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The float switch on this bilge pump has packed up. The pump itself is still fine. I expect it's corroded electrical contacts or something like that.


Can I just buy a replacement float switch and does anyone know which one would be suitable? The pump came with the boat 16 years ago. It's a Johnson but that picture is the best I can do to identify it.





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I've used a cheap external float switch like this. Their limitation is the current they can take, so mime runs the bilge pump via a relay mounted above likely water level. The float switch is mounted in a hole drilled in an engine bearer support bracket. It has never been used for actually pumping water as my boat has a volvo stern gland, but I test it every so often by moving the float up by hand.

There are float switches that will drive the pump direct, without a relay (4A or so typically), but these are more expensive and even more expensive with the marine mark up.


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1 hour ago, Ex Brummie said:

For about £16, you can get a Seaflo automatic bilge pump complete. Judging by the split casing in your photo, this may not be an extravagance.


It's a hairline crack, the pump itself still works well and since it's a fully submersible pump I doubt it has any effect on pump performance. I could buy a cheap crap pump with probably half the flow rate, but it's a decent pump so I'd rather see if I can fix the float switch.


A cheap £16 bilge pump including the float switch is never going to be an extravagance, it's always going to be a false economy when it's protecting a boat worth several tens of thousands of pounds.

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