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Steam Narrow Boats -Any help needed?

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Good afternoon,

My name is mike im aged 17 from Bristol. Ive always had a very keen interest in steam locos and traction engines and now I've begun to fall for steam narrow boats.
I was wondering if there was a possibility anyone needs a extra crew member for their steam boat.
Of course i have experience. i work on rollers, and other engines.
if you want a chat give me a call on #########.
many thanks
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Mobile number removed, please PM for contact details.
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Indeed so.


As far as I am aware there are a total of around 15 steam powered narrowboats on the system at present, following a recent population explosion of three new boats being built in the last 6-7 years. Around 5-6 of these are used fairly frequently use, including our own.


I had a call from Mike this afternoon so we'll have to sort something out.


Oddly enough I am actually boating on one of the other steam narrowboats on Sunday as its recently changed hands and the new owner invited my me on a return trip having spend a morning showing him around EmilyAnne at Lymm transport day.




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I had the pleasure of steering the steam boat Adamant at the recent Braunston show. It came about by chance as the owner needed a steerer for the parade. It was a great experience, so different ringing a bell to indicate the action you want such as ahead, astern or stop but totally enjoyable and so much quieter than steering a working boat with a 2 cylinder Lister.

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