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  1. nikvah

    Any advice welcome River Avon Evesham.

    You're right Farsons do charge to register for full access with bells and whistles but a visitor can view after an initial 15 sec advert and then skip after 4,3,2,1 seconds for subsequent cameras in a visit. I agree that a 5 day weather forecast for the Midlands is best
  2. nikvah

    Any advice welcome River Avon Evesham.

    Hi, I'm not saying the Avon doesn't flood but there are some useful ways of keeping an eye on it. Here's another one: https://www.farsondigitalwatercams.com/locations/evesham-lvl
  3. nikvah

    Any advice welcome River Avon Evesham.

    Welcome to the River Avon. The Avon Navigation Trust moorings below the lock are flood-proof and above lock private moorings have high rise poles and permanently moored boats that have survived several winters and numerous floods. Don't be put off, but because the river's catchment includes Nuneaton, Coventry, Rugby, Leamington and Warwick road drains it does rise within 24hrs of heavy rain in the Midlands so sign up to ANT alerts https://www.avonnavigationtrust.org/index.php?id=31 for early warning. Today the the weather is fair and river is low but very few boats about so perfect time to get to grips with your boat. Don't forget you also need an Avon license to cruise the river.
  4. nikvah

    Looking at a boat share

    I believe this is a very common route to boat ownership, we did the same: regular annual hirers, then a 1/12th share for 5 years until we retired and bought our own. I found this a really good website for finding share-boats: http://www.boatshare.co.uk/forsale.html as private syndicates are also listed.
  5. nikvah


    "happy to let you manage the tricky, stiff and leaky double locks on your own so that I can enjoy a lukewarm cup of coffee in the cold and damp lock keepers pod." Nick D Lock keepers pod? You're lucky, I volunteer on the Avon and I've only got a steel container for the lawn mower and a flask.
  6. nikvah

    Mooring in Marina unlicenced

    But if the lock below the marina is not maintained (at a cost) the water in that pound drains out and the Marina is a big dry dock.
  7. nikvah

    Mooring in Marina unlicenced

    Just reiterating but...CRT supply the water that floats your boat, this costs them. No locks, no level, no marina. The license is only a contribution CRT investments and govt funding keep us afloat.
  8. nikvah

    Viewing this week

    To be honest it looks too good to be true - although ABC are established brokers so it must be. Has it been on the market long? I hope it's still for sale when you get to view it. If it's been for sale for a while has it had previous survey(s)? Everything looks good from photos above the waterline - a cheap and cheerful refit, new engine and paint-job, no CH "hob needs attention" . Perhaps it has no previous records of services, bills etc. Salvaged? Worth a viewing and survey and if hull work required is more than your deposit, negotiate or ABC refund it and you walk away.
  9. I think that if you regularly hire in school holidays you might want to research buying a share in a boat. You'll find that the price of a 1/12 share in an older boat (usually well maintained by syndicate of owners) compares well to 2 weeks hire in summer holidays.
  10. nikvah

    Chimney up or down on south Oxford?

    There are also lift bridges on the S.Oxford which hinge on L an R and can be a hazard to chimleys.
  11. nikvah

    Warwickshire Ring in 1 week from Alvechurch?

    IMHO the Stourport ring (anti-clockwise) is the most perfect 1 week ring. That was our 1st boating holiday with a crew of 5 (me, my wife and 3 children aged 7-10). With your older and more experienced crew you can stretch it to decsend the Wolverhampton 21 instead of the Stourbridge route or visit the Black Country Museum (a whole day at least) or pop into Stourbridge to moor or restock. If the Severn is a bit dodgy (we knew no better and surfed down on amber) you can still retrace to Alvechurch in 3 long days. If you're running behind schedule cut thro' Droitwich instead of Worcester. The Stourport ring is, IMHO the finest 1 week ring - delightful countryside, long tunnels, an aqueduct, urban renewal and canal restoration, thriving city centre, industrial heritage, well maintained lock-flights, country pubs, a river cruise, a cathedral city or wide-beam barge locks and b&w spa town with lift bridges, exquisite views and rural moorings and the challenging 50 odd locks to Tardebigge and the spot where Tom Rolt and Robert Aikman conceived the IWA.
  12. nikvah

    Water point not working at Calcutt

    There is a yellow snow warning from the met office.
  13. nikvah

    Spinning cowl

    Not sure if the OP means the spinning cowl that has blades that spin like a top or the sort that turn with a wind-vane. We have a cowl that revolves to show it's back to the wind and it makes a big difference to the draw of our diesel stove. When we're underway I remove it because it adds a foot to the chimney height and then the fire becomes very inefficient and smokey despite our slipstream.
  14. nikvah

    Just looking

    Perhaps the solution is to buy a comfy used boat with a tired or outdated interior in need of a makeover that you can update as you go along a project at a time. Almost all boaters finesse and fettle as they cruise and many refit cabins, bathrooms and galleys, install fires and furniture while afloat = major fettling. Best of both worlds - assuming Barb is used to the disruption as per your previous form.
  15. nikvah

    Ready to buy any advice please

    When I was looking for a boat http://www.apolloduck.co.uk/ was the 1st port of call. Is this not so anymore?

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