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  1. Fair enough, I was just suggesting the OP would find their interests down there.🙂 "historic things and gardens the girls are into antiques and general thrift store shopping" I don't think the well behaved and often shared double locks would be a problem, infact isn't it quite an easy week for first time boaters?🤔
  2. For these, I think I would head in the opposite direction on the GU to Leamington and Warwick.
  3. Maybe Kate Boats https://www.kateboats.co.uk/weekend-cruising-routes/ could be a contender with a 4 night mid-week break between Warwick and Stockton https://www.waterwaysholidays.com/cgi-bin/webdata_pro.pl . Warwick has a castle, an aqueduct over the Avon plus the Cape of Good Hope pub. Leamington has Georgian architecture and some industrial buildings, picturesque Long Itchington has 7 village pubs including 3 canalside and Stockton has a well behaved flight of double locks to or from the Boat Inn. Enjoy.
  4. I use a large Karabiner Clip on my belt but as Alan points out it can clout things a bit as you pass. Take it out when you return to the helm.
  5. Both Yes. Yes.Yes. Because it is not a house but more like a car. Dim problem.?
  6. The navigable river goes upstream ahead and slightly left while the weir stream goes down to the right (as pictured there at Pershore in 1977). The moored boats are private moorings then The Star and the The Angel moorings. The lock island suffered a major collapse into the weir/hydro-electric stream in 2017 and had to be rebuilt and replanted as seen in BBC Country File 2018 https://www.dropbox.com/s/cixfchwzjittxd8/HETH2811.mpg?dl=0
  7. Hi there, did you mean to leave a link to more details in your post??
  8. I can see the similarity now but it's not obvious as the Gyption boats were moving? I can see the similarity now but it's not obvious as the Gyption boats were moving?
  9. I watched last week's opener and they appeared to be heading from Oxford to London on the Glou'ster and Sharpness canal.
  10. If ABC at Hilperton are open they had at least 1 wide beam hire boat on this stretch, we hired from there a few years ago and went down to Bath and back up to Semington via Bradford on Avon in an easy week including a visit to Devizes on foot. There were a lot of moored but some very interesting boats lining the banks and we always found visitor moorings when we wanted them.
  11. Hi There and welcome to the forum. Can I suggest you try this website, nearly all the hire companies show boat layouts, prices and possible routes. http://www.canaljunction.com/narrowboat/holiday_hire.htm Happy Searching
  12. This post is referring to the Gloucester and Sharpness canal across the country from you and a cc is continuous cruiser although I have heard other expansions?
  13. I would definitely go down the Worse & Bum to Smelly Oak for the North Stratford. The B&F is locks down and then back up again thro' post industrilal urban landscape and transport infrastructure (to put it politely). Out past the University and Bourneville and on to Solihull is much more pleasant.
  14. The heavy rubber fenders on a longer rope can sink between the boat and a shallow bank or ledge. If the bank is too irregular leave them up but why would you not carry them?
  15. When not moored against "fender-growth"
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