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13 minutes ago, magnetman said:

 Someone is going to do a report on five paddle lock at some stage. 

Remember the chap that lived in the lock cottage with the sign on the gate. Seem to remember the official BW sign kept disappearing.

Question for @magnetman

What lock number is Irishman's Lock ?

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15 hours ago, SteveCourty said:

Oh really, I’ll have to start having a read up! 

The whys wherefores and sites associated with the newuns are well explained in "The Grand Junction Canal" by AH Faulkner.



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Winkwell Top, Middle, and Bottom.

The New'uns - Apsley three and Nash two, replacing the old four locks at the foot of 'The Long Pound'. Court cases were brought by the mill owners for taking water from their mills. Good luck in finding any traces of it today, totally built over.


As Bengo says, 'The Grand Junction Canal' by A. H. Faulkner, pages 76 on. Map on page 78.


Never heard of 'Irishman's' or 'Parglena'.

Edited by Derek R.
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12 hours ago, magnetman said:

Canal plan has it as Bourne End bottom lock. 


Parglena lock ?

It was the lock where Parglena was moored 

Canal plan is the only place I have seen 58 and 59 referred to as Bourne End top and bottom.

59,60,61 are Winkwell locks.

59 used to be known as Irishman's after a lock keeper I believe.

58 is Sewer Lock 

56,57 were the two locks with side ponds so known as  top side and bottom side.

This is from memory as my books are at home.

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