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Cleaning a lockgate refleks diesel stove

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We've tried to light the stove on our boat for the first time. No idea when it was last lit. We don't appear to get any fuel through into the bottom of the stove. Having had a fellow boater have a quick look, he doesn't think the "prodder" goes in far enough and thats why the fuel isn't getting through.  Its also so heavily sooted inside that none of the little holes can be seen and these very little visibility through the window


I've struggled to find any comprehensive instructions on how to clean it. Can anyone advise? Can I put a wire brush inside and give it a scrub?


Any tips on cleaning it without covering the whole boat in soot as I've just spent 2 weeks scrubbing the interior and don't fancy doing it again any time soon



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If you click link below there is a basic manual. Section about cleaning says you can use a wire brush. The prodder as you call it only ensures a path for the diesel to flow into the bottom of the pot so it doesn’t have to go in that far. There is also a filter in the bottom of the regulator you can clean. It’s under the heart shape cover at the bottom of the regulator. You will also be able to see if you have a flow of diesel. 
If it’s that sooted up I’d question if it’s been burning correctly as it shouldn’t be sooted up at all. Check the cage and ring are in the correct place 

https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/61ecf624-2b56-4de6-b7e1-aade761280d0/REFELKS DIRECTIONS 2018 (2).pdf

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I lit mine for the first time last week and it would not let diesel into the burner pot. Mine has the rectangular Toby regulator. When I took the top off the regulator and checked it out I found that the float in the regulator was stuck in the up position so it would not lower down and let more fuel in. I pressed it down with a screwdriver and made sure it was free, everything worked OK afterwards.


There is a Refleks Facebook group, they have all the info online.


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You vigorously move the "prodder" in and out to remove residue from the fuel feed. Remember to leave it pulled out once the stove is lit or the heat will travel up it and damage the nitrile rubber O ring.


Once I found that residue had built up around the oil entry hole which the "prodder" couldn't move. I removed the residue by removing the "prodder" and using an instrument screwdriver with a bent to to tease out the residue.


Also, make sure that there are no fuel taps turned off between the tank and the stove.

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