the mother in law wanted to take the whole family (ten people) out so we also deceided it was far simpler to hire a day boat Going passed two moored boats, one a widebeam, and i spot a narrowboat coming towards us. I really thought he would slow down but he went for it, and according to my passengers actually revved up when he saw us By now i reliase he is going to come through so i have got the boat into the off side bank/hedge (very overgrown offside) and stopped it, using the tiller to stop the stern from drifting back out With about 2 inches to spare he comes through announcing "bet that was a baptism of fire for you hirers" to much amusement of himself and his crew, to which i explained that i had quite a lot of boating experience and was surprised he chose to do that manovure if he was so sure we had no knowledge of steering a boat Funny thing was when he sailed passed me at my mooring about 4 hours later where all of a sudden he was very interested in the foliage on the opposite bank People are funny things
  13. The bins at the service point are not for the houses, they are behind the locked door to the right if you are facing the elsen but there are more at Red Lion Bridge, the houses have the little black sheds between the services and the houses the elsen was never finished properley. i understand they are now finally putting tiles on the walls rather than just the painted blockwork The legs supporting the elsen keep moving and dont look to be properly fixed, the pipe got loose a couple of times Because they put a steel grate for a door the floor gets flooded in the rain, which most people think is not rain There have been issues with the houses but i believe these are mainly sorted now, to be honest i have never had a problem with any of them and nearly always have a chat with them when watering up. The services were there for many years before the houses, what i fail to see is why their surveyors (sic) didnt pick up it was there when they were buying You do have to switch your engine off while using the facilties these days and the 3 bins do get full very quickly
  14. The Elsen point is out at the moment as it is being refurbed Rubbish point is next door to the elsen and is still open I think the pump out is still working but dont use it myself so not 100% sure
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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