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  1. Sorted! https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/media/report/winter-notices.pdf http://www.waterscape.com/things-to-do/boating/guides
  2. Searching through Crt's winter stoppage site has wasted an hour this morning, but I have learned was that the 2017 and 2014 winter stoppages are still viewable plus a Crt page that says Whoops!! Handy that initt! Can someone tell me if Crt has put out the updated projected stoppage list? And why is it still difficult to find on Crt site? Thanks Nipper
  3. So! After 60 replies and no words since the OP made his statement. What have we learned? Nipper
  4. Experienced boaters mostly use hand signals as they have tried all the other methods and found them not that good! Also, most people go in the canals for the piece and solitude including the word, quietness! There is nothing that gets me annoyed more than someone shouting into a vhf set when there standing within a few feet of me! Just look what others do and you will be fine! Nipper
  5. down the lock below the dry dock pound and there are moorings there on the off side! Also i was eyeing up moorings by the Wigon pier, the area looks deserted, well it did a few weeks ago! Nipper
  6. It's a pound bewtween the two locks, that happens to have a dry dock there, as well as office blocks etc.. there are mooring rings available! Nipper
  7. The video looked to be good, but the music was far to intrusive so i turned it off! ?
  8. If i found that i had no gas and all I could get was a small canister, then i would have two choices, have what i could get or do without! To be honest, this is all included in what i used to call boat husbandry, or in otherwords, common sense. IE check there boat before leaving and note what you haven't got and ask yourself, can i do without it on this voyage. Things like Canal guides, water, gas and a hundred and one other things that are needed in this pastime of boating! common sense. The OP started this thread on Sunday evening, it's now Wed morning, surely he has gas by now? Nipper
  9. Oh, remember the words, words like Peukerts and Split charge diodes and Smartbank!
  10. The OP seems to be a helpless sort of a guy!
  11. So, this thread has stopped. I don't know why. it was, in my view, a perfectly good conversation between elder members of this forum with thousands of posts each under their belts. Stopped by a mod with a mere 78 posts to their name. It really isnt worth it anymore is it! Nipper
  12. Have you not a Canal Guide you can use?
  13. The only issue we had last week when Largo came down was a rather overbearing Volunteer locky. the locks were fine with not too much water jumping onto Largo's counter. The locky seemed to spend his time walking up and down the flight giving each person that was working the gates a bollocking about this and that. he had a go at Mary, which i though was a bit brave, seeing that she was the one with a windlass in her hand, he then looked over the lock edge to me, obviously thought better of it and fled his winging way to the next boat down stream who he gave the hirers a right bollicking about not putting the pawl over when they had finnished winding. i thought he was a complete waste of time and only served to wind up every boater on the flight. Back to topic, I cant remember seeing anytrhing untoward when we came down! Nipper
  14. Yes, we were talking about double lock gates and only using one! Please try and keep up, eh?
  15. Mike, that was answering leaving one gate closed when using the lock, they really don't like you to do it!
  16. No i mean The river Wey, the Basingstoke is summit entirely different! Dare you leave a lock gate open, you in for the same treatment as if you was on the Wey, leave one closed on that river you get it as well.
  17. Go through one gate on the River Wey and you will be lined up and given a good talking too by the ranger. One of them would of been watching you for a while, but you will never know he or she would be there!! It's what they are passionate about! Nipper
  18. Now deduced that the incident is not on the flight at all! So, what i have learned is to not take too much notice of the Narrow boat incident room!! in fact i wont look at it again!
  19. Why not get a set of J M Pearons Canal Companions or maybe Nicholson Waterrways Guides. Most boaters have a set of one or the other or even both! Although I don't beleave the Nicholsons state the sizes. If i am right then get the Pearsons instead! Nipper
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