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is 8" from ss flue to bulkhead okay ?


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Im going to install a Hobbit stove. I would like to use their flue kit which is single skin to near roof, then double skin (https://salamanderstoves.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/canal-boat-flue-kit-.pdf), rather than say the morso double skin kit as this is 5" and I think looks to big for a tiny stove... I know the official line (http://www.soliftec.com/Boat%20Stoves%201-page.pdf) is that ss flue must be > x3 dia of flue from unshielded side-wall, which would be 12" in this case as the Hobbit uses a 4" flue, and thats what they as manufacturers say, cos theyve got to stick to the official line... But for space Ive got it looks like its going to be just over 8" to bulkhead which is 3x2" studded partition construction faced with fireboard + tile to 1m height, then, and its this bit that thats the area of concern, from thereon, 18mm oak floorboards to ceiling. So...the question is: Is 8" okay from a ss flue to 18mm oak floorboards or am I going to immediately die in an inferno and I need to get a double skin flue ?

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Having fitted a Hobbit to ours, earlier this year, I am struggling to understand your predicament.  If you are building out at stove height, so as to have an air gap, calcium fibre board, backer board and decent porcelain tiles, then place the stove the correct distance from these, your flue will naturally be 3x diameter from the bulkhead.  I also had to use an off set, but this was purely because the chimney would have gone right through the handrail otherwise, so worth checking your space outside too!


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53 minutes ago, Murflynn said:

the last time I was involved in fixing a flue or a gas hob, the standard test seemed to be if there was any evidence of scorching.   But I'm sure things have moved on since then.

Nope, my boat safety was done April this year. I'd been very concerned about how close my stove was to the surroundings, all that he did was check for scorching, the Soliftec sheet was shown to me and I was told that it is the requirement for a house, not a boat.

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