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  1. I don't even know his address we just email each other now and again. He moved out there when he was about 30 years old. Unfortunately he tends to live on Facebook in his old age. He was a landscape gardener and then a crane driver. It shoulld really spin over well with the normal 12v, have you renewed pistons or piston rings, if so it will be a little stiffer for a while. If you have another battery with rhe old top exposed cell connecting bars you could easily tap off 1 cell to give you another 2 volts, making 8, but I wouldn't go higher.
  2. Mind you Julian the climate in California Santa Cruz is I think pretty warm all the year round and that engine should probably start quite easily even without using the heater glow plugs when you've completed fettling it up. Incidentally my cousin Mel lives near Santa Cruz but up in the hills-woods a little, he was very worried about all the forest fires up there last summer. You might even know him, a lot of folk do especially in the folk and old Rock music world. He frequents the Felton music hall-club which is somewhere there. His name is Melvyn Cleaver, he's a sort of young 74.
  3. You could join Arthur Ransomes Coot Club, or at least read the book, it's quite exciting.
  4. Yurst, that was him. Sony Movie Classics freeview 51 are also showning old films now too.
  5. Mrs Lopsided was the elderly landlady of the house where the thieves booked the upstairs rooms and is what the big villain of the five called her. Yes, Kind Hearts and Coronets is good too, Dennis Price and Alec Guiness.
  6. In the classic old comedy film ''The Lady Killers'' there was a shot at Kings X of an N2 tank at the buffer stops when Mrs Lopsided went to collect the trunk.
  7. Yes, interesting. On the other west side were the main suburban platforms, The moto rail also loaded and unloaded folks cars at that platform. I remember seeing the first baby Deltics on the those trains, but usually the old N2 tanks sometime Gresley 2-6-4 tanks. Usually the N2 0-6-2 tanks that trundled all the empty mainline stock to and from Hornsey.
  8. That was it York Road. Summer saturdays were the best days to train spot at Kings X. All the holiday trains coming and going. On the western side and right beside I think it was platform 1 was the the loco servicing point, coaling plant, turntable, and of course the large signal box, there in the middle of the station throat. Great anticipation as to what came puffing out of the Gasworks tunnel.
  9. I can't really remember, a long time ago. But I don't think it was a public foot bridge, it was wide and might have been for mail parcel vans or cars to get to the Motorail on the far west side platforms. There used to be a completely separate platform over on the far eastern side which linked with the Metropolitan tunnels. N2 0-6-2 condensing engines used to pop out of there with local suburban passenger trains and goods trains. .
  10. Perhaps you need one of these.
  11. Indeed I had and used an earlier version of that catalogue.,
  12. Very nice Ray. I think I spy a Sentinel 4 wheel shunter. One of those came puffing through Goodmayes station on the GE mainline, (up fast) in the late 1950's when we were train spotting during school dinner time. My old Observers book of steam loco's said it was stationed at Lowestoft. It must have come down in bursts, about 90 miles and probably going to Stratford for overhaul or maybe scrapping. You have no Coronation, Duchess class in your collection, the most huge and most powerful express loco.
  13. It was green then of course, side valances over the motion removed. Just the BR emblem on the tender.
  14. Funnily enough when I was train spotting with my mates in the late 1950's, when we went to Kings X Bittern always seemed to be on the Yorkshire Pullman, only needed the one tender for that run.
  15. Mines like this, a 3 wi fi thingy in a Meccano rack in the window, brilliant, it'll work if I put on the floor too.
  16. Eat loads and loads of eggs, get bunged up and it'll last two to three weeks.
  17. Good one. And another from the Railway Herald website. Mallard about to leave Kings X with the Yorkshire Pullman in 1956, Leeds, Bradford, Hull. Stoked up, blower full on ready for the climb to Potters Bar. Pollution.
  18. Here's a proper loco. A4 Union of South Africa on a Kings X York charter in 2005. At Doncaster.
  19. The very first quota of the class 40's, D200's onwards to about D210 were sent to the Great Eastern section. Liverpool st Norwich to supplement the Britannia pacifics. Non of them were named then. When the classes Brush Type 4, class 47's and class 37's came along all theClass 40's D200's were transferred away from the GE to the LM West coast mainline and elswhere when many of them received named. Yes Empress of Britain.
  20. Thanks Ray ,very good. The photo of it on the Railway Herald website says its 40033. Perhaps they ran the train a couple of time with the different loco's. At least it's steam heating boiler was working, they often were'nt.
  21. The loco had been named Empress of England wereas I don't think it was originally a named class 40.
  22. The train was called ''The Dore Mat''. Naned after the suburb of Sheffield I expect.
  23. A Staffordshire railtour Ray 1984.
  24. D200 class Whistler. Peaks were class 44 and 45, same wheel arrangement Is it, thank you
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