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  1. endeva

    7:30 tonight

    I worked at Triumph in Hinckley for 6 months and guess what?, they are all built from parts imported from mainly Thailand and taiwan, they are as Foreign as a Honda or Suzuki
  2. would that have been the "Tilling Stevens" horizontally opposed three cylinder 2 stroke diesel per chance?
  3. in simple terms an ammeter has to be connected in "Series" with the battery, that means simply cutting the positive cable and connecting it either side with the cut cables it's simple really
  4. could you not fit a couple of electric cooling fans to the enclosure that come on when necessary?
  5. Hi Allie, I live in Coventry could it be Sutton stop (Hawkesbury junction) where the Coventry canal meets the Oxford canal I wonder?
  6. is it a sin to be proud of being English nowadays then?, if that's the case I am a sinner! and must be arrested as a racist forthwith! PS my Family has been in England since before the Norman Conquest
  7. well it seems that this site is allowed! yippee
  8. I will try and post tomorrow from work (if the GOV allows it!) Rob
  9. you are very welcome, and the chap was a realy nice fella too!, they both were don't forget that everyone has the right to be an individual Rob
  10. I watched Waterworld earlier on tonight (ITV Central) and it had a feature on a retired Priest on a NB with an Asian guy, (think he was a Muslim) and his lad (single parent), it was so refreshing to see both of them Friends because of a common love of nature and the canals, brilliant and well done to Central TV!, the Asian Guy (Lank?) hoped to get a boat of his own eventually Hoorah
  11. well, suprise suprise, my brother who used to have a share in a narrowboat has just mailed me asking if I would be interested in coming along with him and his mates as he has hired a boat for Easter there may be hope yet!
  12. got me there mate! but at least I tried
  13. salama lakum (may your God be with you) shokaran (thank you) I think? (Arabic)
  14. Hi Daniel, I suppose our nearest place would be Braunstone perhaps?, we live in Coventry though so maybe there is somewhere nearer on the Cov Canal?
  15. I would really like to hire a narrowboat for a week to sample the delights of life on the canal system this year but £500 to £800+ and that's in the low season too! WHAT!, no way could I as an ordinary working man afford that on my modest wage, it is therefore impossible for me to sample life on the inland waterways, or is there a cheaper alternative I have not though of out there?
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