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  1. Hi all,my next Canal Towpath Walk video is along the Erewash Canal from the Great Northern Basin at Langley Mill through the the edge of Ilkeston, Derbyshire. I also took the chance to get some ariel footage of the great Bennerley Viaduct. Here is the link below, hope you enjoy https://youtu.be/FA48KMrKQas
  2. I had a really good book on it some years ago, some excellent images inside it
  3. Hi all, another of my Towpath Video's is a walk along the Nottingham Canal between Trowell & Bramcote. The footpath is in excellent condition throughout, and is filled with wildlife Here is the link below: Cheers https://youtu.be/KZKWgWC1teU
  4. Morning everyone. My latest Towpath Walk video follows the Grantham Canal from Cotgrave through to Redmile. Get the kettle on hit the link below sit back and enjoy. This was walked & filmed on May 13th 2019 https://youtu.be/NPi4JcIL50Q
  5. Hi everyone! I recently walked the part of the Chesterfield Canal between Tapton Lock & Staveley. A very enjoyable walk, well maintained and plenty of gorgeous scenery. The location on of the attached image is near Brimington. If anyone is interested in my video, please do follow the link below :) https://youtu.be/4924HhCCpLQ
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