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  1. But it didn’t I tried for an hour to remove an immersion heater using different techniques. I then remembered when I was an apprentice one of the fitters telling me that to undo a seized nut give it a tighten first and then try and undo it. And it worked so I can say no more than I think it might be worth a try.
  2. It has worked for me so might be worth a try!
  3. I know it sounds crazy but try and tighten first. This sometimes breaks the seal and then lets you undo it.
  4. They were very helpful and competitive when I was fitting out my narrowboat. It will be a sad loss.
  5. I think the moorings in March are 36 hours.
  6. Have a look at the Drascombe range the Dabber and the Lugger would be a step up from the Wayfarer and they are good sea boats with a balanced rig.
  7. The latest news about Radcot bridge is that they are dredging under the bridge today to clear the rubble that fell into the river. They will remove all the loose bits and hope to have bridge open to navigation by the weekend.
  8. Lorry hit the bridge at 9.30am today and we arrived at the bridge at 10.30 on our way down to Oxford. The latest news is that the bridge could be closed for days not hours!! I am sure the EA will post it soon.
  9. Any body on the upper Thames the river is now closed to navigation at Radcot bridge due to a lorry doing its best to demolish the bridge. The police say it could be closed for some considerable time. Goon news there is a pub close by.
  10. Can be a bit exciting if it's windy but enjoy.
  11. Could you not use a "Y" adaptor and use the same hole?
  12. "N" I think is north of the foot bridge and A is towpath side so I think you are 8 pairs up north of the footbridge next to the towpath. I am S26A which I think is south of the footbridge 26 pairs down next to the towpath.
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