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  1. I got a few cylinder heads, diesel pumps, injectors, piston kits, valves, springs and retainers, and ring kits STD with the triple. All new parts. I would consider a trade for some of it, as I could use a twin exhaust manifold or two, and a twin mounting base complete. Just send a pm if there's any interest. Somebody has to look after them, and give them some love?
  2. Here's a twin built by the same Framo company for a portable genset btw. It has 122 hours on it and runs like it's new. Which it of course also is. I just put the spare cylinder on it, as it at one point had gotten a fin broken off the original. And I really hate boken cooling fins. Basically a pristine and brand new engine this one too, it runs like a dream.
  3. I just picked up a norwegian ex MOD/airforce AS3 generator assembly with 271 hours on it. Together with a small hoard of NOS parts. Here in the pic below it is about to be unloaded from the trailer. It took a 3200km roundtrip up north, to the districts of the air-defence installations from the cold war to pick it up. The seller was the son of a deceased civilian employee, who brought it home to the farm when the air station decommissioned it. The norwegian company Framo, which later came to international prominence as a producer of tank vessel cargo pumps, assembled loads of these AS-based gensets for the ministry of defence. This particular unit was taken out of spares-storage in the early/mid eighties, when it got equipped with a fully automated and up to date control/switch-over cabinet. And then it spent the next decade as a back-up unit at the Bardufoss air station. In the mid-nineties it was decomissioned with 271 hours on the meter, and given or sold to said farmer who brought it home, but never hooked it up or used it. And now the farm was put up for sale by his son, and so was this one. Equipped with a 12V solenoid stop, an oil pressure switch, 12V electric start of course, and even an Hall-sensor to monitor the rpm's. The manifold has just been removed for the transport, and it hasn't even got the paint burnt off it. I now have 3 of these, of which this one is by far the best one. I believe it to be a later build by Petter based on a couple of indicators, and the spares too are in most cases to be found in boxes branded Petter/Armstrong Siddeley. It is a very very nice unit indeed, and I'll now go forth with my normal routine of dropping and cleaning out the oilpan, before I attempt to start it with fresh oil, fresh diesel, and new filters.
  4. Haha no I'm in Norway about 150km's east of Oslo almost at the swedish border. Those JP3's are both located close to Bergen on the west coast, so it's the better part of a workday in the car to get there. Around 500km's I think. But you're onto something, I have no idea what it'll cost to ship one of them to England, or an AS3 back here for that matter if I get lucky enough to find one. Both the shipping cost and the cost of an AS3 might be prohibitive, but I can atleast have the Lister engine for around 450 pounds plus the fuel. And if it turns out to be as nice as it looks, it might work out anyway if someone wants it back to Britain. Atleast that was my initial hope. I'll have a chat with Mr. stagedamager above here and see what's on his mind.
  5. And I'm not looking for a marine unit, I just want a nice object that's hopefully a bit cheaper to restore than these here, that needed a rebore. I can leave the marine units to you canal boat afficionados, they belong better there. I just want to complete my collection, and have all 3 them in a nice state for the engine shows. The compressor set below is intended for use, I'm gonna hook it up i parallell to my electrical workshop compressor so I can do some heavy duty sandblasting outdoors when I need it. Here's the compressor unit, it was a shitload of work, and a shitload of cash, hahaha!
  6. Thank you. I've been looking for one for the better part of 5 years. And in that period I've managed to hoard 2 AS1's and no less than 8 AS2's. In my defense, one is a parts donor, two came for cheap in norwegian built DoD generator trailers from an estate, and two had the industrial clutch I needed for a project. The first two I bought were both stuck in rust and needed a rebore, and after being put on the backburner for a couple of years due to some domestic issues and maintenance, they're just about to be completed in these days. One in a custom built compressor set with a US built Devilbiss 445, and one was a baler engine that I've just prettied up. The compressor is about to be broken in it just needs the final plumbing for the air finished, and the baler engine will be started for the first time this weekend I guess, after a spill-timing and tidying up of the last few issues. A couple of pictures below, I planned to make a thread on them once they were finished but here's a sneak peek.
  7. I will probably go to collect it come april, a 1000 km roundtrip to the west coast, where incidentally the other white one is located too. It has spent the winter outdoors under a tarp, so it atleast needs to be placed in a better storage. If you want it I’ll trade it for a nice AS3 in similar condition. A complete, undamaged, and preferably unbored unit. It doesn’t have to be a runner, as long as it’s a good solid object that’s not stuck. If anyones interested in it let me know. And what would be the approximate value/price of an AS3 as described above, a good object up for restoration? And what about a nice solid runner in its workclothes? Anyone have an idea? A shame he’s not with us anymore then, he could’ve had 2 more right here.
  8. Thanks again guys. I am already sort of committed to buy the blue one. It showed up last fall, but the seller spends his winters abroad and won't be back until april. So we made a deal for me to come and pick it up then, circumstances permitting. For around 450 pounds. I can't produce a serial number for that one as the seller is absent. But I got a picture of the ID plate on the other unit, which is currently listed for sale to the highest bidder. I agreed to buy the blue one simply because I have a hard time letting nice survivors pass me by, but in retrospect I really have too many projects as it is. If I start to tinker with it I'll probably fall in love with it and tuck it away to restore it at a future occasion, but that hoarding impulse has already filled a barn with old iron... So the smart thing to do would be to pass it on to someone who needs or wants it more than me. And I want a nice AS3 more than this one at the moment. Anyway, here's a picture of the ID plate from the other unit, which I suspect can be bought for around the same price as the blue engine. 4-5-600 pounds. And if anyone's interested, I might acquire that one too, for a trade or a resale. Shipping heavy lumps of iron to the UK from Norway is of course expensive, and I'm not trying to get rich from this. My main interest is to see if it's possible to create a win-win situation where the engines finds a good home. And where the involved parties finds a desired object. And as I have no idea of the value and/or scarcity of these, I had to come here for some advice and enlightenment. Thanks again.
  9. Thank you all. My knowledge of these are very limited, and the one I called marinised might actually be a marine auxiliary unit, as mentioned by BWM above here. The white one with 8500 hours on it hasn't been running for 60 years according to the seller, but it turns. It might also have done a full round on the hourmeter - or two - but I don't think it looks worked to death. The other one with the wet exhaust is history unknown, but the appearance of it might suggest a very good object. The current owner has not had it running, and wants to sell it due to storage problems. I like new acquantainces in the mechanical department, even though I have too many projects as it is. If I buy one or both I might try to get them running and sell them, keep them, restore them, or trade them for something else. I'm lacking a nice AS3 in my collection, I have a couple of AS1's and a few AS2's, of which a couple recently got the full treatment and turned out pretty nice. So if anyone has a nice AS3 lying around and wants one of these we might work out a deal. uggestions welcome.
  10. Hi there, i just came across two pretty nice JP3’s in their original work clothes. One marinised and one industrial, both great survivors. The marinised one seems like it has very few hours on it, really pretty and complete, and the industrial version has 8500 hours on the clock and has had a worklife as a lightplant on a fishing vessel. The marinised unit seems almost unused, whereas the other obviously has done some work, but still a nice and complete unit. What would be the value of something like this, just a rough estimate, if anyone might have an idea?
  11. They both ended up in my workshop. Best preserved engines I ever saw. They sat for 55 years in the same heated facility, meticulously maintaned. One has 560 and the other 580 hours on the meter, and they start and run like new engines. I got them with clear engine oil, fresh radiator fluid, clean airfilters, and almost like they came from the factory only last month. The dieselpumps are still covered in their factory wax coating, and pristine and shiny under it. Only flaw I can find with them is that one of the generators regulate the output at a somewhat higher voltage than nominal, 250V instead of 230. Probably due to a dried up condenser or something in the 55 year old regulator. They also came with a couple of sturdy ASEA 3 phase transformers to 400V of the same vintage, but without control/instrument cabinets. As they used to be part of the UPS system for DECCA Navigators Skagerak-chain of radio beacons, and had the controls integrated in the main cabinets. They were the emergency back up for Violet Slave Årjang, to be precise. I’m going to build new cabinets and dieseltanks for them, preserve them, and keep them in my collection until I get an offer I can’t refuse. Or get old enough to find out that it’s time to downsize. They’re a joy in that state, plain and simple. Museum quality items.
  12. The Dutch AS1 arrived a few weeks ago, thanks again Bee. Equipped with a 110V dc generator, of all things. I spent a few hours cleaning out the sump and filters, and started it with fresh 15W-40 oil. It runs great, mechanically quiet and smoke-free, and I have not seen any signs of leaks yet. Between my now 4 AS2's I'm aiming to get 3 nice runners and a spare engine. I found aftermarket pistons, and 4 cylinders are at my machine shop atm. for a rebore. Looking for a tank, Tecalemit original fuel filter housings, a cylinder cowling, and perhaps a head in nice condition. So if someone has anything lying around, I'm very interested. Also still interested in a nice AS3.
  13. The Dutch engine is on it's way, complete with a 110V generator. A runner and easy starter in need of a new oil seal according to the seller. Looking forward to bring it back to it's former glory. Thank you Bee Now for a triple.
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