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Project OBD ( Norman 32 )


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2 hours ago, BilgePump said:

I think that extra few inches height and the step up looks better than the original continuous roofline. Is this mod to give decent space under a shower head?

It's properly coming along now. So wish I had my boat at home during the lockdown to mess about with cover/canopy ideas, except George Hill is shut and getting timber and ply delivery not easy.

Hi kida, yes that lift is for full headroom in the heads, the heads will be down the Port side, i didnt want a cross heads as in Port to SB. I agree, it looks better, When i lift he rear cabin the same i will be keeping the few inch of a slope it has. give better lines to it.


I have managed to find i can get some PUR boards from BnQ, but thats not essential as this is not for my Boat Works, which is all on hold due to all marinas and yards locked down :(  Hey still ots to do lke fill holes :)

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Now then now then, more done.

For some time i have been debating with myself on what to do about the top screen and if to make it higher. The bridge heights i will be subject to around around 7 foot, so i need to keep the air draught down below that. I didnt want a folding screen but a sit happens its safer to to. Therefore next job i can sort of do is that.

Oh and reason for the screen heightening is the windows are a bit small for good visibility. Here i get another 75mm/3inch in height of the top screen windows.

Again using foam boards to get a mould done, my last good size bits aswell.

Where to stick it MMmm that be reat




And a cut then sans back to shape


I needed something ti help form the side lifts on the screen and had nothing left, no boards that are good enough.

AAhhhh brain wave image.gif.3839d5a80eae2caeb6920db179ae30a0.gif image.gif.32abe7075b65e87112b2ce2e655df995.gif

windows are flat image.gif.51b28cb3862fb0000b2e5353322060ee.gif

Now if you intend to do this make sure if its not on your workshop and the house windows ensure the tuther half is out for an hour or so, or face the wrath of the gods ha ha




Oh yes use release agent of sorts just incase image.gif.9fecb0c40fde981e76b0810b808a3de2.gif and remove carefully image.gif.67e57341933f87a3f0fe996f962e6976.gif


And there we have the top screen in new height form.





Again, this is not fettled properly yet as it needs to be faired up and the inner side bonding in to make look good.

I am ordering hinges for the folding part. And i will show that next time where i am going to cut it and how i will have it folding. but it will have the side fold down to the side and top screen just fold down backwards. Still a lot to do on it but loads of time.

These are the heights now


For tomorrow i have been finalising the rear cabins superstructure for the cut n shut.

I have been working on a few ways to go about this. Now this is where i hope folk actually rear what i am typing.

First i was looking at just cutting the roof section all around about 3 inch /75mm down and raising the roof that way, Although that way it will be alot more work with all the profiles in the rear door area.

So thought on cutting the shell at the back of the cockpit and raising the whole cabin at the gunnel by the 150mm / 6inch i want. Then though you cant see out of the windows due to the window lower edge also going up and dont want to lower it, well cant do as to close to the gunnel base..


This is the outcome. this gives the windows the original height from the gunnel and can also get higher/deeper windows now. And the rear deck which is not level will be higher and therefore the 3-4 inch high engine lid ( for engine clearance ) that is the rear deck floor i can make level now. instead of a gap all the way around.



Still going to think on this cut tonight as if you dont go through it all you can then further down the project you may find something that is not doable or it complicates matter when its to late to go back.

That is what i have been doing for a long time now, thinking ahead image.gif.4c15be8a5a90cf5cc2d5a87a66d1783c.gif;)

Captain Faffer image.gif.e13961482368f88d65cacd60b29a0d3a.gif:)

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1 hour ago, W+T said:

That is what i have been doing for a long time now, thinking ahead

I do that... and still forget something obvious... or wonder why I was going to do it one way, do it a different way, then realise too late why I was planning on doing it the first way...

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47 minutes ago, WotEver said:

I do that... and still forget something obvious... or wonder why I was going to do it one way, do it a different way, then realise too late why I was planning on doing it the first way...

This why this has been going through my head for months and stood for hours looking at the boat. There will be something i have missed out but i can work around,, all i can think of is another step up to the rear deck.

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Yesterday was the day for serious plastic surgery, as there was nothing else to do i cracked on with what i can again.

As some may of seen i marked up the cut a few times and undecided how i wanted to go about it, This is not one of them things you can jump in straight away.

Few reason i went with this cut.

I can keep the height of the lower window edge so i can see out the windows when seated, if i did the lift all around the gunnel which would of been easier the i wouldnt of been able to see out due to the 150mm lift.

I can have more room under the rear deck for the engine, the deck/engine lid is raised at the minute by 100mm to clear the engine this way i can now have a level rear deck.

And to slice off just the roof at the top and lift it would of been a pain with little gain ( still have a low rear deck ) as there are a lot of profiles on the rear bulkhead to get around to section back in.

Always a method to my madness image.gif.9311fdad46accb9b6332b50924491c67.gif

Front section that will be lifted first to come off.














No biggy that bit, its whats to come image.gif.4499d420a66fa4601eb79266abba741a.gif

As there are many screws from original manufacturing to new strakes screwed on over the years, all these had seized in so need cutting out. only one way to do so unless you have hours on end to waste drilling them out and using pliers etc. just get in with a cutting disc in the grinder. Will have new gunnel edge anyway made as part of the lift.


On the inner side of the gunnel edge most boats have the superstructure bonded to the hull section. I was expecting ths to be a reat pain in the rear but not that bad, all of 5 mins cutting the join..


This has a small timber batten in


Then ensure it is separated from the hull as dont want to lift the while boat and lift away.

Gantry in place

I had to do it at 45 deg first as i couldnt get in to cut the transom bonded edge,






And all off, not bad for a few hours work image.gif.d4d9c86231c91b0e34f676e2df61660d.gif




So all to do now is stick it back together , i have materials on its way, still cant get any timber needed to brace it but once i get the front section back in place and then if i can find some PIR sheets i can make the bulkheads.

Time to clean it all up, add/laminate the 150mm / 6inch to the roof section and the gunnel edge of the stern section. Lots to do now but little to show due to this dam lock down, got to watch the pennies now so cant spend on the boat to much until we know whats going on. Shame as next is to make the extension mould and we have such good weather for it.

Captain faffer

You Tube vid

Captain Faffer

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17 minutes ago, Cheshire cat said:

Very impressive yet again! Loads more interesting than decorating the spare bedroom.


I thought you would have been rushed off your feet delivering pharma.

I went part time on the drugs when i got full vision back in my eye as `Waynes Boat Work Services` has kicked off great. then two week back there lock down started  Then i was being told to self isolate due to my Diabetes, so not been in work now since, great year lol. All yards and Marinas i have work at are closed but for a couple. From folk i know they are mad busy. i keep in touch a few of the girls at the shop.


I am glad i stopped as i cant believe, well i can, how stupid people are. crowded round the chemists waiting to get it. 



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35 minutes ago, Cheshire cat said:

Re getting materials B&Q are reopening some of their barns. with social distancing rules in place same as supermarkets. Stockport is open. No idea whether Bury is.

I have a trade card for BnQ, Bury is open for online aswell. Besides the price near twice what i usually pay. Its not essential travel. Trying to be good and stick to the rules while on lock down. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

So the rear section has been butchered so i cant di anything on that yet for a while so i may aswell crack on with the front cabin. Being fitting new bulkheads and the Heads room walls.

I had to go out to get supplies for work so while out i got some for my own boat. MMMMmmmm why have the letters gone chunky ??

Anyway i can see them better now ha ha.

Well i found this place pretty local as i didnt want to go far from home even for work and glad i searched as i found these PIR foam at bargain price 1/4 of what i usually pay. Factory seconds though but no massive damage to them. 25mm /1inch thick for the Bulkheads and walls and 60mm imperial, not a clue @vas sorry lol but near 3 inch.

The 60mm is for making the hardtop canopy later on in the build.

All walls, and Bulkheads will will laminated in place to a thickness of around 6mm - 7mm ( 1/4 inch ) either side with 600grm CSM and 300grm Woven.



So much of the itchy n scratchy going on here image.gif.fc762916f139f809d5b500f85d4e6f84.gif ground/cleaned all back.

I ddi start with 1500 / 6 inch polisher with 60G but these are quicker






I used timber to keep the sheets straight as possible.




The deck height here in the door way is going to now be dropped as the step down will be in the deck not in the cabin. It will interfer with the Heads door opening.


Under the deck will be the FW tank, of around 650 litres. I am debating if to have the batteries under there aswell, or above deck in a locker to one side.

And this is as far as i got as ran out of materials and as i was off on a job at last image.gif.2aa82c4c6f4dc7fb958dd64d1cdd9d9f.gif and as i was getting them materials i got some more in, so again reducing my travel with the darm lock down.

I managed to get one side of the Heads done but that was it and now .......







As the weather has changed its mind as a week or so of rain forcast i have just ordered a cover fo the boat image.gif.4ed198203e97e50d9648b549909e7fa8.gif i am not letting the weather put a damper ( so to speak ) on this project like my last


20 foot x 12 foot or 6.1m x 3.7m. I will need to sit in on a raised bed of some sort as its 600mm low.

Hey i mite just spray paint the boat now, in two halves but still be better than brush it image.gif.24718bb343a5c04c774d9fa71b3d238a.gif

Captain Faffer image.gif.1e836a3c32d2216832dda057e86c3296.gif:)

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19 hours ago, W+T said:

As the weather has changed its mind as a week or so of rain forcast i have just ordered a cover fo the boat

The government have recently bought a whole bunch of the same covers to use for mobile testing centres :)

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48 minutes ago, Naughty Cal said:

You work quick. You will have it finished before lock down is over!!

I wouldnt say that Rach, i could do so much more. I have not been getting up until gone 9am, then play out after 10am, so there is 3-4hrs wasted.  And then stop about 4-5pm.  


If i get the shell complete this year i will be happy :) then 3 year to fit it out. 

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  • 1 month later...
7 hours ago, Naughty Cal said:

It has been a month with no update!


I'm sure you have been making the most of this great weather and been grafting on that boat :D

Hi Rach, i have been doing a bit but had to watch the pennies due to no work since March but got half way through making the mould, then work started going mad since the slight lock down lift.


I didnt want to show much unless it worked out but hey ho, this is a project and projects dont always  go to plan.


so a few pics, there has been a few modifications since i took these pics aswell.
















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