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  1. But it is just that, considering we have taken Badsey out every year for the last ten years for an average of two solid months each time. And yes we have of course lost it a number of times. Difference is that we didn't then get on this forum to call in the wolf pack to get a man sacked.
  2. What to me stands out was the actual cause of the incident. Hanging up a full size historic in a lock. Twice. If I was in the place of the lock-keeper, I would probably have taken the same view as he did, that I had never ever seen or heard of that before so assume the boat will pop down any second. If I was the steerer, I would probably have been just as embarrassed as Alan, and wanted to have a jolly good rant.
  3. Just as I assumed from your posts that you know him very well and were there at the time of whateveritwas that happened.
  4. Since when did this forum want to give the accused a hearing before passing judgement and rushing in to hurl the first ton of stone? One reason I have always liked this forum is the knowledge that I am in company with so many other beings who are as perfect in every way as am I.
  5. That particular volunteer, who is possibly the most experienced of all the volunteer lock-keepers, was on duty at that particular lock with a certain CRT ChX Mr Parry on 15th August - when you were also there.
  6. If genuine, I would expect the seller (based in Daventry) to give us more photos. Other than that, the description is not convincing.
  7. We do have mention of the second steam engine and the paraffin one in the full document but if we add your info and the sketches of the engines that were rescued when BW cleared the depot, we have the makings of a very comprehensive history of Hillmorton Duplicate Locks. Lets get together and have it printed up.
  8. Can we nick some of that to add to our history info for the event on 15th August A relevant extract from our collection of facts is: A windmill was originally pro­posed as the motive power for a water pump, but the choice was a stately beam engine, of the usual gargantuan proportions. Capable of lifting water the required 18ft l0 ¼ inches, its cylin­der was over 2 foot in diameter, with a stroke of 6½ft, and it delivered a leisurely 12 strokes per minute. Fuel consumption was l½cwt of coal for just over 4 locks of water. It was possible for a boat to pass through each lock, even using the additional side pond­ing paddle in just 80 seconds! The lock chambers were designed to fill in a staggering 29 seconds, and soon an impressive average of 400 working narrow boats a week were passing through the new locks. The Oxford Canal was to remain well in profit until the 20th century. Steam power eventually gave way to oil with a 32bhp paraffin engine, which powered the same l3in belt driven cen­trifugal pump. Sadly these pre­cious heritage items have been lost. Oil in turn was superseded by elec­tricity, which now drives the pumps on the tow­ing path side. The switch gear and meter are in the little white hut by the bottom lock, usually mistaken for an old toll house but actually the duty lock keeper’s lobby
  9. Sorry, that's from an old advert. The Tillie has been painted since. We're doing the food for the boaters until 2pm but others are then providing the usual show food until 11pm Bar open all day. DUPLICITY real ale
  10. Isn't that yellow line Clifton Brook which still flows that route?
  11. I just got an email telling me my licenses for Badsey and Angel were due. There were a total of 8 errors on the renewal forms, including an overcharge of £499. I emailed back to receive a reply to say they could not reply due to the high volume of email enquiries. I telephoned and got straight through and was told "Oh just cross them out and write in the correct information". If I crossed out the (just a fraction short of) two thousand they want for the two boats and wrote in £1 each, would I get away with it?
  12. Come to the Old Mortonians Canal Festival at Hillmorton on the 15th August to celebrate 175years of the duplicate locks and in the marquee you will be able to learn all about the housing development, the road AND the plan to restore the Basin which is the old canal cut off in the 1700s. You can still follow the bend round to where it meets the modern canal. Don't be confused by the line of the Clifton Brook which goes under the modern canal.
  13. The one blocking the locks is still there, has been for months.
  14. Today started with the welcome sight of two volunteers on the locks at Hillmorton. Unfortunately by the end of the morning, one (who had only just started) was sacked and the other (a trainee) sent to another location. This was apparently due to an alleged complaint from one boat, and the resulting "social" media. The boaters apparently declined advice to use one of the pair of locks that was ready for them and filled another to "use the water they had bought down with them".
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