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    motorcycling,motorcycle racing,music,classic bikes and cars,touring abroad on our bike,ireland and irish road racing,coffee and cakes,in fact coffee and anything,and most of all my wonderfull beloved wife,diane.

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    droitwich marina

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  1. I used to race bikes in the 70's,and for a couple of seasons i had a really rapid seeley norton 750,this was a purpose built racer but i used to have a job staying with a lad called steve trasler on a thruxton bonneville down the old norwich straight at snetterton,a really quick triumph !
  2. I'll give you one more chance to redeem yourselves,i'll now settle for the Euro Millions,but don't push it!
  3. I can't believe it ! I praise you all up and you can't even give me the right nos! how wrong i was,i'm gutted,racked off,annoyed,sick,dissapointed and 2 quid down!!!
  4. my brains froze oh,i get it ,the ignorant working class.still,it's only a couple of quid and you never know!ay?
  5. i don't care,i'm doing them nos!
  6. if i tried to reverse out there'd be nothing left of the boat or tunnel i don't think!
  7. i've come to the conclusion that the people on this forum know everything,i only have to post a topic and within minutes get a shed load of answers,brilliant! now ,next weekends lottery nos,please.
  8. BLIMEY ! you wouldn't want to make a mistake on the one that's "almost" wide enough!
  9. just been watching narrowboat repeat on telly,the chap goes through a few long tunnels,on a couple it's obvious 2 boats can pass but on a couple it seems impossible,are all tunnels you encounter 2way?i know to an experienced boater this must seem a stupid question but i wondered if on some tunnels they had built in a sort of parallel waterway to accomodate both directions?
  10. what do you mean,it's there pre-marina !?
  11. paneuro


    to late!! she's just fainted! seriously though as long as it's not an issue with boats,she'll be o.k.probably better than you by the sound of things!
  12. paneuro


    Brilliant!!! Still laughing now
  13. paneuro


    we have been looking for a boat for our daughter to semi liveaboard for a few weeks now and have been learning about the life style as we go along,this may seem an unusual question but my daughter has a fear of spiders,is there any reason to believe that a narrowboat envoironment would attract more than general housing if the boat was lived on daily,i.e.cleaned,vaccumed,etc?it would be in a marina.thanks,phil.
  14. this is all i thought you did anyway till i read otherwise ,would you say you'd have to have a pretty sympathetic surveyer if you did it this basic?
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