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  1. I would definitely go down the Worse & Bum to Smelly Oak for the North Stratford. The B&F is locks down and then back up again thro' post industrilal urban landscape and transport infrastructure (to put it politely). Out past the University and Bourneville and on to Solihull is much more pleasant.
  2. The heavy rubber fenders on a longer rope can sink between the boat and a shallow bank or ledge. If the bank is too irregular leave them up but why would you not carry them?
  3. When not moored against "fender-growth"
  4. I thought everyone used fenders. Why wouldn't you put down fenders when you moor?
  5. If you like the boat for many other reasons it's probably "the" boat and you'll get to love cruiser sterns because you have one on the boat that you love. However, just before we bought our boat after a semi-trad share-boat we hired a cruiser stern boat to cruise the Mon and Brec and I could not get used to bending for the Morse control and walking from that to a comfy position at the end of the tiller where my drink or map was. None of the seating around the deck made me feel in control at tight bends and bridge holes if I met another boat as I was alongside the tiller. So, semi-trad moved up to the top of must-haves. Just sayin' like.
  6. My home mooring has pontoons, no problem. I meant that now I'll be cruising in that area I want to keep off the ledges of towpath moorings and thought someone might suggest the smallest size wheels that would do the job. Sorry if the phrasing is not clear🙄. Cheers.
  7. Thanks for the replies - all useful and even tho' there are plenty of 48hr moorings, many enhanced by the SCS with pic-nic benches and bbqs, we're those boaters who moor in splendid isolation, mainly because our cat is all too regularly chased up trees by passing dogs (last time stuck near Wightwick for 3 days on our way up). So I think I'll go for these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-x-10-PNEUMATIC-SACK-TRUCK-TROLLEY-WHEEL-BARROW-TYRE-TYRES-WHEELS-4-10-3-5-4-0/282485527788?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  8. This sounds ideal do you know what diameter they are? Meanwhile I will dig out my rubber fenders from the locker as suggested by DHutch - cheers.
  9. Hi All, I have recently moved my home mooring to the Shroppie Middlewich branch and need to buy some barrow wheels to keep me out from the concrete banks and underwater ledges. What size wheels are best? I'd like to get the minimum diameter necessary but think 10" might not be enough. Thanks for the useful replies. Cheers, Nik
  10. Hi All, After a very poor response from RCR on the 1st occasion of calling for their assistance after 3 years no claims silver membership I don't want to deal with them any more but what is the alternative? I have found a very good alternative in the South Midlands called Days Afloat who will travel to a boat and do reliable repairs, services and installations. Does anyone know of a similar Mechanic/Engineer in the NW particularly Nantwich/Middlewich area where I am moving my home mooring to? Thanks for useful replies, Nik
  11. As your 1st day is only likely to be 3-4 hours cruising after picking up your boat in the afternoon, which direction has the best overnight stop 4hrs away? And your last night will need to be very close to your hire base, where will you moor (which pub)? This should lean you in one direction or another the rest is https://canalplan.org.uk/
  12. I agree, bow rope absolutely necessary (plus tied at stern) as they are mostly quite deep locks on the Soar but as the boat rises the line loosens and the boat wanders. I can usually control this with the paddles but not on that trip. I've cruised the Soar twice before anti-clockwise and thought I would give it a go heading upstream - largely prompted by this thread. Well, I won't be doing that again in a hurry.
  13. I frequently ascend the wide locks on the GU and Warwickshire Avon, the T&M wide locks can be a bit fierce going up but none compare to my recent trip clockwise around the Leicester ring. I found each lock to be difficult in it's own way - side paddles jet water up infront of the bow rather than under the boat or opposite the hull so you cannot stick to one side by only opening 1 set of paddles. some gates won't close and some won't open easily and they all start to self fill before you approach recently emptied chambers.
  14. Castle Marinas are excellent landlords and when I heard rumors of their expansion my fingers were crossed it would be further north than Kings Bromley. Oh well, I'll have to venture up to Cheshire without them for now.
  15. Thanks for the replies , nothing so far to put me off, but I thought it worth asking after coming across the Tattenhall thread on this forum- a Marina which I had also considered.
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