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  1. I bought my boat from a private seller and after doing (most/some) of the checks recommended in this thread plus a survey and own BSS it comes to the really hard bit: handing over the money. Is the seller who they say they are? = Passport. And is that the name on the last Bill of Sale? Is there any paperwork such as services, repairs and invoices in that name? How do they want to be paid? = Same name on account as Bill of Sale. I suggest BACS in multiples of £10000 (don't incur charges) after Bill of Sale is signed and then witnessed. We did this at a Nationwide counter although some advise a private address linked to the seller eg. family member with ID. Our purchase all turned out better than perfect despite us driving back to the canal minus £50,000, with a Bill of Sale but without a boat to match it until we got there. However there are too many tales of sales with far worse outcomes. Hope it's a good one.🤞
  2. I've just "dun" the Leicester ring clockwise (the locks are a bit of a challenge compared to anti-clockwise) and it seemed moorings for "paper clip" hooks are few and far between. Many of the pilings don't have horizontal crash barriers for hooks (as in your photo) which I concluded, after a bit of trial and error,was because it was too shallow to moor although local knowledge may correct that assumption. Does your "isolated" mooring have the horizontals? Perhaps it's deep enough to moor and a popular spot that you happened to find empty. Just sayin' like.
  3. Well, I suppose volunteers like sunny bank holidays too and you can't offer them double time and a day in lou.
  4. As john6767has said Bideford is definitely worth stopping at but has limited moorings (like most of the Avon - room for 2 or 3 steel boats) so I usually moor at Barton lock above and walk the 1 mile path into the village. I always stop at Evesham which has a nearby Waitrose and Aldi, a gorgeous park opposite the moorings and a good range of charity shops. Craycombe Corner a few miles down river is a good spot between Evesham and Pershore and Offenham lock has extensive moorings (for the Avon) above Evesham. The 2 festivals after Stratford are arrive Friday disperse Sunday affairs but all deserve lingering to explore the towns - the "must see" theatre in Stratford, the Abbies in Pershore and Tewkesbury and the Red Lion in Evesham. I won't mention "don't miss" moorings or they'll be full when I get there.
  5. Hi TheBiscuits, that's not really what I meant - I was only replying to the OP's plan who was trying to plot regular hours to cruising days. but it's not really possible on the river. The Avon really is delightful and is my favourite waterway, we too are planning to visit all the festivals and last year took a week extension to our months license as we wanted to linger. And that's the difference, he is on a schedule and seemed to be seeking villages to moor nearby overnight, but if you eat on board and like to walk in the countryside almost every lock has overnight moorings and are "must see", plus several ANT provided bankside moorings all with footpaths into the hinterland.
  6. There are no moorings at Cleeve Prior or Cropthorne on the River Avon. Bideford is 4 hrs from Stratford or Evesham 8 then Pershore 4 or Tewkesbury 8 hrs (roughly). If you like more isolated moorings then most of the locks have 48hr moorings designated by blue posts.
  7. The Cape is a little nearer than the Saltisford Arm via a footpath from behind the pub and "around the houses". Another spot not mentioned is the new mooring rings on the aqueduct over the River Avon between Leamington and Warwick, there are steps down to the park and a riverside path to the Castle.
  8. I was quite surprised to see OP had found 1000 boats for sale on Apollo Duck - but I found only: Narrow Boats 794 - Barge 4 - Butty 4 - Commercial 3 - Cruiser Stern 288 - Narrowboat Share 46 - Semi Traditional 102 - Traditional 175 - Tugs 12 which seems about average.
  9. Sorry, I did indeed mean Trent lock - but I was led astray.
  10. Alot of the Soar is canalised so moor where you see fit for a fortnight, the river bits have regular lengths of flood proof moorings and visitor moorings outside pubs etc. The bit of river Trent (less than 2 miles) you'll go up above Trent Falls to Shardlow has pontoon visitor moorings outside the pub but the flow can be fierce after rain.
  11. If you were ready to launch by Sat July 6th it would coincide with the Stratford river festival when over 70 narrow boats moor on the River and 1000s of locals turn out for the weekends events in the adjacent park. Fill your hats.
  12. Sorry to be the one to tell you, but idle sods like me do consider car-cleaning as one of the most futile pursuits of the consumer class.
  13. CRT are the navigation authority for the River Severn from Tewkesbury to Gloucester. You will also need to contact the Avon Navigation Trust if you plan to raft down their river from Stratford on Avon.
  14. Oooh, you've hit a nerve here. No, the new cassettes are not the same. They have been "improved" with small plastic wheels that last about one trip along a tow-path but reduce the capacity of the cassette. They have a flimsy tow handle that will not support a 15Kg load and cost twice as much. Each one comes with a free toilet seat and 500ml of cassette cleaner (not the additive). I should think you could auction your old C200 s which are no longer available.
  15. hi Ryan, now you have the link to https://canalplan.org.uk/ you can open another tab to google maps and explore the likely mooring places suggested by your entered number of days and hours cruising per day criteria, zoom into the canal, search for inns and pubs in that area and look at their websites to see if they would suit your party of 16, switch to google earth to view likely moorings nearby (indicated by boats along the banks). I spent many a quiet afternoon in the office planning my trips down to the last detail and when we came across a really nice pub at the end of the day - with (reserved) table available the Admiral would remark "that was a bit of luck".
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