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  1. Hmmm, now you mention it, good point.
  2. The advice is clear but I cannot understand how it reduces transmission as I will be no more or less at risk than any other day boater and will not have to travel back 3 hours to another residence so less risk to fellow motorists and the emergency services. I feel we have just been lumped in with caravan parks where the residents are unwelcome in some parts of the country at present. As MPs now have to vote in person many will have to stay overnight in London after a division. I appreciate there is little chance of being caught unless there is an accident so I am concerned I may not be covered by insurance if I am out overnight as a leisure boater.
  3. Could being a liveaboard be a great excuse to travel during Covid? if I declare myself to be a CCer to CRT and change my insurance cover from leisure use to residential and move aboard from my previous residence would I be able to cruise under lockdown? What does the panel think? NB take it as a given that Mr Cummings has driven thro' Govt. advice - I only want to be covered by insurance and not fall foul of CRT or my home mooring.
  4. Avon Navigation Trust have been busy during lockdown building an all new singing and dancing website ready for the reopening of the CRT links from the River Severn and South Stratford canal tomorrow. https://www.avonnavigationtrust.org/?id=10
  5. I know that mold has a root system of mycelii/myceliums that grow throughout the cheese or jam but i still just shave the top layer off. I've not heard of harmful cheese mold (campylobacter being a bacteria) but the top could host a mixture of nasties. Meanwhile I fret for my boat at Venetian Marina where they've told me there are no staff patrolling the boats. Poor show I think.
  6. nikvah

    Time to go

    Many viruses (?viri), bacteria and animals do not survive drying out so only survive while moist in aerosoles, droplets or water. I assume CV is amongst them. Just like boaters
  7. Hi There, now you've decided to enjoy the G&S for a while flooding may not be an issue when you move on. If you do come up the Severn and onto the Avon their website is worth checking out again: http://www.avonnavigationtrust.org/ the info you want is at the top of the home page: Current and Previous Navigation and Flood Alerts Click: HERE ,right click the blue HERE and open, the latest Alert states, State of Readiness: FLOODCON 1 (see table below) Critical flooding most locks and mooring sites are only accessible by RIB. Previous stoppage alerts (7/2/20) name Bidford Grange and Evesham locks as closed and others with shallow approaches caused by silt until further notice. There are also links to EA sites for water levels and predictions https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/station/2050 for measuring stations along the way and links to Farsons Watercams. I hope this helps. Cheers, Nik😇
  8. Fair enough, I was just suggesting the OP would find their interests down there.🙂 "historic things and gardens the girls are into antiques and general thrift store shopping" I don't think the well behaved and often shared double locks would be a problem, infact isn't it quite an easy week for first time boaters?🤔
  9. For these, I think I would head in the opposite direction on the GU to Leamington and Warwick.
  10. Maybe Kate Boats https://www.kateboats.co.uk/weekend-cruising-routes/ could be a contender with a 4 night mid-week break between Warwick and Stockton https://www.waterwaysholidays.com/cgi-bin/webdata_pro.pl . Warwick has a castle, an aqueduct over the Avon plus the Cape of Good Hope pub. Leamington has Georgian architecture and some industrial buildings, picturesque Long Itchington has 7 village pubs including 3 canalside and Stockton has a well behaved flight of double locks to or from the Boat Inn. Enjoy.
  11. I use a large Karabiner Clip on my belt but as Alan points out it can clout things a bit as you pass. Take it out when you return to the helm.
  12. Both Yes. Yes.Yes. Because it is not a house but more like a car. Dim problem.?
  13. The navigable river goes upstream ahead and slightly left while the weir stream goes down to the right (as pictured there at Pershore in 1977). The moored boats are private moorings then The Star and the The Angel moorings. The lock island suffered a major collapse into the weir/hydro-electric stream in 2017 and had to be rebuilt and replanted as seen in BBC Country File 2018 https://www.dropbox.com/s/cixfchwzjittxd8/HETH2811.mpg?dl=0
  14. Hi there, did you mean to leave a link to more details in your post??
  15. I can see the similarity now but it's not obvious as the Gyption boats were moving? I can see the similarity now but it's not obvious as the Gyption boats were moving?
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