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  1. I was pointing out that the statement that residential moorings come with electric as was suggested is not always true It is no problem for me not having it as I have been used to charging my batteries using my boat systems as I have for the last 20 years
  2. I have a residential mooring and there is no electricity points from crt
  3. I have car wheels with inflated tyres tied to the bank at the front and back of the boat. This way they go up and down with water level
  4. Definitely crt the spelling of facilities is incorrect lol
  5. Fat Boat

    Fat Boat

  6. Fat Boat

    Fat Boat

  7. There is a sign on the block advising engines off while using the facilities.
  8. Well surprise surprise the mooring manager is unaware of the closure or the cctv but allegedly will investigate and let me know
  9. Thanks for the link. I'm now querying this with the mooring manager for the area.
  10. That's funny as a marsworth moorer I have not received any notification. Another boater checked with crt who said nothing to do with them Please can you say who you received this notification from or at least post the text
  11. not sure if I am a bit late to the party on this, but my friend had some box cushions done by mooch customs and they were really happy with them. I know they were done in marine grade vinyl, so they are waterproof. not very good with links, but if you look for mooch customs on facebook and Instagram you will find her. Seems to be based in the Aylesbury area.
  12. Flash magic erasers was good for cleaning the wood work on my boat
  13. What about winkwell just passed hemel hempsted, they seem to have hardstanding
  14. Cheers folks, spent some time looking around this weekend and found quayworks so good to hear a report from someone who has spoken to them Knd regards Steve
  15. Afternoon all, been having a problem with the izusu engine in my boat Looks like the head gasket has split, lots of pressure in the header tank, but no mayo on cap so think it has gone between the water jacket and piston Does anyone know a good supplier of head gasket kits, think i need new stretch bolts as well Kind regards Steve
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