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Armstrong Siddeley triple NOS


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I just picked up a norwegian ex MOD/airforce AS3 generator assembly with 271 hours on it. Together with a small hoard of NOS parts. Here in the pic below it is about to be unloaded from the trailer. It took a 3200km roundtrip up north, to the districts of the air-defence installations from the cold war to pick it up. The seller was the son of a deceased civilian employee, who brought it home to the farm when the air station decommissioned it. The norwegian company Framo, which later came to international prominence as a producer of tank vessel cargo pumps, assembled loads of these AS-based gensets for the ministry of defence.


This particular unit was taken out of spares-storage in the early/mid eighties, when it got equipped with a fully automated and up to date control/switch-over cabinet. And then it spent the next decade as a back-up unit at the Bardufoss air station. In the mid-nineties it was decomissioned with 271 hours on the meter, and given or sold to said farmer who brought it home, but never hooked it up or used it. And now the farm was put up for sale by his son, and so was this one. Equipped with a 12V solenoid stop, an oil pressure switch, 12V electric start of course, and even an Hall-sensor to monitor the rpm's. The manifold has just been removed for the transport, and it hasn't even got the paint burnt off it. I now have 3 of these, of which this one is by far the best one. I believe it to be a later build by Petter based on a couple of indicators, and the spares too are in most cases to be found in boxes branded Petter/Armstrong Siddeley.


It is a very very nice unit indeed, and I'll now go forth with my normal routine of dropping and cleaning out the oilpan, before I attempt to start it with fresh oil, fresh diesel, and new filters.





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Here's a twin built by the same Framo company for a portable genset btw. It has 122 hours on it and runs like it's new. Which it of course also is. I just put the spare cylinder on it, as it at one point had gotten a fin broken off the original. And I really hate boken cooling fins. Basically a pristine and brand new engine this one too, it runs like a dream.



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I got a few cylinder heads, diesel pumps, injectors, piston kits, valves, springs and retainers, and ring kits STD with the triple. All new parts. I would consider a trade for some of it, as I could use a twin exhaust manifold or two, and a twin mounting base complete. Just send a pm if there's any interest.

3 minutes ago, Stilllearning said:

A friend had an AS2 in his canal boat, and it was a lovely engine.

My only question is, what are you going to do with all these lovely engines?

Somebody has to look after them, and give them some love?

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