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  1. I wonder if 8mm is too thick? For a 25ft boat, it might be worth using thinner metalwork, or an alternative material, to get the boat below approx. 2.75t which would mean its trailable by a car on the upper end of the legal towing limit for those with a car driving licence (would need to be B+E at that weight, ie us old gits or those who have done a trailer test). Suitable cars would include most Land Rovers, some other large 4x4s and pick ups.
  2. "In a particular area a lot" is subtly different from "never use the home mooring", its a subtle difference but a significant one. For example, you could be in a particular area a lot, because you use the boat a lot; or because CRT's enforcement officers check so infrequently that by chance, each occasion they have sighted the boat, you're in somewhere other than on the home mooring. Possibly, in that I don't have your experience, both in terms of number of years on the waterways and number of occasions I've been "in battle" with them in the court rooms. I stick to the fairly simple rules of mooring/etc, and don't generally have more than a passing interest in others' (actual people I know, not on an internet forum) mooring arrangements or lengths of stay on the towpath. And when I hear about legal action taken by CRT (in real-life instances, not just on the forum/internet) its normally blindingly obvious that they're taking the piss on the simple rules that I can follow easily. I respect that you've had something of a turbulent time dealing with BW and CRT in legal matters.
  3. Yes but there's a world of difference between CRT calling/contacting someone, and a successful conviction. I guess its up to Robbo to give proper details on the situation he mentioned. As many have said on this thread and others, its not illegal to do so. CRT wouldn't have a leg to stand on. Can't see them pursuing something which is in fact legal.
  4. Yeah, you need the Severn and Avon book. Anomolously, the Droitwich canals aren't in the Stourport Ring book, despite a variation of the ring using them, and the canals being within the ring.
  5. The problem with the suggestions in the original post, is that CRT have never said they'll: 1) monitor boats using GPS tagging or similar technology 2) charge different licence fees for CCers and those with a home mooring Yes, GPS tagging would be an effective method of enforcing CCers (and others who overstay moorings etc) but there's many technical barriers and moral issues with the approach, so much so that its probably not worth CRT even suggesting it, because it would go down like a lead balloon. They've VERY VAGUELY suggested (in Richard Parry's meet-the-boater meeting, I think) that if, years ahead, funding streams which are hoped to develop prove fruitless, then they can consider increasing the cost to boaters. But they've never mentioned any alteration to the proportions of funding coming in from CCers or home moorers; or how much from marinas, other business streams, etc etc.
  6. Going back to the original question, they do different things. The solar controller regulates the output of the solar panels to the ideal voltage to charge the batteries, including disconnecting the panels in darkness (if not done, then they'd consume a little electricity ie drain the battery). Some - but not all - MPPT controllers have a display to show battery bank voltage, solar panel generating power and current flowing into the battery (ours does). Smartgauge is purely a monitoring device, ie it does not regulate the charge. So: Do you need a solar controller: I'd say yes. Do you need a Smartgauge: I'd say no. All IMHO, of course. I'll have a look for a picture of our controller to give an idea of what they display.
  7. I think most people understand that there's a hub/terminus and local distribution, and this involves trucks. Not necessarily full-sized artics though.
  8. Longer and heavier trucks, potentially means less of them - so it could be perceived as a good thing. Of course, you could make a truck much longer and much heavier, twig that its route is quite consistent, then mount it on metal rails.....
  9. Its a good point. In fact, there's a blurry line in between maintenance and non-maintenance items. I used to arbitrarily draw the line at 1 year, ie if it needs replacing in a year or less, its a maintenance item (for example, filters, oil). But then car engines became better and the service intervals stretched out more and more - one of my car's spark plugs only need changing every 60,000 miles, for example. At the end of the day, there's not much stuff on a boat that doesn't wear out - paint will need redoing possibly 10-15 years time; engine will eventually completely wear out and need a thorough rebuild or replacement; after 30-40 years plating might be required, etc. If you're buying a secondhand boat (or even a new one), the quality of fittings and the lifespan of them is worth taking into account. I bet a lot of the £20k boats for sale out there are going to need a fair amount of money spent in 3-4 years time, where a similar size and quality boat but £30k probably doesn't.
  10. 2x canal hireboat holidays, 2x dayhires and a lot of visiting the canals by foot persuaded us that buying a boat would work out. After hiring, we looked seriously at 1/12 of a shareboat but upon further looking, and a bit of financial juggling around, decided that we wanted a whole (not just share of a) boat. I'd strongly recommend anyone who is thinking of buying, to hire for at least a week, preferably in not-great weather, to see if they can cope with the narrowness of a narrowboat and genuinely like it.
  11. I believe they were awarded because when the breaches on the T&M at Dutton and Croxton cut the canal off, he went out of the way and generously offered the services of his boatyard as a place to stop/stay for many boaters, free of charge as a favour to boaters and putting his commercial interests to one side.
  12. Thanks for the link. And the new info demotes Starcoaster to (at least) 2nd, because ClaymoorePaul has 61 greenies from 44 posts, putting his percentage to 139% and taking 1st place in greenie/post ratio.
  13. That's a good point. Someone can register on the forum and make posts, therefore being a very new member with few posts, but in fact be very knowledgeable about the posted-upon subject. There's something to be said for not displaying the number of posts or the registered date of forum users at all.
  14. To those people who are saying they use a Smartgauge with solar power, and reporting no issues - or in fact anyone else with a Smartgauge, or indeed any battery monitoring system: how do you KNOW its accurately showing the state of charge of the batteries?
  15. But people use their boat in different ways! We don't live on our boat, but use it regularly. Some of the time we go to it we'll go out cruising, other times we'll go to it and spend a few hours, or a day, there, but not go anywhere.
  16. You can only give one greenie to each post; and you can only give two a day. It would probably be an easy change to disallow awarding oneself, greenies.
  17. I dare say if I looked down the list of members to those with 1 or 2 posts, a few may have 1 post with a greenie, thus making their ratio anomylously high.
  18. The problem with Froghall tunnel is its just too damn low! Well yes, its a curved profile, but its also the end of a line where not many boats go, its old (historical) and I believe its also affected by land subsidence. Also its an old canal which was built for lime barges, which have quite a low profile and low air draft. Our encounter with the M5 tunnel was similarly low:
  19. Easy enough to do using a spreadsheet and some data processing, reading the list of members. I've done the first 10 pages. NOTE!!!! 1) previous to a certain date, it was possible to give "reddies" as well as greenies (I guess they decrease the greenie count by -1). Hence in the list you can see certain members (twocvbloke, Evo) are negative; and also anyone who posted before the date will have a tougher time getting a good score, because they will be open to having negative as well as positive on their posts. 2) Greenies aren't completely meaningful, see previous post of mine. Anyway, here's the list: 24.13% Starcoaster 14.89% Wanted 10.34% Bobbybass 9.92% Rebotco 9.29% LoneWolf 8.18% nicknorman 8.09% twbm 8.07% jenlyn 8.07% matty40s 7.86% DeanS 7.83% cotswoldsman 7.68% Alan de Enfield 7.44% carlt 7.20% Bazza2 7.18% mayalld 7.05% Chris Pink 7.01% system 4-50 6.70% Caprifool 6.61% andywatson 6.35% Nine of Hearts 6.06% Jerra 5.99% Ange 5.96% dmr 5.91% wrigglefingers 5.88% cheshire~rose 5.68% Tam & Di 5.62% mrsmelly 5.57% Dekazer 5.48% Mike the Boilerman 5.36% Sir Nibble 5.28% Québec 5.21% luctor et emergo 4.93% Spuds 4.78% Tuscan 4.78% Laurence Hogg 4.70% furnessvale 4.68% George94 4.60% frangar 4.44% madcat 4.17% Dominic M 4.15% Roger Gunkel 4.15% Gibbo 4.13% Higgs 4.08% Ally 4.06% Paul C 4.05% sociable_hermit 4.05% The Dog House 3.93% pete harrison 3.89% onionbargee 3.88% junior 3.87% hamsterfan 3.85% bizzard 3.80% Mac of Cygnet 3.73% Graham Davis 3.57% Chertsey 3.56% churchward 3.52% Pretty Funked Up 3.50% PaddingtonBear 3.48% Chagall 3.38% charles123 3.34% alan_fincher 3.33% Doorman 3.25% adam1uk 3.24% Radiomariner 3.21% Phil Ambrose 3.13% Ray T 3.08% David Mack 3.02% sebrof 3.01% Neil2 2.96% Midnight Rider 2.89% nigel carton 2.88% David Schweizer 2.88% koukouvagia 2.83% Albion 2.80% Athy 2.71% BEngo 2.67% cereal tiller 2.64% Maffi 2.63% BlueStringPudding 2.61% magpie patrick 2.61% romarni123 2.60% ymu 2.58% GSer 2.56% Dr Bradley 2.52% bowten 2.51% Janet S 2.47% Proper Job 2.43% stagedamager 2.41% fuzzyduck 2.41% david and julie 2.40% dor 2.37% mark99 2.36% AlanH 2.27% Laurie.Booth 2.23% sueb 2.21% RLWP 2.20% Tony Brooks 2.16% Smelly 2.09% Pluto 2.04% jelunga 2.04% deletedaccount 2.03% mykaskin 1.98% blackrose 1.95% Julynian 1.92% Allan(nb Albert) 1.91% tillergirl 1.87% Chalky 1.85% Josher 1.82% AMModels 1.79% keble 1.79% Biggles 1.77% journeyperson 1.62% PhilR 1.61% Speedwheel 1.60% starman 1.59% grahoom 1.58% nb Innisfree 1.54% Arthur Brown 1.50% catweasel 1.49% Derek R. 1.47% Keeping Up 1.46% Loddon 1.45% Nightwatch 1.42% LEO 1.40% Machpoint005 1.37% smileypete 1.37% WJM 1.35% saltysplash 1.33% Neil TNC 1.32% Chris-B 1.31% MoominPapa 1.28% Tim Lewis 1.27% bargemast 1.27% blodger 1.26% by'eck 1.25% MartinClark 1.23% Yamanx 1.22% soldthehouse 1.21% Mick_B 1.20% casper ghost 1.17% Ray 1.16% Hairy-Neil 1.15% tony collins 1.10% RichardH 1.06% Timleech 1.05% Graham! 1.03% ditchcrawler 1.02% larkshall 1.00% steelaway 0.97% FORTUNATA 0.95% gaggle 0.90% WotEver 0.86% bottle 0.83% Phil Speight 0.73% Bones 0.71% bag 'o' bones 0.67% Odana 0.67% Naughty Cal 0.61% Robbo 0.59% john6767 0.59% mikevye 0.39% magnetman 0.39% pearley 0.37% Paul Evans 0.37% Nickhlx 0.33% ChrisPy 0.33% Justme 0.32% fender 0.25% Tiny 0.24% Moley 0.21% Alastair 0.20% RobinJ 0.20% paulcatchpole 0.19% NB Willawaw 0.18% Sam 0.14% Lesd 0.10% StoneHenge 0.09% stuart 0.05% John Orentas 0.04% Richard Bustens 0.04% Liam 0.03% Chris J W 0.00% chris w 0.00% Gary Peacock 0.00% Yoda 0.00% denboy 0.00% Supermalc 0.00% Jon 0.00% anhar 0.00% nbtafelberg 0.00% Maverick -1.04% twocvbloke -6.19% Evo
  20. Great idea - if greenies were meaningful. At the moment, its possible to give yourself a greenie, so it clouds the issue. And it would be unfair to "zero" the counters and start again, so its not such an easy issue to solve. Also, people give greenies for different reasons. Sometimes someone will make a genuinely good post, containing useful info etc and instead of it merely getting a greenie another member will thank them for it, or praise them in another way. And greenies are often given for humorous posts, not just the useful ones. At the end of the day, useful posters are judged by their ability to rise above petty squabbles, easily comprehendible writing style, depth of knowledge on topics, able to quote accurate and worthy references to back up their info, etc and this builds up an idea of their helpfulness overall. And the fact that its an open forum with relatively light-touch moderation means that others are able to challenge poor quality information and its usefulness is revealed.
  21. Its impossible to say, in February, if a mooring spot will be available in May!!!! You can't even say for the evening of the day you're on, or an hour before, because you don't know what other boats are approaching the area too and will want to stop. Normally its fairly busy there but with one or two spaces, so you should be successful in finding a mooring space but it can never be guaranteed.
  22. If the boat doesn't have the Annex 3 declaration from the hull manufacturer, then you basically have the option to fit it out yourself and keep it for 5 years, or try to sell it "under the radar" as an illegal boat without the correct paperwork (there is a market for this, but (almost) everyone knows so the price will reflect this). If it has the Annex 3 declaration then it probably makes sense to sell it, rather than pay a boatfitter to fit it out. There's a ready market for sailaways and many people with DIY skills like the idea of fitting their own boat out, etc. A complete boat is probably better value. Having said that, there's a number of smaller boatbuilders who basically buy a sailaway hull from a hull builder, then fit them out. Since they've been doing it for a while, have plans already, have the right tools, and know what they're doing, so its much quicker than DIY, typically 6-8 weeks. A smaller boatbuilder may happily take on your boat, given that its basically the same as a sailaway they'd buy to make into a completed boat.
  23. You missed it in the bit you quoted, he's already answered it there!
  24. 200 or more years ago, landowners welcomed a canal being built through their land because it would bring industry and prosperity to their land. What with a canal having a bank and boats being able to stop to load/unload (perhaps a small amount of work on the bankside or a wharf would need to be constructed). HS2 trains aren't planning to stop in the countryside, they'll just "whoosh" straight past.
  25. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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