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Mystery four-rise

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I've lifted this pic from a Facebook post (it was on the CWDF Facebook group which I don't often bother with) - the poster was trying to make a point re lack of funding for canals but I will admit I don't know where this is save I'm pretty sure it's not in the UK or Ireland. It's an abandoned four-rise and I can only think of one such in the British Isles - Norwood on the Chesterfield and it doesn't look like that! The other two, Watford and Muirtown (Caledonian) are still in use. 


France? USA? Anybody know? 


Just curious that's all. 


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25 minutes ago, matty40s said:

Black River Canal, Northern New York State. Connected Erie canal to the Black River.



Thank you! You're super-speedy in that response.


I've taken an interest in canals of New York State but haven't got far with the Black River Canal yet. 


17 minutes ago, Rob-M said:

Google image search showed a couple of pages claiming it to be a UK canal as well as the link Matty has provided above.


Believe me it's not a UK canal, even without the evidence that Matty has provided. 


I could do to work out how to use Google image search though!


Thanks both of you for looking it up.

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1 hour ago, Chris Lowe said:

They do look in good condition despite being abandoned.


It looks to be maintained as part of a park, which is quite a USA thing, I've been to half a dozen sites where bits of canal are maintained in this way - and have a hit list of a few dozen more if I ever get back there. 

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