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    whats the best way to attach small tyres to the side of the boat as extra fenders, folks. I,have said tyres and rope,so far.
  2. That would be great. I have a friend in MK Marina.
  3. Hi Col. Would be interested in a freebie! That's really kind of you. I have a friend moored in MK in a marina.
  4. Thanks for that. My little dog only weighs 4 kg. that one looks ideal do you still have it by any chance?? In fact your lovely dog looks very like mine.
  5. Blimey Phil.. Have been looking on Google....I already have one but she wouldn't walk in it lol.
  6. any suggestions for a not-too-bulky life jacked for,my short legged terrier anyone please?
  7. Question : am now plugged into shoreline. I have 2 large panels which normally power 3 leisure batteries running 240 v fridge, lights etc etc. when travelling. Can someone tell me if I turn over to inverter rather than landline the solar will override the mains? It has a Sterling battery inverter/charger.
  8. recommendations for a not too heavy sander.. And not too expensive please.
  9. Anyone know,if there's a fuel boat on the Leicester Arm??
  10. Hi Ian. Would you be happy to get the boat to Yelvertoft? And how much do you charge??
  11. hilaryb

    Help needed

    Is there anyone out there able to help me move my boat from Newbury to Reading and up to Oxford please? The lady friend helping me broke her hand yesterday..
  12. Anyone out there able to help me take my boat down the Kennet and up the Thames ASAP? Currently at Newbury.
  13. My modified sine wave inverter won't run my Zanussi. Can only use it on shore power.
  14. The post office sells excellent bread and cakes, baked by the same chap who,baked it before.
  15. Going to try Adaptil tablets. Good customer reviews. Anyone used them?
  16. Best system p,ease for my boat.. Have a freesat TV with a satellite dish but ancient dish not always picking up,when out on the cut.
  17. I have a Zanussi 1300 which refuses to work off Shoreline, my inverter is a modified sine wave, 1800/270. Even when engines running won't run. Why? Meant doesn't work,unless,on Shoreline.
  18. thanks.. Obviously needs care. I.e. Gloves and dab with kitchen roll??
  19. anyone used oxalic acid to cover water stains on wood?
  20. Have got the same problem and now the wood fascia below the sliding hatch is wet and stained.
  21. Have ordered the one off EBay folks... Thanks for your help.
  22. Does anyone have. 12 volt charger for Samsung mobile which has two pins to go into a 12 volt wall socket? Where do I get one from?
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  24. Reading these posts and wondering how many are single female,boaters who are retired????
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