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  1. We went to Casleford Lock for a look round on Tuesday this week 19.06.2012. The flood lock was open and the gauge was just in the green band. We decided to have another look today 23.06.2012 as the EA gauge was showing 3.3 metres on the Aire at Castleford. The highest ever being 3.48 metres and the recent latest 3.36 metres in 2007, so pretty high. The weir in town had basically disappeared. This what we found at the lock. Lock landing well covered. Gates closed and water running weir through the slats in both gates and the level in the cut rising. In the cut itself levels had risen and we noticed that the green boat, second from the top had started to list, so took a look and it was tied fore and aft plus a centre rope. The centre rope was now violin taught and pulling the boat over. No keeper at the cabin to talk to. All four moored boats were unoccuppied so nobody to talk to there. So we did the good neighbour thing and slackened off the centre rope.
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  2. I wasn't sure whether this was supposed to go into Stoppages, Social Events and Banters, Historic, waterways news or other area so it's in General Boating until someone decides otherwise. Many boats have arrived this week, with a constant stream of latecomers today as well. Reginald had to be moved further up the line earlier to be with the Stewarts and LLoyds Tugs. I do hope the weather holds out, windy throughout, sunshine with heavy showers tommorow and rain early Sunday followed by showers. As your starter for 10, here's a quick taster.There are at least 4 forum members visible...... more as the weekend progresses.
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  4. BW have not got back to me and as its the weekend, are unlikely to do so for the next couple of days. So, having read all your advice I have decided today that I shall write to the home address of the person named on the dry cleaning slip. Whether it was actually he who dumped the bag or not, the document is clearly his property (whether or not someone actually maliciously put the dry cleaning slip into someone elses bag of rubbish in the wild hope that someone would find it and jump to the wrong accusation, as suggested by Mike the Boilerman), and so he will be invited to come and collect it. It is not a long drive from their grand house and we shall see what results.
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  6. The weather here in Rodley is terrible, and I am going to start a petition as I think it is all the fault of The BBC Weatherman he only mentioned Leeds on the weather forecast as being bad and never said Rodley would be and I think the few hundred that live in Rodley are far more important than the hundreds of thousands that live in Leeds.
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  7. Absolutely, plus 12 volt radios, HiFi's, power supplies, bulbs, and all the other stuff, plus replacement alternators, starter motors etc for maintenance are much more widely available, and usually cheaper, which leads to 12 volts winning even if 24 volts is technically preferable. 48 volts opens up a whole new can of worms because the charge voltage is above 50 volts which technically brings it into the remit of the European Low Voltage Directive (another humongous pile of legal bullshit paperwork from Brussels) and all its strict legal requirements.
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  8. Going the other way can be very tricky if there has been a lot of rain, but going against the stream, as you will be, is much easier. I'd go along with all GSer's suggestions, but would add that Kintbury is a lovely place to pause and wander round - and the butcher is excellent. If you stop at Newbury, go through the town centre and moor beside the road called West Mills to avoid the yobs. And try to avoid Saturday night! Better still, stay at Kintbury. Have a great time.
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